Sneak Peek Tuesday: The Last Ryukyu Noro

Greetings everyone. We have another Sneak Peek Tuesday for you all. Today I am featuring International Bestselling Speculative Fiction Author Stephanie Ayers and her book “The Last Ryukyu Noro”. She was kind enough to let us see inside her book scheduled to go live at retailers on November 13th. Check it out below.

The Last Ryukyu Noro

“Have you made your decision?” the dragon answered.

“No. I’m not ready.” 

“Will you ever be ready, child?”

“Maybe. Anmaa had more time.”

“Yes, she did, but even if she hadn’t, your mother still would have accepted her destiny. Why do you hesitate?”

“It’s a lot of things. It’s just…” Erity’s voice faded without finishing. She stared at the ground. 

“I understand. It’s a commitment you can’t back out of once you agree.” The gentle tone of the dragon’s voice held no judgment.

“Yes. Well, sort of. It’s-it’s not really the commitment. It’s the finality of it.  No kids, no marriage, no life beyond the court.”

“And if you could have that, you would have no issue with the commitment?” 

Erity sighed. Azakai asked a valid question, but she couldn’t give an honest answer. Did she want the life of a royal noro? 

“What would you do with your life if you had a choice?” the dragon asked.

Another valid question she didn’t have an answer for. 

“Consider this: by accepting your destiny, the only change to your future you make is being the last of your line. You can do anything else you wish to do, even as you perform your duty.”

Erity hadn’t considered that. All of her training growing up was about her expected duties. There had never been any other plans for her beyond the life of a noro. Wakumi had lived a regular life for the most part, but there were times her position called her away from her family, sometimes for days. Erity always hated it when her mother was gone. If she had children, they faced the same circumstances. But could she live her life never experiencing motherhood? Would the children of the island be enough for her?

“Once you figure out these answers, you’ll know what you should do. I can’t make them for you, only offer advice that you might not want. You’re safe enough here, Erity. Stay as long as you need to.” The dragon looked at Erity for a moment before beckoning her to join her behind the waterfall. “Join me. No one can pass through the waterfall unless I let them.”

These last words convinced Erity, and she slipped behind the cascading water and disappeared.

Enjoy this sneak peek? How about you head over to Amazon to pre-order your copy today!

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