Fumbling Hands

He dodged, avoiding the sword that flew inches from his chest. Catching his balance, he pivoted slashing out with his sword.

Clank…the two swords embraced, clashing like two lovers. The thrill of steal on steal filled him as fire filled his belly watching Kero’s beautiful movements. Her feet danced on the ground, forced him to concentrate harder.
This isn’t the time to be drooling over a woman! Rikkin lectured himself.

Blonde hair smacked him in the face as he pivoted onto his left foot. He growled in irritation when his foot groaned under the pressure. She teased him, trying to draw him into an attack. The longer he fought her, the harder it was for him to stay serious with the match. Her hips moved in such a way he wished to embrace them.

A flash of light caught his attention as she struck like a viper for his head. He blocked, letting the thrust ring down his muscular arms. I need to get my head on straight. But those eyes… they were like being embraced by fire as she sized him up. Kero watched his every movement.

Difinitely got rusty being in that mountain for so long, he mused. Can’t even stop myself from lusting after a woman to spar with a student. But then she wasn’t just any ordinary student, she was like looking upon his true love’s face but in a different time.

Kero stood straight up and arched an eyebrow. “Is something wrong?” She slammed the tip of her sword into the ground leaving it stand erect. He grunted in disgust.

“What did I tell you about respecting your blade?” He growled with narrowed eyes. The one thing he couldn’t stand about this time period is the disrespect the young showed to their weapons. The sword was to be an extension of their body, not some piece a metal to kill another with.

Kero grimaced grabbing the hilt. It slid from the earth without issue, bringing him back to the matter at hand. They weren’t sparring with wooden swords, he insisted she be trained to fight to survive. But, here he was fighting like an amatuer because of a high libido.

“What are you waiting for,” he growled between gritted teeth. “An invitation?”

Her eyebrow raised higher, staring at him questionably. “You’re fighting is off?” She said. Was that worry he saw in her eyes?

“I’m fine,” he lied. “This lesson is far from over––continue.”

Surprise took him as she sheathed her sword. Kero turned from him. What the hell does she think she is doing? He let his guard down for only a second when he realized his mistake.

Kero looked over her shoulder and a flash reflected through her visible eye. Damnation! She lunged for him, unsheathing the blade in mid-strike. He escaped the edge by a mere hair as Kero’s blows continue to bound against him. He shifted his weight, trying to brace himself against the onslaught. Rikkin tried to keep his head but this technique of fighting was bizarre for him. She struck with both sheath and sword, not leaving a second for breath.

The speed of her movements grew harder to follow as the sheath and sword blended together. He was finding it hard to tell which one was which. The damn girl is using magic! His realization came too late as Kero kicked out with her right foot knocking his feet out from under him.

Rikkin fell to the ground. He shifted his weight to his shoulders and flipped to his feet as her blade went down into the ground. Like a viper striking, the sheath slammed into his head forcing him to step back and blink away the blurry vision. Rikkin heard her growl in frustration. It had been several months and he was starting to believe the time had come for his defeat. But, he wasn’t going to roll over yet. If she thinks I am going to fall over this easy, she has another thing coming.

Regaining his composure, he thrust the lustful thoughts away. He forced himself to see her as the enemy, not as his student. Stepping back, he placed distance between them as the voices of the onlookers filled his ears. He sized her up––Rikkin pounced.

Clank…the swords clashed again.




Her speed increased. Rikkin laughed, pushing his momentum to match hers. He started to see hints of frustration creeping across her face. As the anger built up within her, Rikkin realized she wasn’t thinking, just reacting. Her rage was now in control.

Well, it is time to shut this down.
He dropped his guard and Kero took the bait. She lunged at him. Rikkin pivoted to the right, grabbed hold of her sword arm and twisted it behind her.
She lashed out with the sheath, hoping to break free, but he punched it away. Kero yelled out and dropped the sword. She threw back her head, hoping to make contact with his. But, Rikkin anticipated the move and lurched his head.
God, she is a feisty thing when she realizes she can’t win. He laughed to himself.

She attempted to kick out his feet, but he blocked her.
This is getting old fast, he growled. Kero then did the unthinkable.
She bit down on his arm forcing a yell from his lips, without thought he released her.

“By the Gods!” he bellowed.

She maneuvered but didn’t escape. “Let go that hurts!”

“What did you say” Rikkin demanded.

“I surrender,” Kero squealed. “Now let go of my breast!”

Rikkin was so heated up he didn’t notice where his hand was sitting. Apparently, he grabbed a hold of her right breast in the confrontation. His face turned red from the shock and released her.

Rikkin watched as she straightened her blouse to better cover her chest. The fire of desire came back full force. “Sorry about that” he stated.

“Yeah, right, bet you were just looking for an opening to grab those beautiful breasts!” yelled Jimmy.

Rikkin growled at the comment and stopped over to the boy sitting on the fence. He grabbed him by the collar. “Watch yourself, boy” he snapped. “I will find a damn reason for you to wish you were never born.”

“Fine, geez, keep your pants on, man” Jimmy responded. “No reason for you to get your panties in a twist. Was just joking with ya.”

He threw the boy back and glowered at him. “Don’t you have some chores to get done, stable boy” Rikkin snapped.

“Yes, sir” Jimmy said. “I’ll get on them right away.”

Rikkin watched him scurry to his feet. He made a kicking motion to the boy’s rump as he took off running towards the stable. Damn kids in this time are nothing but disrespectful.

“Are we done for the day?”

He turned his attention back to his pupil. Rikkin examined her seeing her covered in sweat. When his eyes stopped on her breasts, he felt heat in his cheeks.

“Umm … yes, that is all for today” he stammered. “Best go get cleaned up for your lessons with Christophé.”

“Okay” she said. “Same time tomorrow?”

“Two days” Rikkin stated. “Best get caught up on your magic training.”

He saw the look on her face. Rikkin ignored it, hoping she would go away. He didn’t want to admit to her that he was uncomfortable with what occurred. Holding her that way made him wish he done more.
Damnation! Why does she have this effect on me?