Character Interview with Skye from The Light Realm Series

Happy hump day to you! Today I am sitting down with Skye from Karen DuBose’s book series, ‘The Light Realm’. Please help me in welcoming her and hope you have fun getting know her ins and outs. Happy reading :).

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?
I’m Skye from The Light Realm Series. I don’t consider myself great. I get by like everyone else. Some people say I’m great because of the power I weld. But for me it’s a burden.

What is your soul purpose in life?
To bring back the balance of light and dark. If I don’t the dark will destroy our world.

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you till this day?
I have been sheltered for most of my life. Everything I did was watched. I didn’t get to do anything until I ran away from the Coven that thought they could use me. The adventures we had to get to where we are now has been crazy. Between the Starborn Coven coming after us and the dark source. I’m suprized we made it to a safe place for now.

Do you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.
Yes! I found my bond mate. He was definitely not my choice, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Adrik is one of the people I was supposed to destroy to turn back the balance. The prophecy was all wrong.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.
I still have to bring the balance back. I have never let it get to my head. I knew being born this powerful takes a lot of responsibility. In a way I grew up before my time. I didn’t get to do the things normal witches or humans got to do. Knowing all of this has changed me. Meeting Drik changed who I was. I think for the good. But our journey isn’t even close to being over. There is one person I have to take out. Arik’s father Zaryn. He is more powerful than we thought.

What kind of creatures do you see on a daily basis?
If you consider witches and warlocks with dark magic to be creatures, than I don’t see any.

Who do you look up too? Why?
I looked up to my mother until recently. She was a strong woman. At least at the time I thought she was. Something has changed in her after she found out Drik and I are soulmates.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?
I wish I could change my confidence. I lack a lot of it.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?
Zaryn is my ultimate enemy. He has been trying to kill me since birth. He is the reason the balance is off. Now that Drik and I are together, he is after his son to.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?
Hopefully I get the balance back and I can enjoy life with my family without hunting people down.

The Book

51XVzKQE61LSkye’s whole life she has been told she was the one to defeat the dark source. She took pride in getting rid of evil. Until the coven that has been her life tries to use her for their selfish ways.
Turning her back on them felt right at the time. Maybe she made a huge mistake, but she was never letting them use her.
Drik’s life has been nothing but fun and games. Spreading evil as much as he can. He knows there is a light witch that is destined to destroy him, but he has come up with a plan to change that destiny.
Will their souls handle what is destined for them or will they destroy each other any way they can?
Wherever her light goes, his darkness will follow.
One path, one destiny, two fated

Purchase Today for $2.99!

The Author

unnamed (1)Karen grew up outside of Chicago with her mom, dad and two older brothers. Being the only girl and the baby was hard when your brothers thought it was a good idea to make her the guinea pig. They both were in wrestling and they used her to learn new moves. Fun for them not so much for her. Family means everything to her, and she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

She traveled a lot and has finally settled down in a small town in East Tennessee in the mountains. Something about the mountains called to her and still does.
She loves to make her own swag and other gifts. She also loves anything to do with the outdoors.
Her favorite snack is gummy worms and bears. Her favorite drink is a white monster. She says she is a monster before she has one.
Her family is everything to her and they support her 100% with her dream to become a well-known author. She is taking it one step at a time and one book at a time.
She loves to meet her fans at book signing. To this day she still thinks its unreal. Like she is going to wake up and the dream will be over.

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Character Interview: Edgar Wynn

It’s hump day! The weekend is almost here and do I got a treat for you. This character interview with Edgar Wynn is special because his book comes out this Saturday, August 10th. So, to get you in the spirits to pre-order his awesome book check out his character interview below. Happy reading everyone :).

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?

My name is Edgar Wynn. I don’t consider myself great at anything. My four brothers are much better skilled at most things than I am.

What is your sole purpose in life?

My assigned role in life is as a mage, but I’ve even managed to bungle that up and lose my ability to do magick. If it weren’t for the fairy dust Tribba got me, I wouldn’t have conjured that dragon or managed anything magickal at all.

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you till this day?

Up until I was forced to leave my kingdom, my adventures were limited to exploring the Wynnrar Woods surrounding Northend, my city. Since then, traveling through the desert and meeting Juba (and him not eating me!) and championing the Hegis in Willowglen have stayed with me. I conjured a dragon! I’m also madly in love with a dwarf and can’t wait to get back to Willowglen to see her.

Do you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.

