Angie’s New Moon Book Review


Welcome to the fifth week of our series review of McKayla Schutt’s werewolf series, The Legend Series. It is by far one of my top favorite werewolf series to read and I actually plan to re-read these books over and over again. Without drowning on for to long though I thought we should get down and dirty with this review. Check it out below.

Book Review

Angie has lived her life feeling alone and different. She isn’t like the other wolf shifters. She hasn’t found her wolf yet. Struggling with finding out who she is and where she belongs you find yourself pulling for her. She is such a strong and emotional character you just can’t but get pulled in. McKayla Schutt did a wonderful job building Angie up and helping her find the rightful place she belongs. This book had me captured from page one and I couldn’t put it down till I finished it. I was so hungry for more I instantly grabbed the next book in the series to continue along in The Legend Series. Highly recommend this book and every other book in this series to those that love happy endings with sexy werewolves.

Stars: 5 out of 5

The Book

ANGIES NEW MOONThe fear of being experimented on kept Angie from living her life. She wants a mate, something more, but she can’t find it hiding in her mother’s shadows. She throws caution to the wind on her birthday and heads out to see Aiden, the twin brother she’s been kept away from. A march storm rolls through grounding her plane and she imprints with Hector, a badass werewolf player. She gets a glimpse of a possible normal future. When someone from her past kidnaps her, she now must face the scientist she’s always dreaded. One problem after another threatens to break them apart.

Hector doesn’t do long term relationships. Love doesn’t like him and he doesn’t deserve it. His long list of conquests only proves his quick cycle of women. When he imprints with Angie, he’s forced to evaluate feelings he isn’t used to. While he wants Angie’s love, his inner demons remind him people always leave him. When Angie is kidnapped, so many emotions run through him and the fear of losing her, scares him more than he thought possible.

***This book does standalone, but they’re better when read in order.***

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The Author

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.29.34 PMMcKayla loves to write books about sexy werewolves. She is a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, she misses the hot weather all of the time. Her goal- to write as many sexy books as possible. However, being a mom of two little ones can take time but she is pushing to finish her work to get more books out for her lovely fans.

Ever since she was little she wanted to be a writer but doubters said that it would be impossible to make money at it. She is pushing herself hard to show them they are wrong.

She would like to remind everyone to review what you read, it’s important!

Connect with the Author

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Prince Billy is on a quest. He must prove to his elders that he can make it out in the real world on his talents as a mage. After two years of adventures, he is finally on his way back to Elërya, the City of Mages. But when he wanders off the King’s Road, Billy finds himself in trouble. The Forest of Ferrês has swallowed him up while he slumbers in his camp. He wakes to find a small fox with two tails jumping at his feet, trying to warn him that a creature of horror is hunting him from the depths of the forest. Will he make it out alive? Or will his journey take an unexpected turn?

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Projects, a New Job, and Hassles

September just started and I am going crazy with trying to keep up with everything. To help make things even worse, I start a part-time job yesterday. The job is pretty easy to do, but the training is so boring. I wanted to kill myself yesterday—the clock just moved so slow. Either than that it was nice to get away from the screaming kids for a few hours. I plan to only work short hours during the week and every other weekend. Still that takes a lot of time away from design projects and my writing.

Things have been going slowly on the writing front. I started writing the final story in my Tales of Ferrês series. I got about 1k into it then found myself stuck for over two weeks. Nothing I did made me want to finish it. So, the day before yesterday I decided to re-write the entire story from scratch. This seemed to do the trick because I could make some headway into it finally. I am hoping if time permits I will complete half of it tomorrow since I have the day off. But, that depends on if the boys let me work on the computer or not. They have been getting pretty naughty lately, so that leaves that up in the air.

If I don’t get the story to where I want it tomorrow I gave myself two weeks to write it. Then will come the fun part—editing. Right now my editor is in her busy time with her other job. So, it will be a work in process to get this one done on time. I am thinking of having it release at the end of October. Then release the bundle book in November. I will be glad when this project is done and out of the way. I am excited about getting started on my other books for next year.

**Cough…Cough** Changing the subject, I have been working on a 30 step process to writing a novel, created by Renee Scattergood. It is taking longer than I thought to get through all the steps so I can get to the writing part. I did this process with my WIP, ‘Gargoyle Sighted’. This is the book I have been releasing by the chapter each month to my Dragon Ryder VIP Members. Since this process is changing a lot, this month I will miss the deadline and double up in November. I plan to write this entire series before I start on my next book series. Hoping this process works to kick out series faster.

If you can’t tell my month will be busy with the addition of having a normal day job. So wish me luck and hopefully next month I will have good news for everyone on my writing projects.

Till next time.

~K.M. Jenkins

Flipped, Flopped, and a New Path

Okay this year needs to slow down. It seems like every time I turn around it’s a new month. How am I supposed to get anything done with time going by so fast? Let alone finish my goals for each month. But, anyway enough whining around your probably wondering what I have been up too?

