Progress Report: Multi-Cover Reveals

Welcome back to another fun Progress Report. I’ve been busy with NaNo this month so been trying to get a head so I can post these on my blog. I’ve got two covers I want to show you for upcoming books in 2021.

The first is my Vampire Boss. This books is a Mafia Paranormal Romance that is scheduled to release on July 1, 2021. The next is my co-author project with my fiancé. Darkest Depths is our short story collection of camp fire horror stories. This one is scheduled to release on October 20, 2021. Check out the covers and blurbs below. I do have them up on goodreads right now, so please add them to your ‘Want to Read’ list. Thank you.

Vampire Boss
The Morelli Family Duo Book 1
Cruisin’ Around Series

Nario Morelli is the most gorgeous creature Miya has ever seen. When her brother gets in way over his head with another crime lord, she takes extreme measures to save him. She accepts a job as a peacekeeper between rival crime bosses and finds herself a waitress on the OceanTides adults-only cruise line. Too late she realizes she’s walked into the viper’s pit and finds herself surrounded by monsters she never knew existed. 

Nario has led the Morelli clan for over 300 years. In all his years of living, he has only ever loved one woman—his son’s mother. Grieving, he finds himself aboard the OceanTides cruiseliner falling fast for the beautiful waitress he meets on board. By the time he realizes she can’t be trusted, it’s too late. He craves her blood more than he wants money or power.

Will Miya and Nario find a way to come together despite the enemies surrounding them? Will she survive the OceanTides cruise unscathed, or will a werewolf clan take her away from the one she loves most?

Darkest Depths
Sins of Darkness Book 1

In the shadows creatures lurk.
Waiting to drag you into the depths.
You can run. 
You can hide. 
But they will find you in the night.
Just don’t give up because you might die.
Monsters will hunt you even if you’re in the light.

Darkest Depths is filled with stories from your worst nightmares. You will see monsters that exist while you’re awake, pixies tricking you to a deadly fate, and water spirits bent on revenge. 

Close your eyes, hold on tight, because this book will make you fear the night.

These two books are among four I am releasing in 2021. Please add them to your Want to Read list on goodreads. If you want to stay up to date on releases please subscribe to my newsletter. If you want regular sneak peeks join my Facebook group.

Progress Report: Cover Reveal

I know I said I wouldn’t be on my blog this much this month, but I had an announcement I had to share. I decided to join several other authors in the Cruisin’ Around series, put together by INDIE/pendent Book Services. This series is multi-genre with multi-authors with multiple books. Wow that is a mouth full.

I don’t plan to have mine publish until December 1, 2022. That is a long ways off but I do have a cover to show you all. The book is going to have vampires, witches, and werewolves throughout its pages. And this book is going to be my first attempt at a Christmas story romance. I’m super excited and can’t wait to start on it. But for now I will share with you the cover.

Progress Report: November Updates

Greetings everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of November. I’ve been hard at work writing for NaNoWriMo. I’m presently working on The Seeker’s Core. I’m hoping to get the book done or at least a good chunk of it. This book is part of the ‘Children of Chaos’ series. It also is a part of my Half-Blood Academy series.

I do usually have posts scheduled to go out on my blog throughout the month. Right now with my focus on NaNo I won’t probably make as many this month. I plan to get in the gear of doing more with this blog of mine starting in December. The plan is to try to write something on here every week.


Tuesdays – Sneak Peek Tuesdays (I feature one of my books or a fellow authors’ books).

Thursdays – Tarzinëa Revealed. I plan to do research and share how it influences my novels in process that I am working on in my world of Tarzinëa. I might switch this up with my other series in the works too.

Fridays – Spotlights. I won’t do these as regularly, but I will feature book spotlights and author spotlights on Fridays.

Progress Reports – This is a random post I will do monthly or bi-weekly here on my blog. I will update you all on writing projects and what’s going on with me. I also will try to share some sneak peeks into my current WIP if possible.

As for my current projects I am working on three. The first main one is The Seeker’s Core. The other two are stories. The first is ‘WildFire’. This story is in my Tales of Tarza series starting in May 2021. The other is a story in my Darkest Depths Short Story Collection. It features horror stories that will come alive on Oct. 2021.

I’ll keep you in the loop with my progress on my NaNo project throughout the month on my FB page or in my Street Team. If you want to see how I am doing those two places are the best. I hope you all have a good November and a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll check in next time I’m able too.


October 2020 Progress Report

Things have been hectic over on my end for months. I have been trying to build up my writing stamina to increase the amount I put out each month. I’ve been neglecting my blog and find that it is time I try to start posting again.

What has been happening:

First off, the boys started pre-school, so that means I get seven hours of free time. I’ve been using that time to write and do things around my apartment. I’ve even joined a gym to try to get myself healthy. I hurt my back the other week so I was unable to go, but lucky it didn’t stop me from writing.

