Stress and Writing

Wow it is hard to believe it’s another month already. Let alone the fact that it is my birthday month. Yeah this girl is an October baby. My birthday actually falls on Oct. 20th, just a 11 miss of Halloween. Did I mention that Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time.

You will have to forgive me on my typos and grammar issues this time around. I am at my job writing this post without the aide of my trust prowritersaide software. This last month has had a long of changes for this girl. If you haven’t figure it out then let me spell it out. Yeah, this stay-at-home mom got a job. It is just part-time for now, not sure when I will get up the nerve to go full time. If things work out though I am hoping to work a day job part-time and make the rest of my money I need from writing itself.

You’re probably tired of me drowning on about everyday stuff. So, lets get down to my writing. It has been dwindling down to nothing lately. I accomplished getting “A Forbidden Friendship” out this last month and got 1k written in the next story. But with everything going on I haven’t found time to write as much as I would like too. I’m hoping to get the final story of my Tales of Ferres series down before the end of the month. It is just up in the air for now with my schedule and the kids being ornerier than hell.

Just recently I signed up for an anthology for Historical Fantasy. I was thinking of doing a story around Pearl Harbor and Supernatural beings. I don’t know what the story is going to be about yet but I have till February to get it written. It isn’t that back since it is only suppose to be a 10k story. So, wish me luck.

Do you like my ramblings when I do my monthly update or are there specific things you would like me to address? Let me know in the comments below.

1 thought on “Stress and Writing

  1. You know, I have been going through that too. A full-time job – and still blogging, reviewing, tasks for my duty as a membership chair, writing, publishing, chatting and working on new projects – and all to the same time. Currently, I’m concentrating on the last few things – but I fear for the time when I go back working full time. *sigh*


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