Tales of Ferrês Blog Tour – Day 7

The tour is about over with one day left to go. I’m going to do a break down of day seven with all content hosts posted. Hope you will stop by and check it out to show your support.

Stop #20 – The Secret Library Book Blog

Over on The Secret Library Book Blog she did a fun excerpt book spotlight for you all to enjoy. The story she featured was Bonds of Betrayal. Head on over to check it out to see a sneak peek from this emotional story.

Stop #21 – Ellwyn Autumn’s Blog

If you head over to Ellwyn’s blog you will see an author spotlight featuring mwah. She shares some fun facts about me and a mini interview. Show your support by leaving comments or sharing. I will be happy to check out your thoughts.

Stop #22 – Lunarian Press Blog

The day is still going strong with an author interview feature over on Lunarian Press. Alexis was thorough with her questions and I had fun answering them for her. If you want to know more about me stop over to check it out.

Stop #23 – JQM Blog

The last post of the day is over on James Quinlan Meservy’s blog. He features Tales of Ferrês in a book spotlight on his blog. Stop on over to check it out. I’ll be back again tomorrow to give you the break down of the final day of the tour. Hard to believe it is over already.

Tales of Ferrês

Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

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