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Today marks the beginning of the Tales of Ferrês Book Blog Tour. I’m opening up the event with some insight into the process I went through with this bundle book. It began in September 2018 when I released “A Father’s Protection.” I didn’t expect anything to really happen as I released each story in the series. Each month I tried my hardest to stay on schedule. I did have some ups and downs where I missed deadlines. I learned from my mistakes and plan to use my new knowledge in the future.

Now I’m finally writing the final chapter of this journey. Hard to believe after all the stress it is finally coming to a close. You’re probably wondering why you should buy the bundle book since you bought all the short stories prior. Well, the first reason is simple I have a bonus story inside know one has ever seen before. The next reason is I took to rated R stories (The Assassin’s Prophecy and The Wrath of SnowFire) and made them YA. I did a massive rewrite on them that changed the story up quite a bit. Then there is A Father’s Protection. The first story that began it all. It got a complete overhaul. I took constructive feedback from reviews and looked how my writing has changed since 2018. I realized this story didn’t stand up to the others, so I rewrote the entire thing. I added scenes and a whole knew section you will love.

Needless to say I spent the last two months from when “A Powerful Rivalry” release re-doing and rewriting these stories. I even did a fresh edit on all the stories. I just wanted to final book to be the best it could be. Now it is ready for you all to see. I’m super excited and surprised at how many people have shown interest in this book let alone the individual stories. I set out to bring entertainment to people and find my place as an author. I am happy to say I believe I am on the right path to growing my loyal audience. Hoping I keep things going you will see another short story series starting up within this world very soon. But I plan to write most the stories in advance so I don’t have any slip ups on deadlines. Wish me luck on my adventures and I hope you all enjoy Tales of Ferrês. Check out the details below…

About the Book

Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

Grab Tales of Ferrês for its discounted price of $1.99! Sale ends Friday, May 29th.

About Me!

I’m a dragon loving book nerd that loves spending days with her twin boys. They are like cats, I swear most the time. I have a loving fiancé and we have been together for about five years now. When I’m not writing tales of fantasy adventure, filled to the brink with magical creatures and magic you will find me reading or designing. Yeah, I have a bachelors in graphic design from Briar Cliff University. I love books so much I find I do great work on covers and promotional banners. I don’t do corporate design that well. If you would like to know more about me please leave a comment below and I’ll answer it as soon as I can :).

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Keeper Witches Book Tour & Giveaway

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The day is almost over and soon the weekend will begin. I joined as a host for Silver Dagger Book Tours blog tour this week featuring the Keeper Witches. Not only is this the best time of the week to showcase these awesome books. It also might give you some awesome reading material for the weekend or coming weeks. So join me for my tour host spot and read along for some awesome excerpts.crossed teaser 1

keeperwitches - about the book

Bryn McCaskey lived by simple rules: kill demons, never use magic against school bullies, and avoid running her mouth in front of her Grams.

It all seemed easy enough to follow.

Until Rhyzel Connor rolled into her life.

Suddenly everything she thought she knew about demons is put to the test as she finds herself teaming up with the most unusual of teammates to save a fellow witch from a hit.

Only problem is she doesn’t know how trustworthy Rhyzel is.

When magic is involved a good outcome isn’t always guaranteed and Bryn will have to put her neck on the line to get to the bottom of the well, even if it means unmasking Rhyzel and everything he stands for in an attempt to solve the biggest mystery she’s ever come across.

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keeperwitches - excerpt

The roar of an engine speeding in our direction drew the Snotty Four’s attention away from me and to a piece of black and green hunk of metal on two wheels headed right for us. Karen and Natasha squealed as the front tire of a beautiful Yamaha motorcycle sped toward them. They jumped to the side, leaving Marianne, Jill, and me in its destructive path.

Marianne and Jill released their iron grip on me and quickly hightailed it after their besties, rushing to the parking lot of the abandoned restaurant to my left as the motorcycle screeched to a stop a mere three feet from my right foot. I had a mini heart attack, but instead of running for cover, I stood frozen to the spot as if my shoes had been superglued to the sidewalk.

