NEW RELEASE! Bonds of Betrayal

Today is the big day. Bonds of Betrayal has finally been released to the public. I can’t believe I just released the 8th installment into this short story series. It is getting down to the last story before the bundle book is released. If you didn’t get a chance to pre-order your copy you can purchase yours today for 99¢. Hope you enjoy this story that tells of the darkest day in this dragon ryder’s life.

JENKINS_2019_BOB_EBOOKBonds of Betrayal

Since Queen Karigan’s death, the dragon ryders and their dragons have been labeled traitors. Bearing the burden of a crime they did not commit, Shogun and his dragon, Zeima, flee for their lives. They take refuge inside the Forest of Ferrês just as they are on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. Once mighty hunters, they are now the prey.

Death takes on the face of a dark figure stalking them from the shadows. Will Shogun survive facing the greatest evil the world will ever know?

What is a ryder without a dragonis he even a ryder anymore? Find out in this 8th installment of the Tales of Ferrês story series.

Purchase Today for 99¢


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