Character Interview: Alabama Rain

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am featuring Alabama Rain from her book Alabama Rain. Lol, sounds like she is awesome if she gets her name on the cover. Well anyway today I am featuring her in a character interview. Who is the lucky author that wrote this awesome vampire book? That would be PNR author Lana Campbell. Stop by and check out this spectacular interview to see inside her main character.

The Interview

Who are you and what makes you great?

I’m Alabama Rain Holden and I’m an ex-drug dealer. Until a short while ago nothing made me great. I was forced by my feral vampire father to do despicable things and I hated myself and my life. Then I met a special person who showed me how to rise above my lot in life. He showed me unconditional love and taught me that God loves me unconditionally. Now what makes me great is the ability to forgive those who have hurt me and love them unconditionally through the power of God’s grace and love for me.

What kind of adventures have you had that stay with you till this day?

When I was a kid before my father lost his sanity and soul and my mother died, I had an amazing family. We traveled in an RV all over the country for my parents’ work. My father played in a band and got gigs in bars, casinos and farmers markets. My mother sold crystal jewelry at farmers markets and flea markets. My parents always managed to take time for me and my brother Gan. They homeschooled us and took us to hundreds of historical sites across the country. We learned history by viewing where it had happened, from battlefields to southern plantations, historical figures homes–you name it.

Do you have a love interest? If you do please tell us about him/her or why you don’t.

I do. His name is Nate Davenport. Like me, he’s a born vampire. His childhood was one of wealth and privilege filled with love too. He’s a Christian. A real one that lives the life and is loving and kind. There isn’t a judgmental bone in his body. He was able to see past the sick and twisted criminal life I led to the agony I felt for having to do it. He saw the true me and at the time, the wounded me. Instead of being disgusted by what I did to survive, he gave me help and hope for a future. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me and did I mention he’s gorgeous? I love him and I’m so happy he’s my life mate.

Tell us about your journey you are on and how it has helped you grow as a person.

I’m on a journey of self discovery. I lost twelve years of my youth living in darkness and fear because I was a drug dealer for my father. I missed out on college, dating, proms and all the things high school and college kids get to do. Now that I’m free and living a respectable life, I’m trying to see who I am as a person. I recently published my first novel, a parody of my life. It’s about a drug dealer and her brother, who also deals drugs, trying to get out of that life and find their happily ever after. The book is a best seller and I couldn’t be happier. My goal is to continue writing, while finding other talents to cultivate and nurture.

If you had one thing about yourself that you would want to change what would it be?

My past. I wish I could have been a normal girl that hadn’t had to fight to survive. I wish I could have taken ballet classes instead of martial arts that were necessary for me to learn to fend off thugs, drug dealers and scumbags. I wish I could have had a best friend growing up, but there was no room in my life for friends. I have one now though and that’s my life mate Nate. With his help I’m gaining back all the things I lost and I’m starting to put my past behind me.

Who is your ultimate enemy? Why?

I don’t have any enemies anymore. Once my ultimate enemy was my father. He had a mental disease called feralism, something vampires who lose their life mates are prone to suffering. He made my life a living hell during the dark years of his sickness. I hated him, yet I loved him and wanted him to love me back. He couldn’t because he existed in a place of darkness so smothering it destroyed his ability to tell right from wrong. His crimes and sins finally caught up with him, though. He was arrested by a vampire tribunal and was facing a death sentence which caused him to have a revelation about the man he’d become. It was God who propagated that revelation for my father and he repented of his horrible crimes and all the vicious, insufferable things he did to me. He begged me to forgive him and I did. Today I have a wonderful, loving father who is no longer my enemy, but a man I can love and respect because he now walks with God.

What should we expect from you in your coming book?

Alabama Rain is an emotional roller coaster ride and I cried writing it more than any book I’ve ever written. Alabama’s father, Ken Holden was absolutely the most sick and twisted villain I’ve ever created. He murdered people, raped young girls, peddled copious amounts of drugs, did them himself and turned teen humans and vampires into drug dealers and addicts. An awful person he was until God opened his eyes to the vile, disgusting creature he’d been. In Alabama Rain, Ken gets saved and does everything in his power to make up for his evil. I felt Ken needed his own story that occurs after being imprisoned by a vampire tribunal for all his heinous crimes. My next book is Ken’s journey to forgive himself, which doesn’t come easy. He has some help, though. Lovely Eden McCallister, a vampire psychologist who deals with feral vampires, helps him see there can be life after being a feral vampire and forgiving oneself doesn’t mean discounting or forgetting the terrible things Ken did to other people.

