Book Review: Dead Night

The series is just getting interesting with book one being awesome as always. Now we move onto book two in the Kiera Hudson Series Two. This is an interesting twist to the story line for Potter has to face his first love, Sophie. Except this time he is facing her in a pushed world where she doesn’t know who he is.

The Review

Overall, this was an interesting book that took you down a path not expected. Having Potter face his first love once again but in a pushed world leaves him facing obstacles and secrets. Now being with Kiera he finds himself torn when Sophie shows interest in him and he has to make a choice. Not only that with skin-walkers hunting Sophie they both find themselves in a fight for their lives.

This was an interesting read. However, I see this book more as a way for the author to explain the way the world is than anything. Overall, that is the only reason I think it fits into the series itself. Potter always has a way of getting himself into trouble and find himself in situations that end up making him keep secrets from the one he loves, Kiera. This book is well written and enjoyable to read. Highly recommend it to those interested in this series or wanting to get to know Potter more in depth.

Ranking: 4 out of 5 stars!

The Book


When Potter disappears from Hallowed Manor for twenty-four hours, he goes in search of the only person he thinks will be able to give him answers as to why the world has been pushed. That person is his first love, Sophie. But Sophie has been pushed, too, and is running for her life. In a world where wolves live amongst humans, Potter must save Sophie while trying to search for answers. During his search, he discovers that some things are best left secret.

Dead Night is Book Two of The Kiera Hudson Series Two.

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About the Author

Tim O’Rourke is an obsessive writer, spending eight hours a day, five days a week hunched over his laptop, completely immersed in the worlds he has created in his own imagination.

In the real world, Tim lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, three sons and a cat.

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