Cover Reveal: Reecah’s Gift

It’s hump day! Another week is halfway over. I thought I would showcase another wonderful cover for author Richard H. Stephens today. This one was a custom one I did for him through KJ Magical Designs.

I was actually surprised with how fast I got this one done. It was like it fell together perfectly. Reecah’s Gift is by far one of my favorites I have done so far. And, without driving you all nuts with suspense here it is. You will have to wait for the full wrap release for there is still work to be done on it.



Fleeing from the only life she has ever known, Reecah Windwalker sets out to avert a terrible tragedy. One that will force the dragons to the edge of extinction. But first, Reecah must find herself.

Braving the perils of a cutthroat city, Reecah discovers that as bad as life may have seemed, nothing had prepared her for what her future had in store. Surviving hardships no one should ever have to endure, she finds herself face-to-face with those seeking her demise.

Without the intervention of an eclectic warrior, and the assistance of her dragon friends, Reecah might never realize the gift so many died to protect.

Scheduled for release July, 2019.



Richard began writing circa 1974, a bored child looking for something to do. As his reading horizons broadened, so did his writing. 

A trip to a local bookstore saw the proprietor introduce him to Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson. His writing life was forever changed.

He worked in a warehouse for 22 years, supporting his family, before re-attending school to complete his education. Graduating with honours, he joined the local Police Service.

In 2017, he resigned from the Police Service to pursue writing full-time. With the support of his family, he has finally realized his boyhood dream. 

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