Salisa is the love of my life. I met her in Willowglen when we would go to the arena. She tends a cart in the marketplace. Her family has lived in Willowglen for a long time, and while Tribba disapproves of our relationship, it’s mostly because of some dark history between Salisa’s father and Tribba herself. Salisa isn’t her father though, and Tribba will come around in the end. She’d already started to when Derik forced me to return home.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.

I left Northend to relearn my magick, but I never made it to the Great Mage. I championed Tribba in Willowglen instead. She helped me gain some self-confidence, even if I didn’t regain any of my own magick. At least now I have some people on my side, even if they are dwarves. I don’t believe the same as my brother Derik does. I believe everyone is equal, all have something equally important to contribute to Savania’s society. I’m not sure I would say I’ve grown any. I’m still as small as I was when I left. Derik reminds me of this often enough.

What kind of creatures do you see on a daily basis?

Since Tribba gave me a pouch of fairy dust, I see them on a regular basis. Sergy has decided to help me and I’m very appreciative. Derik and I encountered a bargle on our way back to Northend. These are the tiger/bear like creatures that live in the Wynnrar Woods and protect it. Up until I left Northend, I had only seen forest creatures like rabbits, chipmunks, deer, and within the city walls I would find rats, mice, horses, and the occasional bat.

Who do you look up too? Why?

My older brother Fredryk. He’s tough but gentle and always manages to look out for the little guy. He is always helping others and giving up his own things to help someone else. He is also the captain of our army and can swing a sword better than anyone else.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?

I wish I had more guts to speak my mind.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?

I don’t have any enemies, not really. I want to find the persons responsible for putting the enchantment on my city, and make sure the dragon queen and her knights don’t take over, but “enemy” is a strong word. I’ve never really had any conflicts with anyone worth declaring them an enemy over.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?

Charades will complete my story. I leave Northend for Evenir, the Holy City and finally meet up with the Great Mage and Ravengale, his apprentice. I rejoin with Tribba and lead a small army against Soren in Northend.

The Book

Catching Dragons ebook coverA reluctant hero, an enchanted kingdom, a crazed prince…

Out of the ashes of doubt, courage is born.

As Derik whisks Edgar away from Willowglen where he’d been championing the dwarves, he can’t help but wonder what has really happened to his kingdom since his departure. Tales of an attack from the sky and an army of black knights precede him, and nothing is as Edgar expects when he arrives back home in Northend. His city lies under an enchantment, and they need him to break it. Tasked with regaining his lost magick and armed with a pouch of fairy dust, Edgar is determined to do the right thing.

Will he find the courage to confront the man responsible for his father’s death or will he run away like the coward Derik believes him to be?

Pre-Order Today for $2.99

The Author

StephStephanie Ayers is an international bestselling author who writes speculative fiction, where horror and fantasy collide. A self-proclaimed word whisperer, she is a unicorn disguised as a human living in southwestern Ohio and a member of the Ohio Writers Association. She mothers her children and avoids all things housework and zombies. When she isn’t doing any of these things, she can be found browsing thrift stores and flea markets with her husband, attending football games with her son, or binging on TV shows.
Her debut novella, Til Death Do Us Part, was published in 2013, and her work appears in several anthologies and collections, notably Absolution, Flash Fiction Addiction, and the upcoming Bending Time. She currently has two serials to her name, the stand-alone horror volumes of The 13 series and her new high fantasy, the Destiny Defined series, which debuted March 7, 2019.

Her favorite quote is: “The blank page is a canvas on which the writer paints a story.”-Stephanie Ayer

Connect with the Author



Catching Dragons 3

Character Interview: Oswald the Ostentatious

It’s Sunday…which means tomorrow is Monday. Let me help you with your early Monday blues by showcasing this special character interview featuring Oswald from Catula by Debbie Manber Kupfer. Stop by and check it out. Who knows you might find an awesome book to purchase.

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?

My name is Oswald and I’m the Principle of the P.A.W.S. Institute of New York. I’m an animagus flamingo and am very fond of the color pink. I run the Institute with a firm but friendly hand. I also very much enjoy art and teach an art class at P.A.W.S. for those who are artistically inclined. I also enjoy interpretive dance and song in my flamingo form and have been told I have amazing range.

What is your sole purpose in life?

To act as shepherd and guide to the students and faculty of P.A.W.S.

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you until this day?

