Book Review: Dead Statues

We are now on to the fourth book in the Kiera Hudson Series Two collection. In the last book we left our heroes fleeing for their lives. One of the group gets killed off and they are now in mourning for this person. I won’t name names because that would ruin it for you as the reader. This next book is twisted to the core as a new enemy appears that they haven’t figured out yet if they are friend or foe.

The Review

Our heroes are now fleeing for their lives. Kiera finds out Potter is keeping secrets from her and she has to make a decision. This decision to find her father will jeopardize their mission and possibly be her end. Now they know the pictures they have been finding with the word ‘Push’ on them are from events not happened yet. They only problem is if the photographer witnessed at the scene is a friend or foe.

In this adventure things get heated between Kiera and Potter leaving their relationship on the brink of destruction. The emotions are high and Tim O’Rourke leaves you turning the page with hunger to find the ending. I couldn’t put this book down with so many dangers on all sides the excitement never ends. The ending leaves you in fear for Kiera Hudson’s life, but does she make it out of this one alive? Find out by reading this awesome new installment in the series number two.

Ranking: 5 out of 5 stars!

The Book


With the Skin-walkers closing in, Kiera and her friends flee across the English countryside. Learning Potter has been keeping secrets from her, Kiera makes the painful decision to split from the group and leave her friends behind to go in search of her father. Can Kiera reach him before she turns into a statue, like the ones that appear to be following her? Desperate to win back Kiera’s trust, and fearing she is walking straight into a trap, Potter goes after her. But with a more desperate and cunning enemy anticipating Kiera’s and Potter’s every move, will Potter’s past secrets ultimately lead to the death of Kiera Hudson?

Dead Statues is Book Four of The Kiera Hudson Series Two.

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About the Author

Tim O’Rourke is an obsessive writer, spending eight hours a day, five days a week hunched over his laptop, completely immersed in the worlds he has created in his own imagination.

In the real world, Tim lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, three sons and a cat.

Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Amazon | BookBub

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