Progress Report: Book finished now what…

I’ve been slacking on my blog again. But I have been slaving away trying to get things done for my Tales of Ferrês release that happened this last Tuesday. Hard to believe after a year and a half I finally finished that short story series. Took longer than I wanted but life just gets in your way when you least expect it. Now I’m closing the book on this chapter in my life and moving onto the next big thing. My next short story series.

Yeah I plan to write another short story series, actually I have three more series planned. The next one up is my Tales of Tarza series. I am journeying to Tarza inside my world of Tarzinëa. I will have different heroes in each story and yes they will be stand alone stories once again. I think that is for the best then readers are able to read in any order without confusion. I’m super excited about this next series. I actually already started writing the stories. I plan on doing only eight this time around, which is actually nine once you add in the bundle book’s bonus story. I hope to keep bringing the fantasy, family values, and journeys that keep you all interested.

Along with doing this series I plan to continue my journey with Gargoyle Sighted. So far I am up to 15k and still going strong. Each month I’ll release a chapter and do my best to stay on schedule. This last month I missed a deadline but decided to showcase a sneak peek from Tales of Ferrês never seen before. Thought it would be a good break since I have a chapter that is going to be super long.

I have another project in the works but I won’t start that until next year. As time approaches I will bring it up more here on my blog. Right now I am focusing on pushing out the Tales of Tarza stories and working on Gargoyle Sighted. What kind of projects are you all working on or what books are you reading? Would love to hear from you :).

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: Book finished now what…

  1. Hi!

    I’m so happy for you.
    I like all the books you published so far.
    I can’t wait to see what happens in the Tales of Tarza series.
    To answer your question, I’m writing poetry, short stories or fan fiction whenever the muse whispers in my ear and I think that today or tomorrow I’ll finish reading the book you sent me last week Tales of Ferres series Legendary Tales Book 1. I’ll send you the review next week.
    Congratulations on what you achieved so far and lots of luck with your future projects!

    All the best,

    P. S. Your Blog Tour is amazing, so as the interviews.

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