Book Review: Dead Wolf

This series is turning out far from expected. So, far several of the books turned out to be trips down memory lane. These trips unfold a story that helps create the bigger picture. Each book shows how delicate Tim O’Rourke has woven each thread and needs to be shared in a timely manner.

The Review

Murphy and Potter have come to save Kiera only to find that she saved herself. Now faced with the reality of his failed attempts Potter faces her wrath. Not only that Murphy now has to fuss up to his passed. Kiera now knows the truth about herself and her past. Now she has to face Murphy as he relives his mistakes by telling her and Potter everything.

This book turned out to be similar in style to book five. But, instead of Seth reliving his past now it is Murphy’s turn. Tim O’Rourke placed delicate threads and they are slowly unraveling before Kiera’s eyes. This book was interesting and kept my interest but fell short to the others. I found myself interested to an extent but wandered away to other adventures. Overall, the only reason I finished it was because I love Murphy as a character and I was eager to get to the next book in the series.

Ranking: 4 out of 5 stars!

The Book


Learning the painful secrets of her past, Kiera must understand why the truth had been kept from her. When confronting Murphy, Kiera soon discovers he has been keeping his own terrible secret.With Kiera’s and her friend’s past lives coming back to haunt them, Jack Seth tells her, she must discover the identity of the hooded photographer if she is to push her life back and save those she loves. But is the photographer linked to Murphy’s past? If so, can they be trusted to help Kiera like Jack says they can?

Dead Wolf is Book Six of The Kiera Hudson Series Two.

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About the Author

Tim O’Rourke is an obsessive writer, spending eight hours a day, five days a week hunched over his laptop, completely immersed in the worlds he has created in his own imagination.

In the real world, Tim lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, three sons and a cat.

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New Release: A Powerful Rivalry

Welcome to another Saturday. But today is not just any ordinary Saturday. Today is the Release Day for A Powerful Rivalry. I hope you pre-ordered your copy ahead to have it sent directly to your book library, but if you haven’t check out the details in this post. I got a special excerpt for you and some fun facts about myself. If that doesn’t get you wanting to read this awesome story I don’t know what will. Happy reading… :).

A Powerful Rivalry (Excerpt)

By: K.M. Jenkins

Serena jumped when a twig snapped to the left of her, and she turned to look for the source of the noise. Her eyes grew wide as a white stag with silver antlers stepped forth from the nearby trees. He stood a head taller, with bright blue eyes that looked deep into her soul. Serena took a deep breath, her heart racing as the stag came near. Intelligence shone back at her from behind his eyes. He is so magnificent.

“You aren’t bad yourself,” echoed a male voice inside her head.

Serena’s mouth dropped open in surprise. She knew the creatures within the forest were magical beasts. It was just hard to believe they were capable of human interaction, or in his case, mind speech. Her hand reached out to his snout and stroked his delicate flesh. He tipped his head forward. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid, just stunned. You are such a gorgeous creature.”

“Thank you. I’ll try not to let it go to my head.”

Serena giggled as her hand pressed firmly against his snout. His coat was silky to the touch and felt like butter as her fingers slipped up towards his mane. She walked alongside him, her hands trailing along his muscular neck and onto his shoulders. His back had an arch that would allow someone to ride him if the need arose. Her eyes went to his short tail which he flicked about. It had golden spots on it.

“You are so unique. I have never seen a creature like you before.”

“I highly doubt you would, miss. My kind only lives within the Forest of Ferrês. We don’t like the outside world.”

“That’s a shame. I know a wonderful place where they would love to have you among their kind.”

His head turned to get a better look at her. He blew hot air from his nostrils onto her face. She laughed as she straightened her hair.

“Where exactly would that be?”

“Elërya, the city of mages. There are dozens of magical creatures that reside within the mountain peaks and the forestland around that magical city. You would be a welcome guest among them.”

His eyes sparkled with interest.

“Perhaps one day. But till then, I’m content to stay here.”


The goddess Nütari rules alone over all the beasts in the Forest of Ferrês. She hoards the forest’s glory, keeping it only for herself and those few she trusts. But a young goddess, Serena, wants the freedom to walk through the forest and open its beauty to everyone. She is determined to change the Council of Gods’ laws.

Will she create a creature powerful enough to take the land by storm? Find out how this powerful rivalry between two goddesses began in the final installment in the Tales of Ferrês series.

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About K.M. Jenkins

JENKINS_AUTHORPIC_2018K.M. Jenkins is a published international bestselling author that writes epic battles, forbidden romance, and tales of fantasy and adventure. She has a big love for the fantasy genre and loves dragons above all creatures.When she is not writing, you will find her chasing her twin boys around the house. Between the three she has epic battles throughout the day and nothing ever gets boring.

