Throughout my Demonic Embrace series you will here the name, Nëyvia alot. He is the supreme force in the world and is the ruler over the gods. His reign over the world has been since the dawn of time. Nëyvia has one true enemy and that is the Shadows. They have been at war since the beginning—created an eternal struggle between good and evil.

Nëyvia has fathered several hundred gods since the beginning. His favored son though was Vladkis. He was the golden child that Nëyvia put a lot of power in the hands of. But, the Shadows tricked Vladkis into betraying his father and killing his mother. This betrayal then leaves Nëyvia to punish his beloved son. Thrown from the celestial plain Vladkis is thrown into the underworld by his father. Cursed to look a beast and run the underworld Vladkis promised revenge. Little did Nëyvia know that he handed the Shadows the key to his downfall. All Vladkis has to do is find the forbidden child to create an unholy union that will bring forth the fall of Nëyvia’s reign and the end of the world.

Path to Redemption is a prequel story into my Demonic Embrace series featuring Kera. You will find out more about her but first you will see how Sage, her protector, faces darkness head on and finds the true path to Nëyvia’s healing embrace.

The Journey so Far…

I can’t believe it is May already. It has been a crazy month since the last time I updated you all on my WIPs. Last month I took part in Camp NaNaWriMo. I set myself the goal of 20k. I didn’t finish the full 20k; I did managed to get over 18k. Overall, I thought I did good from going to writing barely over 5k a month to 18k.

My goal is to continue the writing throughout each month. Right now my goal is to do a minimum of 10k each month. I would like to work up to 20k every month, which would make my goals for next year a reality.

Now to update you on my WIPs. The first one I worked on in June was Bonds of Betrayal. The next installment in my Tales of Ferrês series. I have about 1k done in this story and way behind schedule with completing it. Hoping to get it done this month to get back on schedule. Then once this story is done then I can move onto story #8, A Forbidden Friendship. I’m hoping to get this series done before fall so wish me luck.

The next WIP I started on is my Vortex Series. The first book is being written by chapter, then released to my Dragon Ryder VIP Readers List members. Right now I am halfway through chapter 3 with it scheduled to release to my members May 25th. If you haven’t gotten in on this project yet, then don’t worry. I keep a directory of all the chapters here on my website and link to it in my mail outs. That is the only place you will find the link I am afraid. So, if you want to join Cassie on her journey you will have to sign up like everyone else. The nice thing though is if you are still a member when the book gets completed and released in ebook and print you will get a free copy. So, I am not completely a big meanie bo-beanie.

This next announcement is about my projects for next year. Once I finish writing the Tales of Ferrês series, this is how things will go. I plan to release four books next year if it kills me. I don’t know if I will make the actual release dates I scheduled for, but I will do my best to meet them.

My releases for next year are: Path to Redemption (January Release), Cyber Fated (May Release), Horror Collection Book (Untitled – October Release) and Rise of the Varrin (December Release). I’ll keep you updated on these projects and hopefully I can keep things going. The next obstacle will be to pay for the editing for all these books.

Till next month I hope everyone is having an awesome spring. I am enjoying the times at the park with the kids and taking walks without freezing my butt off.