The Book

Lana Campbell Alabama Rain for printAlabama Rain Holden’s life is a dreadful and dangerous one as a thief of drugs for her father, drug lord Ken Holden. Rain hates her life, but she’s damned good at what she does. As a vampire with an acute sense of smell, she can sniff out any drug as well as a blood hound, enchant the human mule with the goods to be sold and relieve him or her of the product without the person never remembering the encounter.

One night her drug thievery takes her to Davenport Tower, an opulent forty eight stories of luxury condos owned by the handsome, vampire billionaire, Nate Davenport. Rain’s job that evening is to locate the sellers carrying seventy-five pounds of Columbian weed, steal it and return the goods to her father. Unfortunately, the heist going down in Davenport Tower’s parking garage is interrupted by none other than Nate Davenport himself.

Nate is incensed when he discovers Rain is a drug dealer operating on his turf. He embarks on a mission to catch her committing a crime so he can bring her before a vampire tribunal where she will pay for her crimes with her life. In his efforts to get the evidence Nate needs against Rain, he instead gets information he never bargained for. Once he learns her dark secret, that she’s been brutally forced into this life of crime by her maniacal father, Nate will stop at nothing to liberate her from her feral vampire father.

To survive in a world she hates, Rain adopts a bad ass persona. It doesn’t take Nate long to see the real Alabama Rain’s heart. She’s brave and fearless, kind and compassionate. She even puts her life on the line to save twelve young girls her father has turned into vampire drug dealers. Nate falls for her and hard. But Rain’s seedy, violent world may just cost him his life when Rain’s father discovers Rain and Nate have fallen in love.

Purchase today for $4.99

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The Author

Lana Campbell LowResLana Campbell is the author of the Forever and a Night vampire romance series. All of her books are psychological thrillers. They each have a Christian element, a feel good message and a romance so sweet and hot they’ll leave you breathless. She loves writing paranormal romance and is an avid reader of it too. From the time she was fourteen Lana always had a romance novel in her backpack and was reading it after school, at school, wherever she could find a few minutes to read. Reading enticed her to write. She wrote her first book in 1995, but never considered publishing anything until much later. She got serious about publishing in 2014 and book one, Forever and a Night came out in 2016. There are currently six more stand alone books in her series. Lana lives in Pea Ridge AR with her oldest daughter, Jessica and a cat named Jenna. If she’s not writing you can probably find her at the nearest lake.

So what do I write?

Christian paranormal romance psychological thrillers. Quite a combination, huh? Well, my vampires are most unique. I can almost promise you won’t find them typical. Some are famous billionaires, a few are OB/GYN’s for vampires. I’ve also got a computer geek, a interior decorator and oh, last but not least a thief of drugs.
Each story has bigger than life heroes and heroines and you won’t be able to help getting invested in their lives and all their drama. There’s always a villain you’ll love to hate who will stop an nothing to destroy the MC’s lives and love.

All stories have a message of redemption in them, leaving you feeling good after the drama-drenched rollercoaster ride of danger and disasters for the hero and heroine.

You’ll get no cliffhangers with my stories. All stand alone and all have happily every afters.

If you’re looking to sink into a story that will sweep you away and leave you hungry for more, try the books in my Forever and a Night series. You’ll be glad you did.

Connect with the Author

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2 thoughts on “Character Interview: Alabama Rain

  1. Resthard. Thanks for your comment. Good questions. I’m attempting with my vampires to revamp (no pun intended) peoples thinking processes about vampires. Mine are not immortal. Most do not drink blood. They evolved from humans and are primates. What makes them a vampire is a blood disease. They can’t reproduce their own red cells without the aide of human blood. Most of my vamps take blood IV for ethical reasons. I have some evil ones who don’t. They are the antagonists in my stories. The normal ones work, have regular jobs, go to school and get educations and many are Christian. Those who aren’t usually have a life mate who is and end up getting saved. Although they are a different species than humans these vampires in my world have been a part of God’s plan for salvation. I’ve hadn’t had much flack from nonbelievers for this aspect of my stories. I don’t preach. I weave their beliefs in around a powerful love story. Hope this answers your questions.


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