Character Interview w/ Chelsea Bishop

Happy Monday everyone! I have been struggling to keep up with my blog the last few weeks. Sorry if this inconvenienced any of my followers let alone authors that signed up for features. Just been having a hard time with writers block and my work schedule. Without further a due I have below a fun character interview featuring Rena Marin’s character Chelsea Bishop. Hope you enjoy getting to know her. I know I sure did. Happy reading everyone. 🙂

Character Interview

Chelsea Bishop
From the Dead Oaks Terrors Series

Who are you and what makes you great?
My name is Chelsea Bishop. I grew up in this crazy town called Dead Oaks. Last Halloween I came home from college to see some friends who moved away. It turned into a gruesome night where only a few of us survived. I suppose that’s what makes me great, I’m a survivor.

What is your soul purpose in life?
I want to uncover the dark truths about our hometown. Something isn’t right here. Whatever is taking place in Dead Oaks seems to focus its attention on the children most of all. I want to stop it and keep our town safe!

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you till this day?
The events that took place on that Halloween still haunt me. Since then, I witnessed the terror brought forth by a Ouija board, a poor snake the evil in our town twisted, and recently faced Scary Joe, a scarecrow possessed by the spirit of a local murderer. I think of the losses the town has suffered everyday. It also makes me fight harder to uncover the truth and put an end to the terror.

60349706_2020506294725810_5572741318058180608_nDo you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.
I don’t know if you’d call him a love interest, but there is Caleb Rollins. He’s a deputy and long time friend. We were both involved in the massacre on Halloween and have since become close while we fight against the evil in Dead Oaks. I can’t deny that he’s a cutie and fun to be around. Just don’t tell him that. He gets a big head about things like that. He doesn’t need anything else to make him full of himself.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.
In the beginning, when I came home, my plan was to visit and leave. That all changed when I realized so many were in danger. I’m not a superhero or anything, but I am smart. I’m good at figuring things out. Helping those in Dead Oaks who needs me fills me with a sense of purpose. I stay close to them and want to see the best for them. I guess that’s how I’ve grown. Instead of cutting ties and running away to safety, I’m becoming one of the protectors.

What kind of creatures do you see on a daily basis?
Ghosts. This town is full of them. I even think my shop, Wicked Treasures is haunted. The freakiest thing though had to be the scarecrow, Scary Joe, the Night Stalker. Seeing that monstrosity walking around was freakier than I ever imagined!

Who do you look up too? Why?
Again, don’t tell him, but Caleb. He’s fearless, even when he’s scared to death. If someone is in danger, he throws caution to the wind and only wants to save them. I guess in a way you could say he’s our hero.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?
I suppose it would be my need to know everything. According to Caleb, I’m just nosy as hell. I call it eager to learn.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?
A person? I don’t have one. The only true enemy I have is the evil gripping this town.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?
Night Stalker, which just released tells the story of Scary Joe, the Night Stalker of Dead Oaks. My part in the story? I’m right in the thick of things helping Caleb try to stop the monster loose in our town and save the teenagers he has his sights set on.

The Book

60125541_2020506101392496_5972984617383231488_nNight Stalker: A Dead Oaks Terrors Series Novella

Tiffany Reynolds has heard enough about the creepy scarecrow her brother and his friends made to enter in the local craft fair. The more she sees it, the stranger it seems. Sometimes it’s in different places, like it moves on its own. Its eyes seem to follow her around the room. Its face is becoming more terrifying. Something isn’t right with her brother’s new obsession but with her friends being stalked by something sinister lurking in the shadows, Tiffany has other things to worry about. Who is the night stalker of Dead Oaks and who will be the next to meet their end?

Purchase Today for $1.99!

About the Author

71rcx-zJfbL._US230_Wicked Words with a Southern Twist
Rena Marin was born in a small town in East Tennessee where she, her husband Daniel, and two children–Cody and Amber–still reside today.
Growing up, reading and writing her own stories was Rena’s favorite pastime. Her once-unreachable dream of becoming a published writer came true when she was in high school and found herself with many writing awards and accolades, including a short story in Reader’s Digest.
After starting her own business, Rena continued writing shorts online before moving on to freelance work. Taking a chance, she and a friend submitted a novel to their first publishing company and were delighted to be accepted.
As a member of Crazy Ink Publishing, Rena now has several co-written series underway, including the Best Selling Dead Oak Terrors Series. Halloween Nightmare, the first book in that series, recently won the Reality Bites Best Horror Book of 2018. The Dead Oaks series also includes Book Two, Ouija and the newly released Night Stalker, Book Three in the series. The spin-off novella, Slither, A Dead Oaks Twisted Tail is also available. Other co-written series featuring Erin Lee, include Petunia, The Dollhouse Series, and Coming Out Monster. Rena also has her own solo series called The Dark Hollow Ridge Sage which features The Witches of Dark Hollow Ridge and The Hunter’s Guild of Dark Hollow Ridge with the final book in the series, The Midnight Sisters of Dark Hollow Ridge to release in October of 2020. Piano Man, Devoured, an Escape from Reality Novella, and the soon to be released Backroad are all solo projects of Rena’s currently available to purchase or pre-order. She looks forward to bringing readers with her into a world of magic and adventure.
Keeping close to her short story roots, Rena is part of several anthologies with many more in the works.
A lover of all forms of entertainment, Rena enjoys horror and fantasy movies new and old. When she isn’t writing or working, she often finds herself cuddled on the couch with her family–including their five fur babies–and lost in a fantasy world or hoping to be scared.

Connect with the Author

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