Author Interview with Fantasy Author Richard H. Stephens

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great day to start off your weekend. Today I am sitting down with Fantasy author Richard H. Stephens. We are going to get to know him and his books. So hang for the ride and lets get things going…

The Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started writing when I was 9. I began writing Soul Forge, my first epic fantasy story when I was 17, but never published it until I was 53.

What genre do you write in? Why?

I write epic fantasy because that is the genre I enjoy reading most. I love the freedom it gives you and the scope of imagination you can use to create eclectic characters, fantastical creatures and wondrous landscapes.

What does your daily life look like? What do you wish it was like?

I get up around 6am and check in on social media while I have a coffee and breakfast. Afterward, I will then fill out any outstanding interviews such as this one and follow that by editing the words I wrote yesterday. When the edits are done, I will go for a walk before settling into the day’s writing. I’m not a fast writer, so I generally strive for 2,000 words a day average. Some days I get over 3,000 while others I manage only 500 or so.

Tell us about your latest release?

Reecah’s Gift, is the second book in my epic fantasy dragon series, Legends of the Lurker. In book 2, we see the main character, Reecah, come into her own, acknowledging her heritage and striving to improve herself so that she may take on the high king in a desperate attempt to save dragonkind from extinction.

What is your writing process like?

Plot? What’s a plot? I’m what some call a pantser. I have the main character put one foot in front of the other and we discover their world and their story together. I must say, I am just as surprised as my characters when something untoward happens.

Do you have any strange quarks you do while you write a book?

Not really. I am a pretty simple person. I enjoy eating PEZ candy while writing, if that counts.

What authors inspired you to write your own book?

Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson. Their worlds and characters are absolutely amazing.

Who is your biggest support system in your life?

My wife, Caroline. She doesn’t even like fantasy and yet she is the first one to read the first draft, helping me improve it and she is the last one to read the final draft, weeding out those relentless, soul sucking typos that always find a way through to the finished product.

What are you reading right now?

Archmage by R.A. Salvatore, and Transformation Protocol by Canadian science fiction author, David M. Kelly,

What should we expect from you in the coming months?
Reecah’s Legacy, book 3 in the trilogy is already several chapters in and is scheduled for release mid-December. After that, I already have 5 more books on tap that I hope to complete by the end of 2020.

The Author

AUTHORPICRichard began writing circa 1974, a bored child looking for something to do. ​As his reading horizons broadened, so did his writing.
A trip to a local bookstore saw the proprietor introduce him to Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson. His writing life was forever changed.
He worked in a warehouse for 22 years, supporting his family, before re-attending school to complete his education. Graduating with honours, he joined the local Police Service.
In 2017, he resigned from the Police Service to pursue writing full-time. With the support of his family, he has finally realized his boyhood dream.

Connect with the Author

Website | FB | Twitter | YouTube | Bookbub | Goodreads | Amazon

The Book

STEPHENS_2018_REECAHSFLIGHT_EBOOKAn epic fantasy, dragon series.

A young girl dreams of flying. Encouraged by her grandfather to follow her heart, Reecah grows up to form a forbidden relationship with a baby dragon.

Secretly opposing the mandate of her people, Reecah tests the boundaries of unconditional love as she and her enchanting accomplice battle the discriminating laws governing the land.

Together they confront the king’s men in a desperate attempt to save the dragons from extinction.

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1 thought on “Author Interview with Fantasy Author Richard H. Stephens

  1. I read many of Mr. Stephens’ books and they’re amazing. I feel like I’m traveling with the main characters and learn important lessons. Adventure, excitement, suspense, comedy and mythical creatures awaits the readers.
    As for the author as a human being, Mr. Stephens is king man who will always encourage others to follow their dreams no matter what others say.
    What more can I say? He’s an inspiration to us all.
    Congratulations on your achievements and lots of luck in the future! We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you!


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