I brought my gaze up to the rider, unsure if I should thank him or curse at him. Who the hell drove their motorcycle off the road and right in the direction of five teenagers? No one. Not unless they were crazy, drunk, or stupid. Or all three. There were a lot of psychos out there nowadays.

“Hey, jerk!” Karen yelled at the stranger, who failed to acknowledge her.

Instead, he lifted the helmet off his head and directed a set of green eyes at me. His hair was the color of copper and contrasted against his pale skin. He was very attractive, there was no denying that, but something about him instantly put me on alert.

For starters, no normal person had specks of red in their irises along with their natural color. Second, he gave out an interesting vibe. Like he was surrounded by some inner force that, although invisible, I could still sense.

1 keeper of lost souls teaser 1

keeperwitches - about the book

Bryn has survived high school bullies.

She’s fought demons and won.

She’s even learned to coexist with the permanent haunt of one of her arch enemies.

But she’s never had to contend with a boy she was attracted too.

Much less one that was dead.

When Johnny Zhao’s name pops up in her list of charges Bryn doesn’t think much of him. Until their first meeting ends in near disaster.

It doesn’t take long for her to realize Johnny isn’t a conventional soul in need. He’s much more powerful than any she’s seen before. He’s a coveted target, one that has much to offer demons.

Protecting him becomes a priority, one she takes very seriously.

Now if only she could convince him that he needs her help before his adversaries return to claim what they failed to collect the first time around.

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keeperwitches - excerpt

I reached the first step leading up to the porch and that was when I sensed it. Eyes. Staring at me. Watching my every move. I spun around and glanced in every direction, drawing a donut on the ground with my feet as I rotated. Nothing. There was nobody there. Just my imagination playing tricks on me.

Or not.

A ball of white mist flew at me and zapped me with an electrical shock that sent me free-falling backward. I landed on the ground with a dull thud, blinded by an indescribable pain that sucked all the air out of my lungs in one quick whoosh. I was disoriented. Confused. And hurting as if I’d been struck head-on by a car.

I’d felt pain before, but never anything like this. It was as if I was being sautéed from the inside out by electrical undercurrents that coursed through my body, shooting tiny bolts of pure agony with each second. My muscles spasmed involuntarily and I had the sudden urge to vomit everything I ate for dinner that night.

I blinked away the tears that gathered in my eyes and tried to sit up, to no avail. Moving was too much of an effort; my energy was totally spent. I curled into a fetal position and focused on breathing in and out. It took about a minute for the symptoms to subside, but it was the longest sixty seconds of my goddamn life. I made the mistake of allowing my guard down for just a moment, and that lapse in judgement turned out to be very crucial.

Lesson learned.


keeperwitches - about the author

Kristy Centeno loves to spin tales of creatures that go bump in the night, with a sprinkle of romance to top them off. Her passion for writing stems from a lifelong enjoyment of reading and the pleasure derived from the magical worlds created by authors like her. She prefers her female leads strong, independent, and stubborn who will stop at nothing to save their loved ones and protect those they care for.

Kristy currently resides in Pennsylvania with her five kids, a quartet of noisy parakeets, and a spoiled puppy. When she’s not working or writing, she juggles her free time between raising a handful of minions and pursuing other career goals.

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Tales of Ferrês Blog Tour Line-Up!

JENKINS_2020_TOF_TOURBANNERThe day is fast approaching. Before you know it Tuesday, May 26th will be here. You know what that means? It means Tales of Ferrês is finally here. I got plenty in story for everyone for the week. I got a book blog tour scheduled to start Monday, May 25th and it goes until June 1st. I also got a takeover event planned in the Red Hatter Book Blog Room (Click to join the group). The takeover event will be on the last weekend in May. I’ll update you with the date as the time grows closer. Below you will find the line-up for the tour and images too. Hope you will stop by and check things out as they progress through the week. I will also update each blog with the official post as the week progresses also. Until then please enjoy and check out these awesome bloggers.

