Mëira’s Prince

Mëira’s Prince

Tales of Ferrês Story #7

A gorgeous day lies before Ïstan. On a mission to practice with his bow away from prying eyes, he ventures out into the elven forest of Vladïmir. A single step unexpectedly changes his path, throwing him deep within the Forest of Ferrês. He is taken to an alluring fairy city, hoping his new fairy friends can get him home again. But when the Child Goddess, Salza, gets involved Ïstan finds himself standing on the edge of a new adventure—one that will begin as soon as he proves he is fit for the journey ahead.

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Sneak Peek

Darkness was all she knew. As far back as she could remember, the depths of the shadows had been her one and only friend while she’d waited. She had no idea what she’d waited for. Was it freedom? Or an escape into the bright light outside the walls that surrounded her? The shadows never seemed to end.

Time appeared to stand still until the day light warmed the walls that embraced her. She began to notice the passing of days into nights. Her shell thinned, and the walls grew brittle, yet she still feared to leave the shadows.

Engravings appeared across the shell’s walls that protected her from the world without. The marks were alluring and captivated her for hours. At times she would shake her scaly tail and feel the ground move beneath her. The sensation scared her as the walls tipped, then froze into place once more.

When night fell, the light would leave, which made her sad. I wonder what is beyond these walls. Why am I so afraid to break beyond them? I should be brave and adventurous, but something inside me says to wait. The time will come soon.

As time turned, she began to mark the shifts between day and night. On the third day from the start of her calculations the musical voice came. It sang on the winds and penetrated the shell that surrounded her.

“Soon, little one… Soon you will be free.”

“I wish to be free.”

What am I waiting for—to get this freedom she speaks of?

She called out to the voice, but there was no response. Once again she was alone in the darkness.

Night passed, and the light returned once more. Noises around her penetrated her shell. A large crack echoed in her ears. A shadow moved across the walls as something grew closer. She sensed a growing warmth within her. The closer the shadow came, the warmer her body grew. She attempted to call out to the form, but no sound emerged. Slowly, the crunching of soil beneath shoes grew louder until her shell glowed.

Light broke through and she looked upon a handsome creature that screamed to her soul…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

WOW! Words haven’t got the ability to describe what I’m feeling after reading this story, but I’ll try. Great world building, awesome descriptive characters, a feeling of delight after reading this wonderful short story and want more (so much more!) are a few that come to mind. From the first page to the last, I was transfixed!

Teri R.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another excellent short story. Jenkins knows how to develop a story and characters quickly. I can not wait to see how these stories all tie together or what happens next.

Alan B.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a charming short story that you can read in less than thirty minutes. It is a delightful tale in the world of Ferres. I enjoyed the read and so will you.