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Today I am participating in a Facebook Take-Over event over on Tyffani Clark’s Facebook page. I will be co-hosting at 8pm CST. Just because that is my time slot doesn’t mean you can’t go enjoy the fun beforehand. There are dozens of authors participating of all genres. What does this mean for you? Glad you ask, it means their are multiple sales, giveaways and awesome content for you to enjoy.



The weekend is pretty quiet for me this time around. However, on Monday I will be co-hosting another Facebook Take-over event for author Tanya L. Harris at 4pm CST. Come join us celebrate the 4th & 5th for Tanya’s newest release “Unbound”.



Even though I am participating in several events throughout the month doesn’t mean that is all I have to share. Below you will find all the current Book Promos I have my books Signed-Up for throughout this month. I will be adding another when the day gets closer but till then enjoy all these free books!

Science Fiction and Fantasy magnet share Dragon Hoard November Extravaganza


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Halloween Mega Multi-Author #Giveaway With #FREE #Ebooks For All Readers!


MEGAHALLOWEENGIVEAWAY_2018_PROMOIMAGEThe month of October is full of awesome giveaways and free books. The Halloween Mega Giveaway started today and is featuring over 30+ authors. This event is hosted through and to make things even better there will be a Facebook event set up for the 26th including even more authors with giveaways. Make sure to grab your spooky books of Horror, Fantasy and PNR before the event ends.

I have my short story, A Father’s Protection in this promotion. Keep you eyes peeled because on the 15th another awesome giveaway will be going and I will be announcing it here.

This promotion starts today Oct. 5th and runs till Nov. 5th. Make sure to grab your free books before the time runs out.


October Spectacular Speculative Fiction Event! Multi-Author #FREE #Ebooks

October Spectacular Event Banner.jpg

The month of October is a big month for promotions and events for this girl. One of the first starting off is the October Spectacular. It’s a book funnel promotions featuring over 120+ authors that write within the genres of Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror. If you love reading books within these awesome genres then get ready to fill your reading list.

I have my short story, An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention in this promotion. Look for a few days to pass before I announce the beginning of another big October giveaway event that will be run through Book Cave.

This promotion starts today Oct. 1st and runs till Oct. 31st. Make sure to grab your free books before the time runs out.


Calling all #PNR, #DARKFANTASY, #FANTASY & #HORROR #AUTHORS ~ Sign-up for this Halloween Mega Giveaway!

Are you a Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror Author or one that writes among the sub-categories? You won’t want to miss this newsletter swap event! Join in on this Halloween Mega Giveaway to build your mailing list and give readers a chance to find you.

Genres accepted:

Horror, Thriller, PNR, Dark Fantasy, SCIFI, Dystopian, Apocalypse and Fantasy

Or your book or story can include one of the following:

Ghost, Vampire, End of World, demons, Death, murder, zombies, plague, curse, devil, evil, shifters, and angels

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#AuthorAMA: How did you become interested in writing about the paranormal?

Today I am working through questions again on my #AuthorAMA scheduled to go live August 28, at 10am CST. There was an interesting question that got my creative juices flowing and yes I rambled on. I thought I would share it with you, in hopes it will help you see why I’m writing, The Celestial One.

How did you become interested in writing about the paranormal?

I had an interest in this genre since I was a child due to loving vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, angels and many others within the genre. Overall, I didn’t plan to write a serial series in this genre till Kera’s story took over my mind one night.

Thought I would share an insight into this serial to spark your interest and perhaps give you an idea of why it changed things for myself.

The Celestial One is the first episode series that will make up the Demonic Embrace serial. The story tells the tale of Kera a child born of a lycion and a spell caster. In this world lycions are a version of Angel. Nëyvia the Creator created them to protect mankind from the Shadow. Among these protectors are the chosen guardians, the Celestial Seven.

Nëyvia falls in love with the leader of the Celestial Seven and sires a son named Vladkis. His son becomes corrupted by the Shadow and leads to an unforgiveable betrayal. Vladkis is cursed and cast into the pit by his Father.

The only way to break the curse and get vengeance will be for Vladkis to find the woman that will love a creature of darkness and sire the child that holds the power to destroy all. The Shadow guides Vladkis to this chosen woman, and that is where the story begins.

I can go into more detail however I won’t because that would reveal spoilers. The plan is to release this serial starting January 2019. When you think about it, sometimes the genre picks you as the characters take over.

If you have any questions related to writing, my published works, WIP or the craft of designing covers head over here to submit your questions. I will feature questions here or on my design blog, I believe will be appropriate for my audience.


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