The Dawn of Creation

JENKINS_2019_WB_BANNERLong before there was nothing. Darkness was alone with nothing at its side. During its time of solitude it wished for more. In its wish light was born through a flash of great power.

As time continued Darkness and Light lived harmoniously. Till the day they truly collided creating a blast of great magnitude. Within the blast three were born of the powerful union.

The first was a being created similar to light, her name was Bright Star. She would represent the good within all that she and her brothers created. Her beauty filled the skies with magnificent stars that became her eyes. As days formed her eyes would shine down onto the darken land below waiting.

Second came the one born of darkness. His hand stretched far and wide filling the land with shadows. He sought to rule all and claim all as his. His name became Thorso, and he was the god of the underworld. Sitting next to his sister he found himself hateful of her beauty and strength. And, sought to take away all that she loved and held most dear.

And, last came Gryphön. He saw the world in both light and dark. His eyes saw the balancing scales the light and darkness must maintain. In doing so he became the protector of the balance and tamed the hunger of his brother and sister.

As time drew on the three new gods created the world. They in one night created the land, water, buildings and creatures to live within their creation. Balancing the worlds was hard. Soon time warred against them and the balance became threatened. Then new gods and goddesses came into being to right the wrongs taking place.

Soon life lived in harmony but greed still filled Thorso’s heart. With dreams of ruling both the mortal and immortal realms he will begin the journey that brings forth the wars in history. Man will become the gods puppets but will a time come where a human takes the place of the gods? Only time will tell and what extent Gryphön will go to protect the balance he so strongly protects.

Bright Star: Goddess of Light

Bright StarBright Star was the firstborn from the shadows and lights union. She is the Queen of the gods and rules with a gentle demeanor. Her power is the good within people and guides those that seek the path of righteousness. Bright star is an influential goddess that brings great power to the world.

She has long flowing blonde hair, pouty lips, and has an hourglass figure shape. Her eyes are blue like the sky and sparkle with stars within. Many say the stars in the sky are her eyes and she uses them to watch over her people from afar.

Her constellation takes the form of a white wolf when times of war are on the horizons. Normally her constellation remains vacant from the skies unless times of turmoil take place.

Bright Star is the proud mother of Mortez the god of dragons and Serena the goddess of magic. The father is unknown to the gods, but the gods know these two were created from the union between the Goddess Bright Star and a human. These two are looked on as two lesser gods because they are a half and half. But, Bright Star loves them all the same.

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Throughout my Demonic Embrace series you will here the name, Nëyvia alot. He is the supreme force in the world and is the ruler over the gods. His reign over the world has been since the dawn of time. Nëyvia has one true enemy and that is the Shadows. They have been at war since the beginning—created an eternal struggle between good and evil.

Nëyvia has fathered several hundred gods since the beginning. His favored son though was Vladkis. He was the golden child that Nëyvia put a lot of power in the hands of. But, the Shadows tricked Vladkis into betraying his father and killing his mother. This betrayal then leaves Nëyvia to punish his beloved son. Thrown from the celestial plain Vladkis is thrown into the underworld by his father. Cursed to look a beast and run the underworld Vladkis promised revenge. Little did Nëyvia know that he handed the Shadows the key to his downfall. All Vladkis has to do is find the forbidden child to create an unholy union that will bring forth the fall of Nëyvia’s reign and the end of the world.

Path to Redemption is a prequel story into my Demonic Embrace series featuring Kera. You will find out more about her but first you will see how Sage, her protector, faces darkness head on and finds the true path to Nëyvia’s healing embrace.