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INFLICTEDThe mistress of an academy should be unbiased. She should support the excellent work of all her students, whether they are winged or wingless. In a perfect world, she would. The Valkyrie Academy is not a perfect place.

Kara and her two wingless friends, Hildr and Eir, are at the receiving end of Mistress Sigrun’s “just” justice. They must partake in a fight without rules and no guarantee of finishing alive.

Only the future will reveal if the mistress will keep the fight fair.

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Katrina Cope


Katrina is an author of several Young Adult and Preteen/Middle Grade novels. Each of her released books reaching the top 100 in certain categories on the Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank – a few even as high as number one.

She resides in Queensland Australia. Her three teen/preteen boys and husband of over fifteen years treat her like a princess. Unfortunately though, this princess still has to do domestic chores.

From birth, she has been a very creative person and has spent many years travelling the world and observing many different personalities and cultures. Her favourite personalities have been the strange ones, yet the ones under the radar also hold a place in her heart.

During her last extensive travels, she spent 16 nights in a bomb shelter on a Kibbutz 8 kilometers off the Lebanese border. It was to avoid Katyusha bombs that the resident volunteers decided to name her after (she is still trying to work out why).

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Character Interview: Luther McAlester

Happy Friday everyone. Another weekend is here. What books are you planning on reading or starting this weekend? If you haven’t decided check out Luther McAlester and his book Bridge of the Gods. If you loved the Percy Jackson books then you have to snatch this series up fast. Nice thing about it is this book is on KU for FREE or you can get it for $2.99. So, lets get into this character interview to learn more about this awesome character and his book.

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?

My name is Luthor McAlester and I am the newest Traveler in the series of Generation Son Chronicles. I come from a long line of Travelers and my heritage is strong within me.

What is your sole purpose in life?

My purpose in life changed recently as it was not till my 18th birthday that I found out I was a traveler. Now, that I have this new found destiny, my sole purpose in life it to help others that need it the most.

What kind of adventures have you had that stays with you till this day?

I would say, the first adventure to Olympus has been the best. With it being my first trip to assist the fallen gods, it holds a special place in my heart. Of course nothing will ever compare to fighting alongside the Musketeers.

Do you have a love interest?

If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t. Do I ever. She is my best friend actually. We have talked about whether or not there will ever be anything between us, but with powers of her own, she has to make a choice. She can keep her powers or love me. It is a decision she will need to make on her own.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.

I think every journey is a growing experience. You learn new things about yourself that you didn’t know before; how strong you are, how much will you have, and how much you are able to tolerate.

What kind of creatures do you see on a daily basis?

Nothing out of the ordinary. There has been a dragon or two in the past.

Who do you look up too? Why?

I used to not have anyone to look up to since my father left us at such a young age, but now that I know my past, there are 3 men I look up to the most and I am related to all of them.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?

My temper, lol. Even with everything I have learned and as strong as I have gotten, the temper has always remained.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?

The enemies seem to change as time goes on. I can’t give all my secrets away.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?

Dragons, Magic, Battles, and Knights.

The Book

Move over Percy Jackson; Luthor McAlester is here. Bridge of the Gods, the first book in the Generation Chronicles series, follows Luthor McAlester, a teenage boy living in San Diego, California. His father, dying when he was a child, left him to become man of the house, to care for his mother and younger sister. On his 18th birthday he discovers a power that has been held dormant until now; unsure what to do with it in the absence of his father’s guidance. His best friend Gwen, who claims to be oblivious, knows more than she is telling. With just the help of his best friend, can Luthor figure out how to use his power and help the Gods like they ask? Or will the lack of guidance from his father prove to be more than Luthor can handle? Click the link below to find out.

FREE on KU or $2.99

The Author

I am RoseAnn Labriola, penning as C.J. Rose. C. J. Rose resides in Central Illinois; originally from just south of Chicago. The passion for writing took root in high school where she began writing song lyrics and poetry. C.J. found her inspiration from other fantasy and YA novels such as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and more. On top of literature, Rose has a keen love for all things nerdy and sci-fi. On a quiet night, you can find her curled up with an episode of Doctor Who, Arrow, Firefly, and more. C. J. also belongs to a theatre organization KVTA. The devotion to musicals and theatre has led her to be a part of over 10 shows as an actor, and over 20 as a staff person. I am a hairstylist, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I have always loved writing, whether it was poems, song lyrics or stories. I decided it was time to sit down and put my thoughts to paper of a story concept I have played with for long time. In the process, it developed into the full-length version that I am proud to call my first published book, Bridge of the Gods – A Generation Son Chronicle. Now I have 3 novels in the series as well as a companion cookbook.

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