It is a checkered past that led me to where I am today. Before settling at the New York Institute I traveled the globe visiting different international communities of shapeshifters. One of the most exciting was my time spent in the P.A.W.S. Institute of Kenya where I was honored to go on safari with the then head of the institute, Alhaadi. Alhaadi’s animagus is an elephant and I traveled on his back for part of the journey. I will never forget my time there and hope that someday I can visit again.

Do you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.

Yes, Geoffrey and I have been together for eight years. His raven form, so much more practical than my flamingo, helps keep me grounded. He is also an excellent listener. As the Principal at P.A.W.S. I spend much of my day listening to the problems of others. It is good to relax in the evening and share a bottle of fine wine with Geoffrey and unload the problems of the day.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.

And as flamingo — don’t forget that! Seriously, even though I’m head of the institute I still learn something new every day. In particular during this last year we have taken in our first werewolf. Werewolves in New York have traditionally had a bad reputation as there is a well-known werewolf mafia that operates out of Brooklyn that have caused some terrible conflicts over the years. The werewolf at P.A.W.S. though, Jamie Barnes, appears to be an earnest young man who assures me that he only ever hunts vermin on the full moon. I believe therefore that Jamie is helping me overcome my previous prejudice against wolves.

What kind of creatures do you see on a daily basis?

Ah, well we have all sorts at P.A.W.S. Cats and birds aplenty along with a talented group of animagus foxes who have formed a rock band (Demonica and the Screaming Foxes). We also currently host a spider monkey who is fond of losing himself in the trees of Central Park and a magnificent peacock who is the most talented student in my art class.

Who do you look up too? Why?

I very much respect Jessamyn, my counterpart at the P.A.W.S. Institute of the Midwest. She is probably the most powerful magician of illusion in the world. She transforms her office daily into a different scene and I swear you can even smell the scent of the blossoms in her illusory meadows.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?

It is unwise mess with perfection, don’t you think?

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?

The werewolf, Frederick, currently concerns me. He is gaining in power and I don’t fully understand his ultimate goal. I do understand that he is dangerous and volatile and that ultimately we all at P.A.W.S. will need to battle against him.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?

My book? I am but one of the players in COTULA. All the stones need to come together and I am thankful to do my part.


The Book

CotulaFollow the Cotula. The stone will show you the way.
Rifka is lost, far away from home. Kidnapped by an insidious werewolf.
Far off in Manus Wu, a plan is set in place. An Old One sends colutae out into the world. These stones when brought together have the power to release Rifka. Yet does she truly want to go home?
Meet an empathic goat, a family of otters, a girl who loves to draw fairies, and a dragon in this new installment of the P.A.W.S. Saga.

FREE on KU or $2.99! Purchase Today!

The Author

debsprofileDebbie Manber Kupfer grew up in London. She has lived in Israel, New York and North Carolina and somehow ended up in St. Louis. She lives with her husband, two children and two very opinionated felines.
She works as a writer, editor, and a freelance puzzle constructor of word puzzles and logic problems. She is the author of the young adult fantasy series, P.A.W.S. which features a secret international organization of shapeshifters. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything!

Connect with the Author

Connect with Debbie on her blog, Facebook, Twitter or sign up for her newsletter.

Character Interview: Alabama Rain

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am featuring Alabama Rain from her book Alabama Rain. Lol, sounds like she is awesome if she gets her name on the cover. Well anyway today I am featuring her in a character interview. Who is the lucky author that wrote this awesome vampire book? That would be PNR author Lana Campbell. Stop by and check out this spectacular interview to see inside her main character.

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?

I’m Alabama Rain Holden and I’m an ex-drug dealer. Until a short while ago nothing made me great. I was forced by my feral vampire father to do despicable things and I hated myself and my life. Then I met a special person who showed me how to rise above my lot in life. He showed me unconditional love and taught me that God loves me unconditionally. Now what makes me great is the ability to forgive those who have hurt me and love them unconditionally through the power of God’s grace and love for me.

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you till this day?

When I was a kid before my father lost his sanity and soul and my mother died, I had an amazing family. We traveled in an RV all over the country for my parents’ work. My father played in a band and got gigs in bars, casinos and farmers markets. My mother sold crystal jewelry at farmers markets and flea markets. My parents always managed to take time for me and my brother Gan. They homeschooled us and took us to hundreds of historical sites across the country. We learned history by viewing where it had happened, from battlefields to southern plantations, historical figures homes–you name it.

Do you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.