Monday – May 25th (Opening Day)

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Tuesday – May 26th (Release Day)

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Wednesday – May 27th

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Thursday – May 28th

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Sunday – May 31st

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Monday – June 1st (Last Day)

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Three Twisted Beauties

K.M. Jenkins’ Blog (Closing Post)

Purchase Tales of Ferrês Today for $1.99!

Discounted price will last until Friday, May 29th. Price will go up to $2.99 after that.

JENKINS_2020_TOF_PROMOBANNER1Since the beginning of time, one kingdom in the world of Tarzinëa has remained a mystery. Very few have entered its depths and survived. Walk alongside our heroes and watch their tales unfold as they enter the Forest of Ferrês. Discover everything from wolves so large they look like full grown ponies, to devil creatures that lurk in the night. Expect the unexpected as you venture into the magical land of Ferrês where not everything is as it seems.

The Dawn of Creation

JENKINS_2019_WB_BANNERLong before there was nothing. Darkness was alone with nothing at its side. During its time of solitude it wished for more. In its wish light was born through a flash of great power.

As time continued Darkness and Light lived harmoniously. Till the day they truly collided creating a blast of great magnitude. Within the blast three were born of the powerful union.

The first was a being created similar to light, her name was Bright Star. She would represent the good within all that she and her brothers created. Her beauty filled the skies with magnificent stars that became her eyes. As days formed her eyes would shine down onto the darken land below waiting.

Second came the one born of darkness. His hand stretched far and wide filling the land with shadows. He sought to rule all and claim all as his. His name became Thorso, and he was the god of the underworld. Sitting next to his sister he found himself hateful of her beauty and strength. And, sought to take away all that she loved and held most dear.

And, last came Gryphön. He saw the world in both light and dark. His eyes saw the balancing scales the light and darkness must maintain. In doing so he became the protector of the balance and tamed the hunger of his brother and sister.

As time drew on the three new gods created the world. They in one night created the land, water, buildings and creatures to live within their creation. Balancing the worlds was hard. Soon time warred against them and the balance became threatened. Then new gods and goddesses came into being to right the wrongs taking place.

Soon life lived in harmony but greed still filled Thorso’s heart. With dreams of ruling both the mortal and immortal realms he will begin the journey that brings forth the wars in history. Man will become the gods puppets but will a time come where a human takes the place of the gods? Only time will tell and what extent Gryphön will go to protect the balance he so strongly protects.

The Mythical Universe Blog Tour & Giveaway

the mythical universe bannerSDBT Host ButtonGreetings everyone, today I am a tour host for Silver Dagger Book Tours. I’ll be featuring The Beginning & The Showdown in Alicen Scott’s The Mythical Universe series. She is a New Adult Fantasy and Paranormal Author. Please help me welcome her and her books onto my blog. If you have Kindle Unlimited you definitely want to give these two a go.


I back away from him slowly, “Ekon… you…”

Planned this since the beginning? Yes, I did. Who do you think has been poisoning you? It wasn’t one of your guards or your maids. It was me,” his smile says he’s proud of himself. “Convincing you to get rid of Calista was easy enough. When you started trying to create a new heir, they were effortless to eliminate. They didn’t suffer. I always kill my victims quickly. Well, except for you. It has been quite enjoyable watching you writhe for all these years. Somehow you managed to sneak Aria and Alexsei past me.”

Oh…” I clutch my throat. 0 the mythical universe series teaser


1- The Mythical Universe - The Beginning_465x600The Beginning: The Mythical Universe Book 1

Fresh out of an abusive relationship, Aria moves in with her twin brother, Alex, ready for a new start. He offers her a job working with him as a paranormal investigator, which she reluctantly agrees to. Aria is a skeptic of anything she cannot see with her eyes. Alex, on the other hand, has always been a believer in anything and everything paranormal. When Aria and Alex go to California to help investigate a large building where strange things are happening, she has no idea how her world is going to be turned upside down. When they arrive, she meets Tyler, one of the biggest mysteries she never saw coming. He’s a tall and sexy man, but her attraction to him is more than that. She can’t explain why she can feel the energy pulsing from him. During the investigation, things start to unfold and very quickly, Aria comes to realize she isn’t who she thought she was. She may not even be human. Together with Tyler and Alex, she goes on a pursuit to find out the truth. Traveling through planets and dimensions, meeting creatures she only thought existed in fantasy stories, she will have to question everything she ever believed. When she finds out the truth what will that mean for her and Alex? And what about Tyler? How does he fit in with all of this? The Mythical Universe: The Beginning is an action-packed story full of time traveling, hybrids, aliens, vampires, fairies and so much more.

