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51puemCDRVLPre-Order Book Two in the Series between 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM EST on 31st December 2019, send proof of purchase to, and Get Book One Free on Release Day
(3 March 2020).

**Best friends, a decade of hidden desires, an irresistible attraction, an explosive outcome** Trista is a vibrant young woman who seems carefree and fearless, a mask she’s honed down to perfection. Brian, her best friend’s older brother, is no stranger to tragedy and quickly becomes one of her closest friends when she finds herself in need of someone to lean on. They spend years hiding their true feelings, but circumstances eventually force buried desires to the surface, revealing Brian as a lust-driven man with irresistible dominance, and Trista soon learns she craves the pleasures of submission as they discover a new heat-filled connection. A melt your screen friends-to-lovers romance novel, Dare to Look is the story of a boy and a girl, the harsh life realities they had to learn at too young an age, and how their friendship means so much, they’re afraid to let their love shine lest it ruins the one that saved them at their darkest hour.

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Kyra Fox

nogahazan 2Kyra Fox is the pen name of a self-published writer of Contemporary Erotic Romance (not necessarily in that order), reader of books, painter of whiskey, lover of food and general wanderlust.
I write women the way I would have liked to read myself if I were a character in a book, and men the way I want them to treat me in real life.

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