Author Interview with Gracie Wilson

Welcome to another wonderful Sunday. What does your day look like right now? Right now in Sioux City, IA we have been fighting off the rain all week. It will be a happy day if the sun decides to come out to play for awhile. I believe we had only a few hours of sun all week. But, enough about bad weather lets get down to the fun stuff. Today I am sitting down with Gracie Wilson. She is an awesome author and I am featuring her in her very own interview. Read on to check this chick out.

Author Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Gracie Wilson. I come from a small town in Southern Ontario. Yes, that’s right. I’m Canadian. ❤️

What genre do you write in? Why?
I write across all genres. I started off in YA and now have dark books that can and have known to be banned from Amazon. Haha!

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?
I’d want to move to the middle of nowhere and have my own little animal sanctuary away from the crazies of the world.

Tell us about your latest release?
Breaking the Cages is a charity box set where all royalties go towards the animals at the Sarnia Humane Society.

What is your writing process like?
I’m what some call a binge writer. So I won’t write for months then finish two books in two weeks and repeat. I can’t write in silence either.

What is the weirdest thing you ever put into your books?
One of my MC bestfriends gets a crab in her eye! HA!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a writer?
The sky’s the limit!

What is the one thing you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for sticking by me and all the support. I’d not be where I am today had I not had the support of so many.

Are you Indie Published or Traditional? Why did you choose this route?
Hybrid. I started off with a publisher and then went Indie.

What should we expect from you in the coming months?
DARK things are coming.

About the Author

61WYEzBr7dL._US230_Look for her in the trees enjoying nature’s wonders, traveling to see the latest animal conservations, or at aquariums all around the world. This girl loves nature and all animals. She has many pets and is always adding new additions. The more the merrier in her mind. Sitting under the shade reading a book, letting the world around her pass by, while she is safe in her bubble of imagination. Well, that is where she’d love to stay. She is a softball player, can be talked into the occasional Karaoke and loves going out to dance. She is a first generation Canadian living in Ontario. Her family is from Scotland, so finding her in the hot sun for very long is unlikely, but give her rain and thunderstorms and she’s golden.

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