5 Fun Facts:

  1. I am the proud mother of twin boys. They were born in June 2017, and are a big handful.
  2. Besides being a published author I also run my own cover design business, KJ Magical Designs.
  3. The first book I read with dragons was Elizabeth Kerner’s “Song in the Silence”. This book is what sparked my love for dragons.
  4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Mass Communications.
  5. I have lived in Sioux City, Iowa my entire life minus two years over in Lucas, Iowa. My dream place to live would be Tennessee or Utah.

Connect with Me:

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Progress Report: March 2020

Wow it has been awhile since I updated my blog. Let alone kept you guys and gals up to date on my writing. I plan to start doing bi-weekly reports again titled: Progress Reports. It has been so long I don’t even know what you have been updated on recently. So, I will just give you the latest.

This weekend I’m releasing the final installment in my Tales of Ferrês series, if you haven’t pre-order your copy yet you can HERE. It has been a long time coming. I swear I was starting to wonder if I would ever finish this series. But, it isn’t done yet. In May I will release the bundle book featuring all the stories along with a bonus story. The bundle book will have rewrites of several of the stories and I have it geared towards the YA audience. Once I release the bundle book then I will finally be done with this road and ready to start another path. I do have Tales of Ferrês bundle book up for pre-order, you can grab your copy HERE.BookBrushImage-2020-1-25-12-4933

Another fun update is my Gargoyle Sighted book. I’m releasing chapter 10 to my newsletter subscribers this month on the 27th. I have chapter 11 written already just waiting for Allison to edit it. I probably will work on the next two chapters throughout this month. I’ll keep you updated on that front. But if you want to read this book as I write it SIGN-UP HERE. You will also get a free short story.JENKINS_2019_VORTEX_NEWSLETTER

These two projects are the main ones I have been working on these last few weeks. I plan to start working on my next collection of short stories here soon. Along with working on my first novel series. I am in the plotting phase so I will keep you updated on this as well.

If things go as planned I should be giving you another fun update on March 26th. So expect to here about my writing and process by then. Until next time…

~K.M. Jenkins

Book Recommendations: Fantasy Adult Books

Welcome to my Book Recommendations post. If I am not doing a book review you will find that I like creating lists of books I loved reading. Check out the list below and perhaps you might find one that interests you. These books are geared towards Fantasy readers that are older than 18. But that doesn’t mean under 18 readers can’t read them.

My Favorites:


Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid

Journey to Aviad is a clean read that centers around the growth of two young girls. They are thrown into a world they aren’t entirely aware of and need to make a safe passage. I found Allison’s writing enjoyable and couldn’t put the book down. She writes more for an adult audience but this book is also good for a young adult reader. This book is also PermaFREE.


By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey

I fell in love with this book the moment I started it many years ago. I actually have re-read it several times and can’t get enough of it. I would say it is suitable for young adult readers but is geared more towards adults.

Shadow Stalker Part 1 Resized Small 72 DPI (1)

Shadow Stalker Part 1 by Renee Scattergood

Contains episodes 1-6 from the Shadow Stalker serial series. I rather enjoyed reading this short novellas and really got into it. I would suggest this book to anyone looking for a series to start. Plus this book is PermaFREE.


Vampire Shift by Tim O’Rourke

This book was actually the first book with vampires. I actually was surprised to find that the vampires were mindless blood thursty creatures where the Vampyrus were powerful bat like creatures. It was a good experience and I couldn’t get enough. I actually devoured the series and the other four in the Kiera Hudson series. This book is good for young adult readers and adults. Big bonus it is FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


Eragon by Christopher Paolini

This has and still is a popular book. I avoided reading it for so long. Then when I was in the hospital my uncle bought it for me. I started it and couldn’t put it down. I have re-read it several times since then, and it is by far one of my most favorite dragon books. I believe this book is suitable for adults and young adults too. You just have to have a love for dragons.

What’s New Wednesday: Get a Free Copy of my Short Story Collection

Allison D. Reid

Progress Update
2019 had a promising start with the publication of Shards of Faith in early spring. But it ended up being a challenging year for me personally, which made it difficult to get substantial writing done on the next book. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t working, however. I used my creative dry spell as a time to get other things accomplished, like a much needed re-edit of Journey to Aviad, and my series timeline, which is now quite extensive and current to the chapter I’m writing now. Though it’s not something readers will ever see, it was important for me to make sure I hadn’t accidentally made any mistakes, and that I don’t make any going forward.

By the end of 2019 I was really starting to feel the pressure, and I managed to get my writing back on track. Now in 2020, I’m making up for lost…

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