Welcome to K.M. Jenkins’ website where she will keep you updated on all her projects and publications. You will see she likes to dabble in several of the sub-genres of the fantasy genre. She does write both YA and NA books. Please keep your eyes peeled for the series that captures your interest. Right now she has several series in the works and there are plenty to choose from. Hope you enjoy looking around and find a world worth traveling within. Make sure to check out her Tales of Ferrês book, it features short stories from the wonderful realm of Ferrês within her Tarzinëa world.


Tales of Tarza

Coming Soon…

INDIE/pendent Book Services is proud to announce their Multi-Author book series, Children of Chaos Series!

Children of Chaos Series is a series about supernatural children of all species. Over a dozen authors have come together to bring you their stories every month starting November 2020 we will release book! Brought to you by INDIE/pendent Book Services.

The Seeker’s Core

Coming October 1st, 2021

More details coming soon…

INDIE/pendent Book Services is proud to announce their Multi-Genre book series, Cruisin’ Around by multiple authors.

My first book is due July 1, 2021. I’m writing a Mafia Paranormal Romance with Vampires. This book will also have a spin off into the second book which will release December 1, 2022. Check out the covers for The Morelli Family Duo.

K.M. Jenkins’ Blog

Check out what is happening over on my blog. I will do my best to keep everyone updated on what is going on with writing and other projects.

  • Progress Report: Multi-Cover Reveals
    Welcome back to another fun Progress Report. I’ve been busy with NaNo this month so been trying to get a head so I can post these on my blog. I’ve got two covers I want to show you for upcoming books in 2021. The first is my Vampire Boss. This books is a Mafia Paranormal … Continue reading
  • Progress Report: Cover Reveal
    I know I said I wouldn’t be on my blog this much this month, but I had an announcement I had to share. I decided to join several other authors in the Cruisin’ Around series, put together by INDIE/pendent Book Services. This series is multi-genre with multi-authors with multiple books. Wow that is a mouth … Continue reading
  • Progress Report: November Updates
    Greetings everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of November. I’ve been hard at work writing for NaNoWriMo. I’m presently working on The Seeker’s Core. I’m hoping to get the book done or at least a good chunk of it. This book is part of the ‘Children of Chaos’ series. It also … Continue reading