Author Spotlight: J.L. Leslie

Today I am doing a special featured called an Author Spotlight. I am giving the author in this case, J.L. Leslie the chance to introduce themselves to you, the readers. Please give your undying attention to this wonderful author and check out her three books provided below.

eventpicWelcome J.L. Leslie…

Hi! I’m J.L. Leslie and I fell in love with reading and writing at a young age! I decided to take my chance on self-publishing in 2015 and released my debut novel, Demons From My Past. I write contemporary and MC romance in first person with dual POVs! I want my readers to feel as though they are in my book, living right there with my characters, and having the conservations with them!

I currently have 23 released works, which include a collection of anthology pieces and a co-written series! I am always working on something, so there is much more to come from me!

If you love romance with real life plots, unexpected twists, and characters you will fall in love with, my books are for you! You can find them all on Amazon and all of them are available on Amazon KU!

Connect with the Author

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The Books

Something Complicated Full Wrap

Something Honorable Full Wrap

The Sinner Within Full Wrap

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