18+ for mild sexual situations and language.

Ends in a major cliffhanger leading into book 2.

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2- The Showdown Cover_375x600The Showdown: The Mythical Universe Book 2

Aria knows everything she never believed in is real and she’s a part of that world now. Without Alex or Eugenia to help her, she must face down Ekon and get a grasp on her own abilities, her need for vengeance and her crown before they destroy her.

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Alicen Scott_400x400Alicen was born in the deep south. Growing up as a disabled, opinionated, female in that environment was difficult for her. She developed C-PTSD before she was a year old, but she wouldn’t be diagnosed until she was in her thirties.

Her love of writing didn’t develop until she was in her twenties, but once it did it took off at full speed. Since then she’s run several blogs, done book reviews for indie authors and started working on both her autobiography and her first New Adult fantasy book collection, The Mythical Universe.

She’s choosing to self publish her novels and her autobiography because she wants to keep control over her work and her image. Alicen wants her stories told in her voice. So much of her life was chosen for her by others, she won’t let it happen again.

When she’s not writing, Alicen enjoys advocating for the LGBT+ community and the disabled, hanging out with her friends and partner and spending time with her two cats, Dittle and Odie.

Her story may be one of triumph, but she refuses to become just another disabled person labeled as inspirational for pursuing her dreams. Staying true to herself is what’s most important to her throughout this process. While self publishing may be more difficult, Alicen has never done things the easy way.

How to connect with Alicen!

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Cover Reveal: Dark Magi

Greetings guys and gals. I have a cover reveal for you today. Check out the new cover for Dark Magi by Joanna White. She is an awesome author you won’t want to miss out on. Check out the cover and click the link at the bottom to find out more about this re-release coming May 26th.

DarkMagiJoannaWhiteKing Vaxon is sadistic and cruel. After taking the crown of Castre for himself, he’s finally squelched the rebellion of Magi who fought against him. The remaining ones will be thrown in an arena to fight to the death.

Vaxon knows it’s unlikely they will fight each other at first. For this reason, he’s sending his own son, Kyren, into the arena with them. As a powerful Dark Mage, Kyren’s job is to kill the Magi. If he doesn’t, then his own father will kill his wife and children.

Kyren will do whatever it takes to keep his family alive. Even if that means he must die after slaughtering his own comrades. Is it possible to rebel in a fight you’ve already lost and still keep your families alive?

Fans who love fast-paced action combined with fantasy and magic will love and enjoy this 40,000 word, action-packed, character-driven story.

Visit the landing page to find out when it’s coming back!

Demon Tracker Blog Tour

Demon Tracker Blog Tour

Less than twenty minutes later, I received a message from Michael. I was strictly ordered not to do anything but stay where I was. Andreas would pick me up a little later. In the meantime, I could work out in the gardens with some of the angels if I wanted to.

“I’m sorry, Zye. I must leave at once,” Uriel whispered. He kissed my cheek and was gone.

I worked out with Robbie and Daniel while Maria watched us carefully. All three of them were excellent sword fighters and we had a good time. After the workout, I rinsed the sweat off my body, dressed in black pants and a white t-shirt and went outside again to sit down and just enjoy nature for a while.

I watched frogs climbing out the pond, sparrows and hummingbirds flying and hopping all over the place and butterflies filling the air with breathtaking colors.

After a while, Andreas sat down next to me on the white bench. “Hello, Zye.” 

