Chapter 3


He sat in the car patiently waiting for Cassie to run in and do her errands. The woman was testing his patience, though. He was getting to the point where he was going to blow up at her. How could she be so stubborn, let alone rude? Yeah, they hadn’t met and been partnered up under the best of circumstances, but she didn’t have to be such a bitch. Max wondered if Richie had gotten the better deal. After all, he was going to sit on his royal ass for the next six months healing, while Max had to put up with crabby McCrabby pants.

“Are you about done in there?” he asked over his walkie. The sun was beating in on him through the windshield, roasting his legs. Max rolled down the window to let in some air and cool off the smoldering vehicle. His thumb drummed on the armrest as his temper began to fume. He was sure that by this point smoke was coming out of his ears.

“Be out in a moment—keep your pants on,” Cassie snapped over the walkie.

Fed up with roasting to death, he flung the passenger door open and stepped out into the summer heat. Like this feels any better, he thought. Max raised his hand over his eyes to look down the street. Still no sign of miss cranky-pants.

Indecision weighed on him as he pondered his next move. He could go stomping into the bank and demand she hurry her pretty ass up, or he could take a walk around the bank and enjoy the summer sun. Max decided it wouldn’t do any good to fan the flames of his partner’s temperamental state of mind. Slowly, Max walked through the parking lot behind the bank turning south onto eighth street. People were all over the place. Traffic was backed up for miles with the rush to work.

“You’d think it would have died down by now.”

“Excuse me?” a woman asked turning away from her SUV. Max did a doubletake—she was drop dead gorgeous. He had to do everything in his power to keep his mouth from hanging wide open. She smiled at him, looking him up and down in his police uniform.

“Were you talking to me, sir?” she asked with the voice of an angel.

He shook himself and tried to wrap his mind around her words. Those blue eyes…he could get lost in them for days. His wolf side would have jumped at the chance of having her in his bed. Max gulped as his eyes trailed down her beautiful curved body.

“Uh…sorry, I wasn’t talking to you,” he stammered. “Was kind of talking to myself, I suppose. If that isn’t weird or anything.”

She giggled, raising her hand to cover her pink lips. Oh, how I want to kiss those lips. Images of her in his arms filled his mind making him swoon. Then everything went to hell when a guy with a muscular build and an army cut walked out of a nearby store. The dude walked right up to the woman Max was talking to and wrapped his arm around her like she belonged to him.

“Is something the matter officer?”

Noooo, his wolf side screamed. Man, why did all the hot ones have to be taken?

“Nope. Was just talking to this pretty lady, that’s all,” he said with the biggest fake smile he could muster. The guy smirked back raising an eyebrow. Dude must be used to his girl being hit on, Max thought.

“It was a pleasure talking with you.” Max saluted the lovely girl and with slumped shoulders continued down the sidewalk to the corner of Main Street. The bank was there, set about a hundred yards back from the road. The building’s architecture was mesmerizing; his eyes couldn’t stop trailing along its walls. His gaze took in the girl and her possible husband making their way towards the bank entrance. Max just wanted to kick himself for acting like such a love-struck fool. For God’s sake man, you’re a werewolf! You shouldn’t be drooling over some girl off the street.

Max leaned up against the light post, his form hidden behind a few trees planted along the street. That was probably a good thing since he was still sulking.

Tires squealed to a halt farther down the road. It was a black SUV that had parked right in front of the bank in the fire lane. What the hell are these douchebags trying to pull? I better not get stuck having to write a damn ticket on top of everything else.

Making sure not to be seen, Max moved closer using the trees as cover. One by one, five men climbed out of the vehicle with big black bags. Each gave off a scent of nerves and sweat. Was the scent of fear on the wind coming from one of them? A bad feeling was growing in the pit of Max’s stomach. Then the smell of gunpowder hit him. Son of a bitch! Those guys intend to rob the bank.

Max was about to give Cassie the heads up when his phone went off. Without thinking he snickered. The ringtone, “shake your money maker,” always made him laugh when he heard it. Giving that ringtone to Sergeant Murphy made it even funnier. The guy definitely needed to relax every once in a while.


“Where are you and Armel right now?” Sergeant Murphy barked in his gruff voice.

He watched as the men made their way towards the bank, leaving behind the getaway driver. Max didn’t want to lose sight of them, but another five feet and they would reach the door. Even if he called out to Cassie it wouldn’t be enough time for her to act.

“We are at Gaston Bank, Serge.” Max said, talking fast. “A vehicle with license plate ARV 361 just pulled into the fire lane. Five men wearing black clothes got out of the vehicle carrying large black bags. They are making their way inside as we speak. Two were 5’11 or close to it in height. There was one close to 6’1 and the final two range between 5’3 to 5’9.”

“Got it! Where is Armel? Is she with you?”

The urgency in the Serge’s voice gave him pause. “She is inside as we speak. Should I take out the driver before the men come back out?”

“Damn it! No. Get your ass in that bank without blowing your cover. I’ll have dispatch send units your way. They will deal with the driver—you back up Armel.”

“Yes, sir.”

Max hung up his phone ready to follow orders. He shot the car a quick glance before dashing from his hiding place. Once he made it to the corner, Max looked back to see if he’d been noticed. Great, I wasn’t seen. Without another thought, he put his strength into running down the street back to the parking lot where their car was. From there he could get to the employee entrance at the back of the bank. Max grabbed the door handle, but of course the dang thing was locked. Looking over his shoulder to confirm he was alone, he let loose his claws. Slamming his hand down on the handle, he busted it to smithereens.

The door swung open easily as he walked into the back room. He moved silently past the restrooms into the main hallway. The sound of someone crying greeted him as he made his way towards the lobby area. From the shadows he watched the men herd the people into a circle then force them to the floor. He counted three bank chicks in dressed up attire, two frumpy women holding each other, and the overly muscular military guy who had his arm around the woman Max had once thought was the most gorgeous creature ever. She was the one in tears. Max couldn’t help but think she had the ugliest crying face on the planet. What he didn’t see was anyone in police uniform. Where the hell is Cassie?

Max searched every angle of the room that he could from his position. That was when he saw her sneaking behind a teller’s desk. She was wearing a white tank top. What the hell is she up to? He remembered Serge saying something about her always getting into trouble. He only hoped that this trouble she’d found wasn’t about to kill them. Instead of acting on instinct, he hunkered down and waited.

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