The Courage to Move On

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend so far. Today I am featuring Romance Author Mia Jones book ‘The Courage to Move On’. She was nice enough to share the first chapter of this romance book. Check it out below.


Lexi felt good, even kind of peaceful and rested. Rested, for the first time in a long time. Sleeping through the night, not waking with terror streaking through her veins and dark images burning her mind from nightmares.

She slowly stretched, squinting her eyes to avoid the morning light coming in through the window. She froze with her arms raised over her head, alarm coursing through her. Why was she still dressed in the clothes she’d worn the night before?

A frown puckered her brow. She rubbed her forehead with both hands trying to ward off the headache that started to pound in her temples. Why was there a void of time that she couldn’t remember of last night or how she’d gotten home? Her heart seized, then galloped out of control. Color leached from her face. Lexi sat up slowly and looked anxiously around her bedroom, her eyes slowly scanning. Nothing looked different or out of place, but something was off. A feeling or smell of another person having been here.

Her stomach tightened and she swallowed as waves of nausea rolled through her stomach. A shiver of pure terror, stark and vivid ran down her spine as sweat broke out on her forehead. She took a deep breath and tried to keep her fragile control, ‘don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out’ she said quietly.

Lexi thought about calling the police but what would she say? ‘I think someone might have been in my house.’ When asked why she thought this, ‘well I woke up with my clothes on that I’d worn the night before. Or, I think I smell something or someone.’ They’d think she was on drugs or just plain crazy.

She stood slowly, apprehensive, snatching the baseball bat, she kept by the bed. She caught herself with her hand on the mattress, preventing herself from tripped over the boots she’d worn the night before, sitting on the floor by the bed. She had always put her shoes away in the closet, needing order and control in her life any way she could get it.

Holding the bat up, both of her hands gripping it tightly, sweat rolling down her cheek, Lexi made her way to her bedroom door, opening it slowly, peering out. She couldn’t hear anything, everything seemed normal and untouched. She walked through the house, slowly, silently, making sure everything was as she’d left it, nothing out of place, and that it was still locked up, before moving slowly back to her bedroom.

She sat down on her bed, her legs shaking uncontrollable, exhausted from the fear that beat through her body. Trembling, she placed the bat next to her on the floor. Lexi’s shoulders were tightly hunched and her hands curled on her thighs. She struggled to remember the night before. She’d been hiding behind a stack of old dirty tires sitting next to a warehouse, a warehouse that she’d been watching for weeks. She felt she was getting closer to finding the man who had destroyed her world. So close to finally getting the answers she desperately needed to move on with her life.

The name Damon Beck was burnt into her mind forever. Lexi search for pictures of him in the paper, finding a few in the business section. It was a face she would ever forget. To get closure, she felt she needed to see him convicted, put behind bars for the rest of his life.

Lexi knew an investigator who’d helped her in the past with some of her cases. He knew a man who had eventually sold her the information. One of the many buildings and businesses Beck owned, this warehouse was rumored to be one he used often. The seller had cautioned her about Beck, imploring her to let the police take care of him. When he couldn’t change her mind, he told her to watch her back, Beck had no soul and absolutely no conscience. He then described a few things he knew the man had done, trying to scare her. Lexi had come close to turning away, sheer terror streaking through her, and letting Tommy, a friend in the DA’s office, find evidence on the man, like he’d promised.

But when she’d found out about Beck, something in her had come alive. Something burned through the mass of ice inside her, kept her going, made her want to live again. Was it vengeance that started the awakening? She didn’t know, and she didn’t care. Lexi did know that if she sat back and did nothing, she’d lose more of herself than she had already.

She thought back to the night before. Rubbing her pulsing temples, she tried to remember. It had been really dark, the kind you felt could smother you if not for the few glimpses of dull light shining out the warehouse windows. She’d stood bent at the waist, hearing voices in the building. But they were too far away for her to understand what they were saying. She was getting her courage up, deciding on the best route to take without making noise, ready to move a little closer to the doorway— and then nothing, Lexi tried to remember what happened next.

Lexi vaguely remembered, she stood when she had suddenly sensed someone behind her, her muscles tightening, ready to escape, then someone clasped her shoulder. She remembered the streak of fear that shot through her veins, thoughts of her death coursed through her mind and then nothing.

She rubbed her forehead, confused. The hand had been huge, covering her entire shoulder. From the size of the hand it had to have been a man. A very large man. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t hurt or dead? Everybody kept telling her what a monster Beck was. If he had been the one to catch her, she assumed she wouldn’t be here in her house and her body untouched. But how the hell did she get home? The fear ate at her. But the worst part for her, right now, she thought, was the fact that she couldn’t remember?

Lexi closed her eyes, the hand had tightened so quickly she didn’t have a chance to scream or fight before darkness had taken her. What the hell had he done to her?

Lexi looked at the clock, grimacing, if she didn’t hurry she’d be late for work, and work was the one thing she had in her life that was steady and secure, and kept her going day after day. She rushed to take her shower and dress. She grabbed her purse, briefcase, and a Pop Tart on her way out the door. She looked back one last time with her hand on the doorknob, no one was in the house now, she had checked. But why then, did it still feel like someone was still here, if not in person, then in essence? She shook her head, anxiety tightening her stomach when a wave of apprehension swept through her. Turning, she closed and locked the door.

The Book

41RXRCH4LcLLexi Danner’s life changed the night her husband, Mark, was murdered before her eyes. To keep from sinking into a deep abyss of depression after his death, Lexi vowed to find the person who murdered him, only to come face to face with more danger than she’d ever thought possible.

Jace has known her late husband since childhood, and he takes losing Mark hard, but not as hard as the thought of staying away from his friend’s widow. Now he has the chance to claim her as his own and keep her alive in the process.

Purchase Today for $2.99!

The Author

69268462_493997751146668_24248062503288832_nMia Jones was born and raised in Iowa and still resides there with her husband and children. She’s an author of contemporary romance novels and devotes hours to creating steamy novels with happy endings that she hopes entertain people, make them laugh and sometimes cry, but always ends the book feeling good.
Mia started writing when she was thirteen. She found writing was a way to comfort herself during her rough teenage years, and she never stopped. It was only when her mother and sister pushed her did she finally send in a novel, and to her surprise, people enjoyed it and asked for more.
You can usually find her at her home in the country surrounded by her family and many animals and the majority of the time in her quiet little office, conjuring up whole new interesting families and communities.
Some of Mia’s favorite things are spending time with her family, her dogs, riding horses, gardening, cooking, hiking and, of course, writing and reading romance novels.

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