This last month I decided once again to change my writing schedule and release dates around. Next year I won’t have as many book series starting up like I originally planned. I decided to focus on the main ones and get those out along with a few minor projects in the mix.

What series will I be working on?

The main series I will start publishing in the new year will be my Demonic Embrace series. I still plan to release the prequel book, Path to Redemption sometime this late winter. Then I plan to work on this series for the next year and a half. Along with this project I will work on my Vortex Series. This series won’t get released till after I release the final chapter to my Dragon Ryder VIP Readers members. They get a new chapter each month so book 1 will come out after I release the last chapter to them. I am thinking book 1 should be out in 2021 by the latest. If it takes too long, I will release over one chapter at a time to my members.

Along with these projects I still plan to do my horror story collection and might throw in another short story collection from the world of Tarzinëa. This will depend a lot on my time management skills. I do know one thing I will release the stories together in book format next time around. Tales of Ferrês is taking far too long to get out, and it is pricey doing a cover for each individual story.

Last month I don’t remember if I told you I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal was supposed to be 20k, I ended up only around 5k. I really did a bad job this last month hitting my goals. The boys and their 2-year-old mood swings were a major obstacle. I had to figure out ways to write, and it wasn’t working all too well. I’m hoping to get back on track this next month. I have several projects I need to get done before the end of August and I hope I can get them done.

What are your goals for August? What kind of obstacles do you think you’ll face in getting them done? I know I have plenty that come to my mind just thinking about it. I hope everyone has a wonderful August. I’ll let you know what is new or accomplished next month.

NEW RELEASE! Bonds of Betrayal

Today is the big day. Bonds of Betrayal has finally been released to the public. I can’t believe I just released the 8th installment into this short story series. It is getting down to the last story before the bundle book is released. If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order your copy you can purchase yours today for 99¢. Hope you enjoy this story that tells of the darkest day in this dragon ryder’s life.

JENKINS_2019_BOB_EBOOKBonds of Betrayal

Since Queen Karigan’s death, the dragon ryders and their dragons have been labeled traitors. Bearing the burden of a crime they did not commit, Shogun and his dragon, Zeima, flee for their lives. They take refuge inside the Forest of Ferrês just as they are on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. Once mighty hunters, they are now the prey.

Death takes on the face of a dark figure stalking them from the shadows. Will Shogun survive facing the greatest evil the world will ever know?

What is a ryder without a dragonis he even a ryder anymore? Find out in this 8th installment of the Tales of Ferrês story series.

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NEW RELEASE: The Assassin’s Prophecy

The day has finally arrived, The Assassin’s Prophecy the 4th installment in my Tales of Ferrês story series is here! It hit Amazon and Kindle Unlimited this morning and I hope you all will snatch up a copy.

This is a story about Jeremy’s journey within Vladimir and the Forest of Ferrês. It does contain adult content so it is geared towards adults or anyone over 18 years old. Heat level is medium.



The Assassin’s Prophecy
Tales of Ferrês Story #4
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Jeremy is a mercenary for the Assassin’s Association. He has proven to himself and his superiors that he is worth keeping around. Now Jeremy faces the one mission that could break his career and ruin his father’s name. Jeremy has to kill the elven king, but when emotions get involved everything backfires. A chance encounter with a mysterious elven maiden secures his escape from imprisonment and certain death.

With her help, he finds solace among the trees only to realize he has become trapped inside the Forest of Ferrês. Trading one evil for another, Jeremy will face truths about himself he never knew.

Can he deny the words of fate spoken from a Unicorn’s mind? Join Jeremy in the fourth installment of the Tales of Ferrês to find out.


Thank you for reading my post. Whether you purchase today or in the future thank you. Please, remember reviews are not required but appreciated. I love hearing what readers have to say whether good or bad. It gives me purpose to improve and helps other readers find books they will enjoy. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.

NEW RELEASE: Bonds of Friendship

The day has finally arrived, Bonds of Friendship the 3rd installment in my Tales of Ferrês story series is here! It hit Amazon and Kindle Unlimited this morning and I hope you all will snatch up a copy.

This is a longer story with two POVs within. Silvashi and Karigan change the world of Tarzinëa forever. But, this story will take you back in time before they became the King and Queen. It will take you back to the time when they were young and free. Showing you that not is what it seems when stories and rumors fill peoples’ heads with lies.


Bonds of Friendship
Tales of Ferrês Story #3

If you looked a creature in the eye believed to be a mindless beast that kills without thought, what do you do when you realize the truth is but a lie? Walk alongside Karigan as the Forest of Ferrês beacons her to a destiny she never wanted or expected. She knows now that the world is wrong, and the only way to change it is with Silvashi at her side.

Journey to a time before an empire was born, when dragons were wild and were seen as monstrous killers. Witness the moment everything changed—when one girl created a bond of friendship that forever altered her world, bringing forth the dawning of a new era.


Thank you for reading my post. Whether you purchase today or in the future thank you. Please, remember reviews are not required but appreciated. I love hearing what readers have to say whether good or bad. It gives me purpose to improve and helps other readers find books they will enjoy. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.