Flipped, Flopped, and a New Path

Okay this year needs to slow down. It seems like every time I turn around it’s a new month. How am I supposed to get anything done with time going by so fast? Let alone finish my goals for each month. But, anyway enough whining around your probably wondering what I have been up too?

This last month I decided once again to change my writing schedule and release dates around. Next year I won’t have as many book series starting up like I originally planned. I decided to focus on the main ones and get those out along with a few minor projects in the mix.

What series will I be working on?

The main series I will start publishing in the new year will be my Demonic Embrace series. I still plan to release the prequel book, Path to Redemption sometime this late winter. Then I plan to work on this series for the next year and a half. Along with this project I will work on my Vortex Series. This series won’t get released till after I release the final chapter to my Dragon Ryder VIP Readers members. They get a new chapter each month so book 1 will come out after I release the last chapter to them. I am thinking book 1 should be out in 2021 by the latest. If it takes too long, I will release over one chapter at a time to my members.

Along with these projects I still plan to do my horror story collection and might throw in another short story collection from the world of Tarzinëa. This will depend a lot on my time management skills. I do know one thing I will release the stories together in book format next time around. Tales of Ferrês is taking far too long to get out, and it is pricey doing a cover for each individual story.

Last month I don’t remember if I told you I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal was supposed to be 20k, I ended up only around 5k. I really did a bad job this last month hitting my goals. The boys and their 2-year-old mood swings were a major obstacle. I had to figure out ways to write, and it wasn’t working all too well. I’m hoping to get back on track this next month. I have several projects I need to get done before the end of August and I hope I can get them done.

What are your goals for August? What kind of obstacles do you think you’ll face in getting them done? I know I have plenty that come to my mind just thinking about it. I hope everyone has a wonderful August. I’ll let you know what is new or accomplished next month.

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