Book Review: Dead Seth

We are now to the halfway point for this series. Book five is by far one of my favorites because you get to see inside the mind of Jack Seth. You get to see the boy before he became the killer they know him to be. What makes a killer? How does his child hood effect the way he ends up as an adult? You will find out the horrors of his past and how it connects to Kiera Hudson.

The Review

We left Kiera Hudson as a captive of Jack Seth. Now facing death at his hand she believes Potter has betrayed her. Her friends aren’t coming and she is on her own. She is turning to dust by the minute. The worst fate is sitting across for a killer as he tells her the story of his life while her father bleeds on the floor.

Emotions are high in this book and leave you craving more. I found this book refreshing because Tim O’Rourke lets you see inside the eyes of Jack Seth. You get to see the story of his life unfold and how it has affected him. He even lets his guard down and shows Kiera a side to him she never knew existed. Kiera will face yet another choice forced on by Jack himself. Will she become a statue, let her father die, or save Jack? The twists and turns left me reeling with excitement. This by far is one of my top favorites. Highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to get into the mind and past of a killer.

Ranking: 5 out of 5 stars!

The Book


Held hostage by Jack Seth, Kiera Hudson must not only find a way to escape, but save Potter and her father before she turns to stone. With Jack becoming evermore unstable and dangerous, Kiera soon realises the choice he is forcing her to make has far more terrifying consequences than she first believed.As Jack’s past begins to unravel, Kiera finally understands what turned him into a serial killer, and how his disturbing past affects her future…

Dead Seth is Book Five of The Kiera Hudson Series Two.

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About the Author

Tim O’Rourke is an obsessive writer, spending eight hours a day, five days a week hunched over his laptop, completely immersed in the worlds he has created in his own imagination.

In the real world, Tim lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, three sons and a cat.

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