I do. His name is Nate Davenport. Like me, he’s a born vampire. His childhood was one of wealth and privilege filled with love too. He’s a Christian. A real one that lives the life and is loving and kind. There isn’t a judgmental bone in his body. He was able to see past the sick and twisted criminal life I led to the agony I felt for having to do it. He saw the true me and at the time, the wounded me. Instead of being disgusted by what I did to survive, he gave me help and hope for a future. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me and did I mention he’s gorgeous? I love him and I’m so happy he’s my life mate.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.

I’m on a journey of self discovery. I lost twelve years of my youth living in darkness and fear because I was a drug dealer for my father. I missed out on college, dating, proms and all the things high school and college kids get to do. Now that I’m free and living a respectable life, I’m trying to see who I am as a person. I recently published my first novel, a parody of my life. It’s about a drug dealer and her brother, who also deals drugs, trying to get out of that life and find their happily ever after. The book is a best seller and I couldn’t be happier. My goal is to continue writing, while finding other talents to cultivate and nurture.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?

My past. I wish I could have been a normal girl that hadn’t had to fight to survive. I wish I could have taken ballet classes instead of martial arts that were necessary for me to learn to fend off thugs, drug dealers and scumbags. I wish I could have had a best friend growing up, but there was no room in my life for friends. I have one now though and that’s my life mate Nate. With his help I’m gaining back all the things I lost and I’m starting to put my past behind me.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?

I don’t have any enemies anymore. Once my ultimate enemy was my father. He had a mental disease called feralism, something vampires who lose their life mates are prone to suffering. He made my life a living hell during the dark years of his sickness. I hated him, yet I loved him and wanted him to love me back. He couldn’t because he existed in a place of darkness so smothering it destroyed his ability to tell right from wrong. His crimes and sins finally caught up with him, though. He was arrested by a vampire tribunal and was facing a death sentence which caused him to have a revelation about the man he’d become. It was God who propagated that revelation for my father and he repented of his horrible crimes and all the vicious, insufferable things he did to me. He begged me to forgive him and I did. Today I have a wonderful, loving father who is no longer my enemy, but a man I can love and respect because he now walks with God.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?

Alabama Rain is an emotional roller coaster ride and I cried writing it more than any book I’ve ever written. Alabama’s father, Ken Holden was absolutely the most sick and twisted villain I’ve ever created. He murdered people, raped young girls, peddled copious amounts of drugs, did them himself and turned teen humans and vampires into drug dealers and addicts. An awful person he was until God opened his eyes to the vile, disgusting creature he’d been. In Alabama Rain, Ken gets saved and does everything in his power to make up for his evil. I felt Ken needed his own story that occurs after being imprisoned by a vampire tribunal for all his heinous crimes. My next book is Ken’s journey to forgive himself, which doesn’t come easy. He has some help, though. Lovely Eden McCallister, a vampire psychologist who deals with feral vampires, helps him see there can be life after being a feral vampire and forgiving oneself doesn’t mean discounting or forgetting the terrible things Ken did to other people.

The Book

Lana Campbell Alabama Rain for printAlabama Rain Holden’s life is a dreadful and dangerous one as a thief of drugs for her father, drug lord Ken Holden. Rain hates her life, but she’s damned good at what she does. As a vampire with an acute sense of smell, she can sniff out any drug as well as a blood hound, enchant the human mule with the goods to be sold and relieve him or her of the product without the person never remembering the encounter.

One night her drug thievery takes her to Davenport Tower, an opulent forty eight stories of luxury condos owned by the handsome, vampire billionaire, Nate Davenport. Rain’s job that evening is to locate the sellers carrying seventy-five pounds of Columbian weed, steal it and return the goods to her father. Unfortunately, the heist going down in Davenport Tower’s parking garage is interrupted by none other than Nate Davenport himself.

Nate is incensed when he discovers Rain is a drug dealer operating on his turf. He embarks on a mission to catch her committing a crime so he can bring her before a vampire tribunal where she will pay for her crimes with her life. In his efforts to get the evidence Nate needs against Rain, he instead gets information he never bargained for. Once he learns her dark secret, that she’s been brutally forced into this life of crime by her maniacal father, Nate will stop at nothing to liberate her from her feral vampire father.

To survive in a world she hates, Rain adopts a bad ass persona. It doesn’t take Nate long to see the real Alabama Rain’s heart. She’s brave and fearless, kind and compassionate. She even puts her life on the line to save twelve young girls her father has turned into vampire drug dealers. Nate falls for her and hard. But Rain’s seedy, violent world may just cost him his life when Rain’s father discovers Rain and Nate have fallen in love.