“Hi, Andreas. I was told you were supposed to take me somewhere?” 

He smiled. “Not just somewhere, Zye. You will be meeting the ‘Council of Twelve’.” 

I froze. “Are you joking?” 

He shook his head. “No.” 

I felt my blood drain from my face. 

Andreas jumped up. “Holy Mary! You’re not going to pass out on me, are you?”

I carefully stood up, testing whether my feet would still carry me.

My body trembled. 

Andreas laughed. “Listen, Zye, there is no reason at all to freak out. Yes, they’re Archangels, but they won’t eat you. Don’t forget, Uriel will be there as well and he’s likely to protect you!”

I took a couple deep breaths. “Yes, he will. But what can he do when eleven others are voting against me?” 

Andreas laughed. “What do you think they’d vote for? Killing you? Zye, they’re angels, standing on our side, fighting against evil. Just like what you do!”

His words made me think for a few moments before I finally replied, “I can’t help myself, Andreas. I’m still scared to death.”

He smiled mildly. “There is no reason to fear them. Of course, respect them. After all, they’re probably the most powerful individuals on Earth besides our one and only Creator. They’re not going to do anything bad or evil to you.”

I slowly tried to slow my heart rate and bring my trembles under control. “See? You’re getting better.” Andreas grinned. Then he opened his arms and offered to carry me to the assembly hall.

The so-called “assembly hall” was an enormous room, beautifully built, with polished marble of purest silver-gray, inlaid by some marble that looked like the veins of fire. The ground was covered with anthracite colored stone and harmonized beautifully with the light gray walls and the beautifully painted fiery ceiling. The ceiling was so high, even the Archangels could fly within the hall.

The room was equipped with a small waiting area with black leather seats and a small glass table. It was quite modern, but comfortable. Andreas gave me a brief description before we started to prepare me for the impressive and pompous sight.

After our arrival, I stepped away from Andreas and in my head heard Uriel’s voice: “If you’re going to do this more often, girl, I will have problems with that.”

I grinned. “There is only one solution to this problem,” I replied. 

“And this is?” Uriel’s buoyant voice asked back. 

“Next time pick me up yourself, Mr. Taxi,” I snarled.

I enjoyed the mental clash and the growing closeness it showed between Uriel and me. 

Andreas curiously examined my face. “You were just somewhere else with your thoughts,” he commented with amusement. 

I blushed furiously which made him chuckle.

“I’ll wait here for you.” 

I swallowed. “I… okay.”

Then I turned to the huge ornate white door that opened by itself to let me inside.

There I found two huge angel warriors in full armor and a beautiful winged woman gesturing for me to follow her. She led me through a light, nearly empty corridor to a smaller pair of wooden doors. She opened them to let me enter. I hesitantly entered and the door closed behind me.

There I stood in front of a simple long table with twelve tall, exceptionally beautiful Archangels, each of them unique Still, I had the impression that these individuals formed an enormously strong singular entity.

Of course, I saw their different manifestations , but what caught me off guard was the fact I could perceive them all so clearly. Their smells and aromas were much stronger than the ones of other individuals I had encountered. 

I already memorized Uriel’s scent. To me he was the purity of flames and heat, fire, and blaze. But to be truthful, he smelled deliciously like cinnamon. I hid a smile.

I interrupted my train of thought when Michael stood. “Please, Zye, come closer and meet the ‘Council of Twelve.’ From your left: Uriel, Myself, Anghariel, Zachariel, Centriel, Deonur, Raphael, Gabriel, Benadrel, Santanael, Tsechirel, and Simael.” He threw me a sharp look. “You seem to be totally in shock, Zye. Are you all right?”

I almost collapsed; my mouth was as dry as an Arabian desert. I had to swallow before finally I was able to reply. “Forgive me, Mylords. I just discovered that I apparently can catch your natural fragrance in a very strong and unique way. It hit me when I entered the hall.”

Gabriel rose, eyeing me curiously. “Wow, really? You’re not kidding?” 

I only shook my head. 

