Research 101: 5 Tips for Writing About Fictional Technology

I am in the process of doing research for my NaNo project, The Seeker’s Core. I plan to try my hand at Sci-fi fantasy this time around. It will still be in the young adult target audience. I’ve been struggling with the concept of technology when it comes to this series. I got all the cool gadgets and ships. I just need to figure out to incorporate it into my writing. I tend to focus a lot of characters and their main values. This won’t be any different here. I haven’t even decided if I am going to write in third person like I normally do or if I will try my hand at first person. Check out this article I found that helps break down five tips to writing about fictional technology.

5 Tips for Writing About Fictional Technology

Author Julie Hyzy uses examples from popular books and films that incorporate fictional technology to understand what makes for appealing, believable tech-dependent stories. 

Have you ever walked through doors that whooshed open at your approach? Sent an email? Texted a friend? Had your temperature by a touchless thermometer? Going back a bit deeper, have you ever watched a movie on your TV? Listened to music on a record player? Driven a car? Flicked a switch to make the lights come on?

We’re living a sci-fi reality that our great-grandparents likely never imagined. We regularly interact with technology that, at some point in in history, was considered unattainable. Perhaps even foolish or absurd. The stuff of imaginative fiction.

But, as they often do, clever people came up with ways to bring these outlandish ideas to life.

Which is why I’m always surprised when readers—all of whom carry cell phones, own computers, and travel by air—shake their heads and say, “I don’t like science fiction.”

When I ask why not, they usually tell me that they don’t enjoy stories that they don’t understand, or that SF is too tech-y for their tastes. Continue reading…