If you are a member of my street team you know about my writing goals and accomplishments, because I share them with you as I complete them. The month before last, I decided to set my goal for 10k and managed to make it. I was so proud. That I decided to try for 15k in September. I was 2k shy of my goal but that is okay. This month I decreased my goal down to 10k because I have to outline and get “The Seeker’s Core” ready for NaNo, next month. I’m supper excited for this project.

What have I been writing?

I’ve been hard at work pushing through the chapters of “Gargoyle Sighted”. I managed to get far enough ahead I don’t have to worry about falling behind. In September I switched my focus over to the, Tales of Tarza series. I managed to write the first story within a month period. It was a total of 21k. I am still doing edits on it and plan to have that sent off to Allison to edit by the end of October. As for October I plan to switch back to “Gargoyle Sighted” for my writing. When I’m not doing that I will be working on the content for “The Seeker’s Core.”

I’m supper excited to start this new book. I’ve got the outline done just have to get it into my dabble writer software. Been kind of tricky because I am still learning how to use dabble’s plot grid. It was a learning process that turned into two hours of work the other night.

Big News!!!!

October is my birthday month. I am thinking about doing a sale on “Tales of Ferrês” or another giveaway. I will let you all know as my birthday draws near.

I hope everyone has been having a good show of things over the last few months. Please forgive me for going a-wall on all of you. I promise to update this blog more in the future. Hope you have a spectacular October with plenty of candy and spooky stories.


Progress Report: Life Gone Crazy

Life has gotten away from me since my last progress report. I’m still hard at work putting the final touches on my Tales of Ferrês Bundle Book. Right now I am working on the bonus story edits. I have come to realize that one of my characters comes off as a really big bully. This means I have to soften the big bad wolf up and hope he doesn’t loose any of his personality through the changes. I would tell you who it is but there would be know fun in that. You will have to read the story yourself to see who it is that tends to be a pain in the neck to write. Speaking of reading…Tales of Ferrês is on Pre-Order at your favorite retailer for the discounted price of $1.99…If you haven’t pre-ordered this book yet you can HERE.BookBrushImage-2020-1-25-12-4933

What are my plans from now on? Well my plans are to finish up the Tales of Ferrês this month and put the final touches on it for its May release. Then I will focus on writing Gargoyle Sighted for my subscribers. I’m hoping to have it almost done by May with the limited time I have to write I might not be able to finish it by the end of May like I wanted. After that I plan to write the next stories in my Tales of Tarza short story series. I already have ones story pretty much written just have to finish it. Then I will work on the other eight. Yeah this next series won’t be as long as Tales of Ferrês. But if I do it right it won’t take me that long to release the stories to the public. I do plan to have them written in advice before I start releasing the stories. I’m hoping to start releasing these stories this fall of 2020. Not sure if I will make my August deadline like I want but it varies by how my writing time increases and decreases.

My goals for this month…

  1. Finish edits on Bonus Story
  2. Finish edits on The Assassin’s Prophecy, The Wrath of SnowFire and A Father’s Protection
  3. Write the next chapter in Gargoyle Sighted.
  4. See how far I can get in Gargoyle Sighted before the end of the month.

This month is trying already and I’m hoping to make headway through things. Wish me luck and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy through these trying times.


Progress Report: March 2020

Wow it has been awhile since I updated my blog. Let alone kept you guys and gals up to date on my writing. I plan to start doing bi-weekly reports again titled: Progress Reports. It has been so long I don’t even know what you have been updated on recently. So, I will just give you the latest.

This weekend I’m releasing the final installment in my Tales of Ferrês series, if you haven’t pre-order your copy yet you can HERE. It has been a long time coming. I swear I was starting to wonder if I would ever finish this series. But, it isn’t done yet. In May I will release the bundle book featuring all the stories along with a bonus story. The bundle book will have rewrites of several of the stories and I have it geared towards the YA audience. Once I release the bundle book then I will finally be done with this road and ready to start another path. I do have Tales of Ferrês bundle book up for pre-order, you can grab your copy HERE.BookBrushImage-2020-1-25-12-4933

Another fun update is my Gargoyle Sighted book. I’m releasing chapter 10 to my newsletter subscribers this month on the 27th. I have chapter 11 written already just waiting for Allison to edit it. I probably will work on the next two chapters throughout this month. I’ll keep you updated on that front. But if you want to read this book as I write it SIGN-UP HERE. You will also get a free short story.JENKINS_2019_VORTEX_NEWSLETTER

These two projects are the main ones I have been working on these last few weeks. I plan to start working on my next collection of short stories here soon. Along with working on my first novel series. I am in the plotting phase so I will keep you updated on this as well.

If things go as planned I should be giving you another fun update on March 26th. So expect to here about my writing and process by then. Until next time…

~K.M. Jenkins