Sneak Peek Tuesday: A Father’s Protection

Welcome to the first Sneak Peek Tuesday. Today I am providing a sneak peek of one of my short stories titled: “A Father’s Protection”. I just recently did a rewrite on this story and published it to the masses. This story is also included in the Tales of Ferrês bundle book.

A Father’s Protection

…DarkDeath looked around the lake and took in the magnificent scenery. Trees circled him and towered high into the sky. Flowers sprang up from the sides of boulders all around the lake. The waterfall was the centerpiece, cascading downward over moss-covered rocks. Mist flew up into the air, glittering in the sunlight. He thought about climbing to the top of the waterfall and wondered what it would feel like to jump into its dark depths. Fire sparked in his eyes. Yeah, a dip sounds nice right about now. In two giant leaps he stood on top of the cliff, looking down upon the water below. A scent familiar to him carried on the breeze. DarkDeath looked out to see a black wolf drawing closer to his location. The black wolf with a white moon crest across her chest stepped up to the pool of water. BlackMoon sat down and looked up at him in all his glory. She tilted her head to the side and cocked an ear. Looks like I get to have an audience.

He backed up a few yards, then crouched down with his rear end up in the air. His nails dug into the rock and he lunged forward. DarkDeath sped to the edge and leaped with all his strength, flying through the air until the water collided with his body. By the goddess this is ice-cold! It seeped into his fur and went up his nose. DarkDeath’s lungs burned as he fought his way towards the surface. He finally broke through, gasping for air then panting like crazy to bring his racing heart back to a steady speed. His head stayed above water as he treaded over to where his daughter sat. That wasn’t the best of decisions.

BlackMoon’s tail wagged as he approached. His paws hit the grass, and he dug his nails into the ground to pull himself free of the water. She stepped back to give him room. Probably a good idea since I need to do this. He smiled as he shook his entire body. Water sprayed everywhere, and BlackMoon was the victim of his assault. DarkDeath let loose a hearty laugh as BlackMoon crouched to her stomach and covered her head with her paws. “Why did you do that?”

“Need to dry off somehow.”…

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