Two Messages Paid with Blood

The smell of smoke and flesh burned his nostrils. He stood in the heart of the village looking out over the burning buildings. Filthas could hear the cries of children as they watched their families slaughtered before their eyes. He took in the aroma of burning flesh as pathetic screams died on uncaring ears. The chaos and turmoil made him feel like a child getting a surprise treat.
It has been so long since I’ve seen bloodshed. He breathed in deep hoping to burn the memory into his being. The smoke billowed into the skies blacking out the sun over the village, Queen’s Fallen.
“Just think 3,000 years ago I stood in this spot,” Filthas said. “Before I became this cursed creature.”
“Yes, back when you used to kiss Queen Karigan’s ass.”
“Don’t even speak that name!” His eyes locked on Marthred as thoughts of slitting the man’s throat danced through his mind.
“Why? You can’t tell me, you’re still carrying sore feelings about her choosing the King over you?”
Filthas didn’t respond. He found himself overwhelmed with the burning hatred in his heart. Till this day he still didn’t understand why she chose that dragon over him. That abomination wasn’t worth the time of day, it was a creature, a monster. Dragons were nothing but mindless beasts that needed a human to have a brain. But, that didn’t stop her from choosing Silvashi over me.
It irritated him that this imbecile brought up these unwanted feelings. Filthas relaxed as his eyes locked on Marthred’s captain walking up the main road. “My lord, we finished taking the village.”
“Good, how many casualties?” Filthas watched the mage fidget by rubbing his hands together. I swear this moron is a fool. Perhaps I should just kill him, but where is the fun in that.
“We have no casualties on our end, Sir!” Filthas smirked looking at the Captain. I believe they call this one, Koga? He sized the soldier up wondering how many lives Koga had taken over the years. The sight of him was impressive with his husky built and stone cold eyes. Definitely a man to keep my eye on, perhaps he will bring some interesting entertainment?
“We took no prisoners as instructed, my Lord.” Captain Koga was no longer looking at the mage. His eyes were on the skeleton figure encased in black armor. Filthas smirked, the fool is trying to get a good look at my face. It’s a shame ever since that bitch cursed him, his once beautiful features now are an embodiment of twisted horror. Come to think of it I don’t recall anyone being able to see my true face since that day.
“What about my other instructions?” Koga looked at him with a grim face. He could tell the Captain wasn’t happy with fulfilling this last order. “Well!”
The Captain sighed, “Yes, my Lord. We set the villagers’ houses a blaze.”
“So, there are no survivors?” His eyes glared at the Captain. The tall, muscular man shifted uneasily under his stare, a sense of glee filled him. Funny how men that kill for a living can’t make eye contact with death itself.
“Hmmm… we will see about that.” Filthas walked towards the north end of the main road. He was looking for the place it all began many years ago. The spot was easier to find than he expected. Filthas did the best he could to keep the emotions from overwhelming him. This was the place Karigan, and I saw each other last.
The image of her beauty filled his eyes. He found it hard to repress the memory. Filthas saw the way her hair fell over her face as betrayal overwhelmed her eyes. Blood spilled from the wound making his hands crimson. He could never forget the moment life left her eyes. His ears still rang with the spell she sealed with her dying breath. The curse that made him into what he is. That day Filthas killed the woman he loved and became death itself.
Seconds after he heard the final words Karigan spoke, a child ran out of a burning building and fell down in front of him. “Well, apparently there is one survivor!” He turned towards the Captain as the man looked on in dismay. Filthas was ecstatic, this meant his fun only just begun. I believe it is time to leave our hero-in-training a message.
He reached down and picked the boy up by the throat. The child kicked violently, gasping for air trying his hardest to break his hold on him. Filthas didn’t falter, he ripped off his glove with his teeth. He slammed his skeleton hand against the boys face slamming him to the ground. The boy took one gasp of air as black veins billowed across his face, allowing death to creep into his body like the plague. Seconds passed as the child’s body fell limp,  and life left his body. “Hand me a dagger!”
“My Lord, is this necessary?” The Captain stepped forward as if he would take the child from him. Filthas laughed inside. The disobedient Captain froze as Filthas stood. “The village is message enough to the Vardin.”
“I didn’t ask your opinion, Captain!” Filthas sneered. “You are correct about one thing, the village is the message for the Vardin. But this child will be a message for the girl.”
“Do what he says, Koga!” Marthred said. “Unless you want to be like the child, dead on the ground.” Well, who would’ve thought, the idiot has a brain.
The captain looked at the child. Filthas could see him weighing his options. “Very well,” he reached into his boot and pulled out a small blade. Koga tossed it to Filthas.
He snatched it in mid-air. Filthas didn’t wait for any more objections. He slashed down from the boy’s throat to his stomach letting his blood and intestines spill out onto the ground. Filthas heard the men gasp and a few throw-up from the gruesome act. But, that didn’t stop him. He stuck his hand into the boy’s insides drenching his fingers in blood.
Filthas walked to the house the boy ran out of moments before and began his message. The blood seeped into the wood creating the words; I know you have returned and I will be waiting for you on the fields of Vornëar, Silver Ryder!
Taking a step back he looked at his masterpiece. This is to funny, Karigan. It seems fate wishes us to pick things up where we left off, this time though I will be the victor.