Tales of Ferrês

Tales of Ferrês

Legendary Tales Book #1

Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

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Sneak Peek

The pail hit the ground with a clang.

“Shh…be quiet.”

Alex looked over her shoulder at Kero then rolled her eyes. Kero glared at her friend, knowing she was being loud on purpose. She just wants us to get caught before we finish. Alex bumped the pail, making the contents swish over the edge.

“Grrrr…woman, do you think you can do this without giving everything away?” Kero growled through gritted teeth.

“Oh, keep your pants on princess,” Alex shot back. “We are the only ones awake at this ghastly hour.”

“Not for long if you keep moving around like a dwarf in chain-mail.”

Alex had the audacity to look appalled in the torchlight. She reached down and grabbed the long rope they had brought along. Kero dashed in front of Alex to get to the door first.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Kero knocked on the door to see if anyone was inside. There was no movement within as far as she could tell. The dang doors were so thick she would be lucky to hear anything, especially since her grandfather enjoyed having everything reinforced. Slowly, she grabbed the door handle and turned the knob. Kero peeked into the dark room and saw only shadows. There was no fire in the fireplace and no sign of life. Good, this will work out in our favor after all. The old man won’t know what hit him.

Alex pushed the door out of Kero’s hands, flinging it wide open without a care in the world. The door banged against the wall, echoing through the halls.

“By the gods, why did you do that?”

Alex shrugged and walked inside the room carrying the pail with her. “You coming in or are you going to stand out there catching beetles with your gaping mouth?”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the stories and found them well written. The characters throughout the stories are well developed. I love the book cover as well. A really great book that I recommend reading.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The world that is created in this book is wonderful. Meaning itis full of wonder and magic. I do recommend it, for what that is worth.

Alan B.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I cannot wait until book two comes out. The way the book is set up is all the stories will eventually intertwine. It was a very easy read that I would recommend to anyone.