The Lone Unicorn

JENKINS_2019_WB_BANNERIn a time of uncertainty life can have difficulties. Within the Forest of Ferrês lives a powerful being that the gods fear themselves. She holds the power to see the tides of time and experience the many outcomes our choices make. Her name is Esmé, and she is the lone unicorn.

Throughout the world’s creation she was the only one. Many don’t believe she even exists till she shows herself to those deserving. Those who have seen her believe her to be a beautiful elven maiden with a star-shaped birthmark on her forehead. Esmé takes this form because of the elven roots spread far and wide throughout the forest. She also does it to ease the troubled mind of her companion.

You will meet Esmé in my short story “The Assassin’s Prophecy.” But, most importantly she will play her hand throughout my upcoming series, The Legacy of the Silver Ryder. You will get to witness how the gods don’t hold as much sway on the world when she gets involved. Will she change the world by directing the choices of our heroes or will she bring the downfall of Tarzinëa?

Ask the Lone Unicorn your questions. Find out about special abilities, her past, or even her strange grumbly companion. You will only know the answers you seek by asking them.