Chapter 1


Papers slammed down on her desk. Cassie tilted her head to the side to see Sergeant Murphy standing there. She pushed a loose strand of hair from her eyes to take a better look at him. He glared down at her with fiery brown eyes.

“You see the mess of paperwork you caused? Get in my office, now!”

Ready to take a licking, Cassie swung away from her desk, stood up and marched into the office with her fellow police officers’ eyes on her back. Bet they are having fun with this one.

She was barely in the room when Murphy slammed the door shut, nearly taking her left arm with it. His eyes locked on her, a smirk crossing his features as he gestured to a chair. He knew what he’d nearly done.

“Sit down!”

He stomped around the office as she slid into the nearest seat directly across from his desk. The office was pretty depressing. Murphy didn’t decorate his desk with pictures or memorabilia that gave away anything about his life. No one even knew if he had a wife or dated. It was weird to work with a man who was so secretive with his life outside the job. She didn’t even remember the last time he’d joined the other officers for a drink off the clock, if he’d ever done it at all. Murphy was just a complete mystery to her.

Deep in thought, it took her some time to realize he was mumbling to himself as he made his way around the office. He was apparently looking for something. She was curious to an extent, but then realized it probably wasn’t anything good for her.

“Aw-ha, there you are, you little beggar!” Murphy slid a file free of the filing cabinet then tossed it down on his desk. Her eyes took in the file with a hungry stare as she wondered what it contained.

“You’re becoming a regular pain in my ass, Officer Armel,” he said as he plopped into his chair. He took the slim file and moved it towards her. “Tell me, what am I going to do with you?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

What did he expect me to say, fire me? It would be a cold day in hell before she gave up her job and stopped doing all she could for those she’d sworn to protect. The visions hurt matters. Cassie leaned forward in her seat, crossing her legs underneath each other. It isn’t like I can tell him I had a premonition.

“You’re damn right you don’t know. You’re lucky I like you, Armel, and think you will become a great officer. We have to break you of this hero persona you have.”

Murphy leaned back with a twinkle in his blue eyes. His dark hair glistened in the fluorescent lighting.

“But first we have to solve the problem of your partner.” Murphy entwined his fingers across his chest like he often did when he was deep in thought. She was worried what would come next. Cassie didn’t want to hear the bad news.

“Well, the bad news is your partner is on leave for the next several months after the gunshot wound he took saving your ass. This means you need a new partner or you will get stuck behind the desk. So, it is up to you. Desk duty? Or do you want a new partner?”

The smirk that creeped across his face irked her. She hadn’t much cared for her last partner since he’d been ancient. He’d always done everything by the book and treated her like she was stupid. Perhaps desk duty wouldn’t be that bad. But for a few months? Hell will freeze over before I sit that long at a damn desk.

“I’ll take the new partner, sir.”

Maybe I’ll get a female this time instead of a stubborn man. Murphy smiled, flung himself forward, and slapped his hand down on the file. He tossed it over to her.

“Meet your new partner.”

He had a mischievous look in his eyes. Murphy knew she didn’t work well with others, especially men. However, her curiosity got the best of her and she flipped the file open.

Great! A handsome man not too much older than she looked back at her from the file. He had sandy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. The smirk on his face screamed womanizer or lady’s man without her even having to meet him in person. Great! Great! Great! I am stuck with a pretty boy.

Murphy chuckled. “Hope you like your partners young and attractive, officer. Perhaps you will stay out of trouble if you’re too busy fighting the women off him.”

She glared at him and huffed.

His eyebrow arched. “Now in all seriousness, Max is a good cop. You’re lucky to have him.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Now, don’t be like that. Underneath that pretty face is a copper you can be proud of, and I believe you two will work well together for many reasons.”

“Oh yeah? Like what reasons?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell you.” He smiled. “You’ll find out in good time, once you let the walls down a bit.”

“Fine.” Cassie stood up from the desk, still mad as hell. “Anything else?”

“Nope. You can collect your partner outside. He should be waiting for you at your car.”


Once dismissed, she stood and turned towards the door. It was only open a few inches when Murphy said louder than normal, “Oh, and try not to get this one killed, will you?”

The entire room stared at her as Murphy’s words rang out. Great, now everyone thinks I’m a danger to society. His hand fell on her shoulder and she turned her head to see him standing close.

“Next time you’re fired, understand?” he whispered.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered back. What else could she say as she walked across the room towards the entrance? I have to figure out how to stop these visions from happening, but how? Cassie didn’t even know why she had them in the first place. Maybe I should talk to Mom about this later. Yeah, like she would know anything about visions. She would probably think I am working too hard and need a vacation.

The hallway was quiet as she turned down it and walked to the grand entrance. Lucy, the receptionist, was sitting at her desk like always with a big smile on her face. She waved in Cassie’s direction and Cassie waved back.

“Have a good day on the streets Officer Armel.”

Cassie placed her hat over her head and gave Lucy a nod in acknowledgement. The doors shut behind her as she looked up and down the streets. It was a beautiful day outside, with hopefully an easy day of work to come.

She made her way around the building to the parking area where she had left her police car the night before. A man stood beside it waiting for her.

As she approached the vehicle, Cassie eyed him up and down. He was tall, standing about 6’1 from the look of it. The light shone off his sandy blonde hair and his blue eyes sparkled. Max had broad shoulders and muscles. She couldn’t help but admit that any woman would drop at his feet to get his attention.

“Hey, you must be Cassandra Armel?” Max smiled, flashing his beautiful teeth. She took a step back as her eyes locked with his. They stood in silence for a few seconds. Something was off about him, but she couldn’t quite figure out what. His eyes seemed more animal-like than human. She shrugged it off at first, thinking it was due to the lighting. Was it her imagination or did his eyes shift colors? She blinked back the surprise.

“You can call me Cassie,” she said.

Max extended a hand, but she pushed it aside and grabbed the driver side door. “You getting in or do you plan to stand around all day?”

He squared his shoulders and shot her a look.

Oh, did I piss you off, pretty boy? She glared at him as he made his way around the car and plopped down in the passenger seat.

“Sergeant Murphy told me you would be a handful.”

Her seatbelt clicked into place she looked into his eyes once again.

“And, let me guess. You think you can sweet talk me into being submissive to you.”

“Oh, God no!” he laughed. “I knew the second I laid eyes on you, he spoke the truth.”

“Why do you say that?”

Max scratched the side of his head, ruffling up his hair. Shyly, he looked over at her and smiled. “You look pretty badass, that’s all.”

The car shifted into drive as she pulled out onto the street. She pondered his words. Perhaps working with him won’t be too bad.

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