Author Spotlight: Kenzie Macallan

KMgoldKenzie lives with her husband in New England and is a huge dog lover. She has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to places like Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, France, England and, of course, Scotland. Edinburgh is one of her favorite places. 

Her overactive imagination keeps going. Creativity seems to be part of her soul as she paints portraits, takes photographs, and bakes. Cooking seems to elude her. They have all added to her storytelling especially when writing about strong women and alpha men. She looks forward to adding to her adventures and her readers.

6 Fun Facts:

1. I lived in the Ivory Coast in West Africa for two years when I was a child. We moved to Greece after that for a year and a half. Both countries were beautiful and very unique.
2. When I was ten years old I was scouted by an Olympic ice skating coach who said, “You have raw talent.” I loved figure skating. However, my brother was three years younger and my mom didn’t want to take me to the ice skating rink at 5 am. I can’t blame her.
I continued to skate for many years after.
3.  In the last year, I have taken up knitting, something I never would have considered in the past. I’ve made a basket weave cowl, scarf, and a fleece-lined shawl for a friend. I made the cowl for me but after that I feel like I need to find them a home.
4. My husband and I are huge dog lovers especially pit bulls. We had two rescues, Nikko and Koda. They were so funny together and were inseparable. They lived long lives. Koda lived to thirteen and Nikko lived to almost fifteen. We miss them so much. My step son has a pit bull rescue, Roxie, who we adore. She’s our grand furbaby.
5. We love to travel. Last April we went to Tennesse and loved it. This year, we’re going to Washington D.C. after Christmas. Neither one of us has been there and I’m sure it won’t be our last trip.
6. At one time, I painted portraits mostly of children. I worked in oil. But I gave it up to write. I guess I just love to create things. Right now, my passion is writing and I will continue to write and publish.

She loves to hear from her fans.

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The Books

magic size

How she deals with the pain from her past could save her life.

Mara is a survivor. She thought her twisted secret would stay buried behind the gates of her perfect life. When her husband dies under mysterious circumstances, she’s forced to face the truth. Captured in a web of lies, someone’s watching her ready to strike. 

Being MI-6 has taken its toll. Mac needs a break and an easy hook-up. His vacation gets sidetracked as the agency throws him another assignment and Mara complicates his plans. He encourages her to confide in him, earning her trust. When he reveals his true identity, she disappears without a trace. 

Someone has a secret more dangerous than hers. Trust becomes paramount as one secret turns into many. Her life depends on uncovering the truth. Can they outrun what lurks from her past?
*This is Book 1 in the Art of Eros trilogy. Edges and Masks are available now.

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A past she knew nothing about threatens to destroy her.

Leigha controls everything in her life so she thinks. Her father’s ominous words on his deathbed are only the beginning to her crumbling world. When someone from his past hunts her, it rips away layers of her security. Family sins reveal an entangled secret.

Dean attracts wounded souls. His own tragedy still haunts him. When he’s unable to erase his guilt, he looks to Leigha to save him. But his mission is to keep her safe. If history repeats itself, he won’t survive.

Control becomes an illusion splintered by reality. The curtain drops as one soul-shattering revelation leads to danger. Will they survive the sins of the past?

* This is Book 2 in the Art of Eros series. It’s best to read Truths first but can be read as a stand-alone. Masks is available now.

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Masks Kenzie Macallan - E-Cover (3)

Betrayal can be born from the deepest love and blind trust.

Raquelle struggles as an artist to escape the shadow of her famous father. After his mysterious death, she’s convinced she needs to play in a game of deceit. Spying on her powerful client, she paints a face of betrayal that leads to a chilling discovery.

Michael appears to run the investment firm but acts as his father’s pawn. When the company is investigated for fraud, his father goes missing. Left in charge, he uncovers the shocking truth, forcing him to make a life altering decision.

Lives collide on a course driven by fate. 

The tables turn on betrayal.

Her deception pales in comparison…

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