Half the year is gone…

Hard to believe the 4th of July was just yesterday. I spent the day with the kids over at my sister’s house. Her and her husband were doing an all day barbecue for the family and some close friends. The boys got to jump in the kitty pool and scream their heads off with my youngest niece, Hope. They had a blast. I would have to say my favorite part about the day, as everyone would expect, were the fireworks. It is always fun looking up into the sky and watching the lights dance among the stars. What did you do for the 4th? Do you even celebrate this wonderful holiday? Share your comments below. Now for my writing update. I finished Bonds of Betrayal and got the promotional page up on Facebook for release day. You can check it out here. I have a large line-up of YA, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction authors to do takeovers all day long. They will talk about their own books and there will most likely have giveaways for free books and swag. Check out the page here. Besides Bonds of Betrayal, I finished writing the next story, A Forbidden Friendship. I got that sent over to my editor Allison just last week. When I wasn’t working on the Tales of Ferrês series, I was writing in my Vortex Series book, Gargoyle Sighted. I managed to get another two chapters written and sent over to Allison so that is a good headway to start. I was looking back at my writing the last few months and can’t believe I wrote over 30k. It’s hard to believe what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something.


It time for the second Camp NaNoWriMo of the year. Once again I have a 20k word goal to reach before the final day of the month. What am I going to work on? The first project is to write, A Powerful Rivalry, story #10 in my Tales of Ferrês series. Then I plan to write a few more chapters probably around 2 or 3 in Gargoyle Sighted. After that the plan is to work on the bonus story for the bundle book and do rewrites in several of my published Tales of Ferrês stories. The last project is to write several blog posts for you all to enjoy over the next several months. Sounds like a lot to work on but it will be doable. Wish me luck and look forward to seeing you next month. ~K.M.

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