Book Review: Love for You Alone


Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday, I sure am. The nice thing about this Tuesday we are bringing the Rizer Wolf Pack review series to a close. Yes today we are reviewing the final book in the series, Love for You Alone. I thought this book ended the series well and brings great hope to the world within its pages. Check out the review below.

The Review

Victor has to face his passed. A love left lost with betrayal believed to be mixed into it has turned the woman of his dreams against him. But, in order to protect his new pack he does the unthinkable, he kidnaps her. Now facing an angry tigress he is in for the fight of his life.

Nicole Lehenengoa is a descendent from the first shifters. Her blood is special and both humans and shifters want to get their hands on her. She doesn’t trust easily and only is looking for one thing—continue her bloodline. Will she put trust in an old love that betrayed her or in a man she shouldn’t trust.

Amelia Wilson strings together a powerful love story that has you rooting for Victor. The only thing is the way he goes about getting his woman is questionable at times. But, what do you expect from a man that is clueless when it comes to the woman he loves. I found this book to be a great ending to the series and wish it continued. Highly recommend this book and all the ones before it to those searching for a shifter series that gives you all kinds of twists and turns.

Stars: 5 out of 5 stars

The Book

T51j6NdjE9OLhe man versus shifter war may have come to an end, but the shifter on shifter fight is just beginning.

Nicole doesn’t know how it happened. She can’t explain how she fell for Victor when they were still so young, and when everyone insisted it would burn out.

Victor is in the past, or at least that’s where he was supposed to be until he kidnapped her from her pack. Nicole is a furious shifter ready to draw blood, even if it does belong to the shifter she once loved and trusted.

Nicole’s temper has not weakened over time but Victor won’t give up on what they once had together. He will walk through fire to be with Nicole and claim her as he should have so long ago.

But what chance does a werewolf shifter have of charming a tigress?

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About the Author

Amelia Wilson is a renowned author for her Romance Books. Writing has always been very close to her heart. When she is writing a novel, she travels into that world and attaches her emotions to the story. She expresses herself better in written words than she could ever do verbally. She believes in love, and that love can conquer all, which is the reason why she is a writer of romance. She wants all the people, who have been hurt in love, not lose hope as fate changes and soon enough you all will find your one true love. Her books are a great way to satisfy your craving for paranormal romance with action, Love and suspense.

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