Purchase today for $4.99

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The Author

Lana Campbell LowResLana Campbell is the author of the Forever and a Night vampire romance series. All of her books are psychological thrillers. They each have a Christian element, a feel good message and a romance so sweet and hot they’ll leave you breathless. She loves writing paranormal romance and is an avid reader of it too. From the time she was fourteen Lana always had a romance novel in her backpack and was reading it after school, at school, wherever she could find a few minutes to read. Reading enticed her to write. She wrote her first book in 1995, but never considered publishing anything until much later. She got serious about publishing in 2014 and book one, Forever and a Night came out in 2016. There are currently six more stand alone books in her series. Lana lives in Pea Ridge AR with her oldest daughter, Jessica and a cat named Jenna. If she’s not writing you can probably find her at the nearest lake.

So what do I write?

Christian paranormal romance psychological thrillers. Quite a combination, huh? Well, my vampires are most unique. I can almost promise you won’t find them typical. Some are famous billionaires, a few are OB/GYN’s for vampires. I’ve also got a computer geek, a interior decorator and oh, last but not least a thief of drugs.
Each story has bigger than life heroes and heroines and you won’t be able to help getting invested in their lives and all their drama. There’s always a villain you’ll love to hate who will stop an nothing to destroy the MC’s lives and love.

All stories have a message of redemption in them, leaving you feeling good after the drama-drenched rollercoaster ride of danger and disasters for the hero and heroine.

You’ll get no cliffhangers with my stories. All stand alone and all have happily every afters.

If you’re looking to sink into a story that will sweep you away and leave you hungry for more, try the books in my Forever and a Night series. You’ll be glad you did.

Connect with the Author

Website | FB | Instagram | Amazon


Welcome to my Friday Author Spotlight, today I will be doing a character interview with Eva Della Luna. She is a healer and a painter within YA Fantasy author Maria Vermisoglou book The Cursed Girl. I am happy to have them both here today for your enjoyment. Hope you will look into adding The Cursed Girl, the first book in The Cursed Girl series to your reading list.

Without further a do, lets get the party started…


Do you have a chosen profession? What is it?

I’m a healer and a painter.

What’s your world like and where do you fit in it?

I was born in the White Land, a magical land where witches reside. I live in Spain in the year 1230. Things are hard because royals are cruel with their people. I try to help them as much as I can but there’s so much you can do. I try to balance my life with and without powers because in the era I live, magic is not something you reveal.

Is there one person you would move heaven and earth to protect? Who is it and why?

Jonathan. He is one of the ones I love most and even if he’s acting stupid some times, I love him and I will protect him.

What are your goals? What would you like to achieve?

I would like to travel, draw, be with my friends and my cat. Preferably, without being killed by demons or humans.

Tell us about your favorite adventure you went on? Don’t leave out any juicy details…

I’ve been in lots of places but one of my favorites was when we were running away and hid into a forest in Firenze (Italy). Yes, we were in hiding which I did not like but the place was amazing. I love nature and this place was like magic. We were staying in a cave near a waterfall and the view was amazing. All right, maybe it was also amazing because Jonathan kissed me there and made me lose control of my powers. A fact that I didn’t like but fortunately, he didn’t ask any questions. But anyway, if you ever get a chance to go to Florence, please don’t miss it.

Everyone has a close friend or companion. Who is yours? Tell us a bit about them…

Ritta is my best witch friend, my companion in battle. We do everything together and tell each other everything. She’s like a sister to me and I rely to her. She is a great listener and her advice is very helpful. Witches can communicate with telepathy so she’s there even if she’s not physically there.

What is the biggest regret you have? Can you explain?

That I didn’t throw to jail the yelling couple who caused my death. Nah, uh! I’m not saying anything else. You have to read the book!

Tell us about your nemesis. Why are you to enemies? How did it happen?

I’m a witch, I have lots of enemies. Mainly, demons. In my world, witches have the duty to protect humans from demons. We guard the boarders of the Earth for that reason. Another one of my enemies was my husband’s uncle who tried to kill us and take over the world with his army. Luckily, I was there to sacrifice myself and beat his evil plans.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Why?

Myself or my situation? I would like to trust people more easily, especially these who are worth it.


The Cursed Girl Series Book 1

A boy. A girl. A curse. You can’t always get away.

