Victory is Mine

His muscles flexed trying to release the tension that seeped down to his bones. His eyes darted around the arena floor watching Tom’s every movement. Tyler wanted to make sure he didn’t get taken by surprise, because every blow counted. The final blow could decide the victor of the fight. ​I can’t lose to him with my son watching, I would rather die first.

Tom wiped sweat from his brow; Tyler flinched thinking he would finally make a move. His eyes darted back and forth between Tom’s hands. Tyler rolled his shoulders then stretched his left leg out, letting his right leg bend allowing himself to drop into a crouch. He opened his palms and motioned for Tom to advance, at first he didn’t budge. Tom was sitting back and observing him now, wondering what he had up his sleeve.

“Why don’t you just admit defeat? Just because you’re the king doesn’t mean I’ll let you win!” The smirk that stretched across Tom’s face was playful, but Tyler knew that under that grin was a full-fledged killer.

Yes, Tom wouldn’t kill him, but he would give him a run for his money. “I’m not surrendering till you’re on the ground begging for mercy.”

Tom charged, he danced to his left hooking his foot against Tom’s, making his right leg swing up. Tom tried to right himself before he hit the ground, but Tyler knew better than to give him that luxury. His foot landed just as Tyler lunged taking him completely by surprise. Within a moment his right fist connected with Tom’s jaw sending him stumbling back.

He blinked and stared at him trying to focus. Bet your head is reeling from that one, Tyler thought as he slowly bounced back and forth on the balls of his heels. ​Probably should give him a break… nah, where’s the fun in thatHe laughed silently to himself. Tom got impatient watching him bob back and forth, so he suddenly charged.

Tyler pounced and twisted like a cat completing a circle on his right foot. Tom barreled right past him; it was like taunting a bull with a cape. He snorted then and gave him a deadly glare. ​The fool even sounds like a bull.The game was growing more serious by the second as Tyler measured his old friend’s patience levels. ​Trill is right I can read Tom like an open book.Fury stared back at him through those brown pissed off eyes. ​Oh, I think I angered the bear.

Tyler took a chance and glanced over to the sidelines. His young son, Billy was watching with his blue eyes darting back and forth between Tom and his father as he watched the sparring match. He couldn’t quite tell if the fight interested him or if he was trying to follow the blows. Tyler always had a hard time reading the kid, ​he might be my flesh and blood, but he is a complete and utter stranger to me.

“Stop worrying about the kid and worry about yourself!” The blow was unexpected. Tom’s punch threw him onto the floor, his jaw cracked. Tyler rolled himself up onto his left arm cupping his right hand around his jaw to check it. ​Good, at least it’s not broken.

“You know if you break my jaw the Queen will have your head, old friend…” He spat out blood on the floor with a grin. Climbing back to his feet he turned to face his friend of many years once more. Tyler smiled, Tom was breathing hard “Getting a good workout I see?” He laughed.

Tom smiled back letting the whites of his teeth show, “Gotta get some of this pent-up energy built up over the winter out somehow.” In unity they both laughed letting the tension flowing between them dim.

Tyler’s gut hurt from laughing so hard; between gasps of air he locked eyes on Tom. He was still laughing but Tyler knew it was time to end this game of cat and mouse. His eyes dilated turning into the knowing black orbs that frightened all his foes. “Let’s end this!” He charged all at once slamming hard into Tom’s torso. Tom threw him off, bracing himself for the next attack. He threw a punch, Tom blocked. The punching continued, right, left, right, left he didn’t give up the momentum. He was wearing Tom down.

Now!​ Tyler stepped in hard thrusting his right fist into Tom’s chest. Tom stepped to the side; Tyler reacted in a way Tom never expected. His right arm passed Tom’s body, pivoting on his right foot he brought himself around in a half circle slamming his left foot into the ground, as his left elbow slammed right into his friend’s broad chest. Boom! He hit the floor like a ton of bricks. Tyler stood over him staring down at him with Billy looking on wide-eyed a few feet away. Tom groaned, he picked up his right foot and applied pressure to the jugular cutting off his airflow.

Tom made a choking noise. “If you want air, you know what to do.” Tyler grinned devilishly down at him. He struggled a few seconds then made eye contact with him. Tom realized he couldn’t beat him, he should have known after all these years. Tom croaked, slammed his right arm down with his palm flat allowing it to hit the wooden floor, signaling his surrender. ​Victory will always be mine!