“Does that mean, even if you can’t see us, you’re still able to tell we’re here?” “Not only that,” I explained. “Each one of you smells unique.”

Gabriel seemed enthusiastic about this information. “You could tell us apart without even seeing us?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“No ‘Sir’ here, Zye,” he replied with the wink of an eye. “I’m Gabriel.” He turned to the others who had similar expressions on their faces. “Oh, please, can we take the time?”

Michael laughed. “We’re not in a hurry.” He scanned me quickly. “Are you up for a test?” 

I swallowed dryly. “Yes.” 

Uriel stood. “Fine with me, friends. But seriously: she looks like she’s going to pass out any minute. Would you mind being nice enough to offer her some water and let her relax for a couple of minutes?”

He walked around the table and handed me a glass of water. His hand was placed caringly onto my shoulder. 

Just when I took a sip, Anghariel drawled, “Sheesh, Uriel. You sound as worried as Grandma Walton.”

I spit my mouthful of water across the floor, laughing. This unexpected little mishap made the Archangels stare at me in wonder before they smiled as well. I apologized, but it took a couple minutes until we all calmed down. By that time, I was visibly relaxed and Michael called his friends to order.

“What do you need for us to do, Zye?” he asked politely. 

I smiled. “Not too much. I need to separate each one of you. I would say, at about the distance from here to the furthest corner over there. Then your natural perfumes won’t get mixed altogether.”

“Who do you want to start with? Uriel?” Michael asked curiously. 

Anghariel chuckled. “I don’t think so, brother. I’ll bet my socks she knows his stench quite well by now.” 

I blushed, Uriel grinned and eleven Archangels apparently had tons of fun. I bowed my head politely to Anghariel. “Would you mind if I start with you?” 

He laughed. “Nope. It would be my pleasure.” 

About the Book

Zepheira is the best Demon Tracker working for the Good side. With her unusual looks, her phenomenal sense of smell, and her bravery, she quickly draws ‘The Big 7’s attention to her talent. They hire her to find one of them. Leaving her familiar surroundings and regular work environment unsettles Zepheira at first. But the challenge to prove herself and to increase the reputation of her infallibility tempts her.

She is convinced she will be a great asset to ‘The Big 7’. Little does she know she will be a much greater asset in Heaven’s fight against Evil. Zepheira suddenly becomes more than a hired tracker. She finds herself an important pawn in the game of love, heat, and fire. Will her courage and sacrifice be sufficient to dance with the flames? 

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A.J. Alexander

A. J. Alexander is a talented classical musician who has won several music contests in her youth. She is an accomplished skier and loves to swim, amongst other sports.

She works for a global corporation as a part of the management team and travels a lot, as well nationally as also internationally.

A.J. Alexander lives in Southern California with her three beautiful active and demanding cats. In her rare free time, she loves to meet friends or go for long nature walks.

A. J. Alexander learned reading and writing at the age of four and realized quite early in her education that she loves painting pictures with words. During her school time, she won poetry as well as short story contests. Later on, she participated in writing and poetry workshops to learn the craft. During her time at university, her education as a writer turned toward creative as well as journalistic writing. A. J. published several poems and short stories under a pen name. Currently, she is working on ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, her first book in the series, ‘Soul Taker’ was published December 15, 2018, the second book, ‘Sundance’ is on the market since August 2019 and the third book in the series will be published in spring 2020. Writing fantasy books has always been her dream, and she looks forward to sharing her work with her audience. A. J. will post links to her writing work on this site. The need to write a novel had been nesting in her head for quite some time.

To fulfill her dream of seeing many amazing places in the world, Aurora Jean started traveling in her early twenties and spent some time in Europe where she visited Paris, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, London, Berne, Berlin, Athens, and Santorini. Also, she took an extended break a few years later and drove across the U.S. from Chicago to Santa Monica and across the South to Florida.

A.J. Alexander descends from an internationally extended, politically and entrepreneurially active family and was privileged to enjoy an excellent international education. In her spare time she volunteers for charity events, fights for animal rights and when needed serves as an interpreter to help great causes.

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