Sixteen-year-old Eva is a witch who lived in Spain, in the year 1230. She met a boy named Jonathan who would become her whole world. Everything was normal until she was faced with challenges that will change her life forever.

As a healer, her job is to help people, but there are forces that will try to prevent that. There is a war coming and Eva and her friends must do everything they can to survive. Can they fight their way against the dark forces that are surrounding them?

Her wits and inner strength helped everyone who encircled her to survive but will she be able to survive herself?

Supernatural creatures, royal backstabbing and many more await you in this thrilling novel that will take your breath away.




Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.40.50 AMMaria Vermisoglou is a librarian who lives in Greece. She has been a booklover ever since she learned to read. Maria draws inspiration from books, travels and sometimes…the ceiling. Her favorite things are books, tea, and chocolate. In order to pass the time, she spins stories in her mind. One such story became reality in the form of “The Cursed Girl” and received great success. In July 2018, she was nominated as the second place winner in the First Annual Indie Awards as the Favorite New Female Author.

Are you a Stalker? If not, you can start stalking Maria here!



Author Pages:



Welcome to my Friday Author Spotlight, today I will be doing a character interview with Bane. He is a miner in Ancient Voices: Into the Depths, Allison D. Reid’s second book in the Wind Rider Chronicles. I am happy to have them both here today for your enjoyment. Hope you will look into adding Journey to Aviad, the first book in the series to your reading list. Best news about this book, it’s permafree.

Without further a do, lets get the party started…

~ BANE ~

Do you have a chosen profession? What is it?

In recent years, I purchased a claim in the mountains of Minhaven and learned to be a miner. I do not seek riches—just hard, honest work, and a quiet life in obscurity. What I did before…well, that knowledge I guard carefully, for my own sake as well as that of everyone who knows me. It is a life I will never return to.

Is there one person you would move heaven and earth to protect? Who is it and why?

There are three people, actually: Morganne, Elowyn, and Adelin. Since the day they walked into Minhaven alone, I have felt responsible for them. My reasons are my own. Perhaps in time I shall reveal them, but for now I must keep them to myself.

What is your greatest fear? How did/will you overcome it?

My greatest fear is that I will never do enough to make up for my past—that the stain of blood on my hands cannot be cleansed. I don’t know that I shall ever overcome this fear, but that will not stop me from spending the rest of my life trying to be the man I should have been all along.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about life?

That the greatest joy can be found in the simplest things: a quiet night in the tavern, a child’s smile, the glory of the sun rising from the sea, and setting behind the mountains. I have also learned that the best way to redeem my past is not to run from it, which is futile, but to forge a new future while accepting who I am and whatever consequences may yet come. I shall not fear them.

What is the biggest regret you have? Can you explain?

I sincerely regret the path that I took as a youth. It seemed a wise choice at the time—one that would lead to prestige and riches beyond imagining. Yet in exchange it took two priceless things from me that I shall never recover; my family, and my honor.

Do you have a secret you’ve never told anyone? Would you tell us?

I indeed have many secrets, locked away in my mind. Despite my efforts to banish them to the abyss, they often emerge to torment me in the dark of night, haunting my thoughts and dreams. No, I will not share them, and for that you should be thankful. They are my burden to carry alone, and I will do so to the grave.

Tell us about your nemesis. Why are you to enemies? How did it happen?

The identity of my enemy has not yet been revealed to me. He is the one directing the attacks against my fellow miners in Minhaven. Perhaps it is Braeden—that is who I suspect—and he has already done plenty to earn my enmity with his burdensome tax demands. But there could be another; one who serves Braeden and willingly does his dark bidding. In time, I hope to discover the truth, and when I do, my enemy had best look carefully to the shadows, for my blade is swift and deadly.


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 2.19.10 PM

Elowyn lifts a strange silvery object from a woodland stream. Is it a medallion? A coin? Looking about curiously, she also finds a helm, a bow, broken arrows…and blood drenched soil. Something terrible has happened in this usually peaceful wood. Her world—the whole world—is about to change forever…




f82a1bbe222d4db62e76d481016f8798733d0f65Allison D. Reid is a Christian Fantasy author with a fondness for Medieval history. Her first published series, the Wind Rider Chronicles, embraces traditional fantasy elements but is also infused with deeper spiritual themes. Learn more about the author on her website Her first book, Journey to Aviad, is free in ebook format on Amazon and at other online book retailers.