Tales of Tarza


Tales of Tarza Series –
This series showcases the kingdom Tarza within the land of Tarzinëa. These books will be longer than my Tales of Ferrês stories. And I have 7 planned for this series. Not sure on a release date but hard at work writing this series for you all.

Half-Blood Academy
Children of Chaos

Half-Blood Academy-
This series follows 9 demigods as they try to save the universe. This is a YA SciFi Fantasy series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Book #1, The Seeker’s Core is due to release Oct. 1, 2021. Stay tuned for announcements.

Legendary Tales Series

Legendary Tales Series –
These books are the short story series compiled into one book. This is the cheapest buy when it comes to reading these wonderful stories from within Tarzinëa. There are still more books to come in the future to complete the Legendary Tales Series. Also, forgot to mention these books also include a bonus story never seen before.

The Morelli Family Duo

The Morelli Family Duo –
This series is geared towards the New Adult audience. Two women from two different backgrounds will enter a world of the mafia and vampires. Will the love they find be worth all the trouble they get into. Loyalty will be test and you will only find out if they have a HEA by reading this series.

The Vortex Series –
The first book “Gargoyle Sighted,” in this series is released by chapter monthly to my Dragon Ryder VIP Reader’s Members. Not sure when this book will get release to the public. It depends on how long it takes to release all the chapters. If you are interested in reading this series all you have to do is sign-up to become a member. You will get access to all chapters when you sign-up along with two FREE short stories. Chapters are updated monthly on my website.