NEW PRE-ORDER: Elven Games

My awesome author pal Stephanie Ayers just announced her pre-order for her first fantasy novel, Elven Games. Check out its synopsis below and start placing your pre-orders today.

49183577_1168904569953804_1104215411534069760_nElven Games
Book One: Destiny Defined

Out of the ashes of doubt, courage is born
Tribba loves running the local B&B, but hasn’t had a customer in a while. When a magickless mage enters her inn, she finally sees an opportunity to get rid of those pesky elves once and for all—by challenging them to a competition, where their castle and her inn are at stake.
Though Edgar is eager and willing to help her, he struggles with his own shortcomings and lack of esteem. If he let her down, she would lose everything. Will the help of butterfly fairies and an unwilling dragon be enough to restore his faith in himself or will Tribba have to finish the games on her own? Can they both find the courage they need to overcome their fears?

If you liked Lords of the Rings and The Shannara Chronicles, you’ll definitely enjoy this series.



COVER REVEAL ~ The Wrath of SnowFire

Today is the day, I will showcase my cover for the next installment of the Tales of Ferrés short story series. I plan to release this short story towards the end of January 31, 2019. “The Wrath of SnowFire” will introduce you to DarkDeath’s mate and the Queen of the forest SnowFire. She is definitely an alpha female you don’t want to mess with when it comes to protecting her pups.

These stories don’t follow a timeline and each can be considered a stand-a-lone. They don’t have to be read in any particular order, so feel free to have fun with it. If you are wanting sneak peeks beside what my flash fiction tales and short stories provide, please consider joining my street team. It is a group of fans, fellow authors and friends that come together to learn about the worlds I create, promote my books and help me along my journey as an author.

Now that I have rambled on forever here is my cover for “The Wrath of SnowFire.”


RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2019

After long months being on puppy duty SnowFire finally gets a day of freedom. The day should have been relaxing, but it turned into a mother’s worst nightmare. As an intruder enters their territory SnowFire rushes to her pups to protect them. Word is delivered to her that one of her older pups is missing and all claws are out as she hunts the land to find her.

DarkDeath watches his mate go postal when the word gets delivered a twin-tailed fox entered their territory. With his second in command at his side they search for the enemy only to find they might be too late. As the wind mingles SnowFire’s and the enemies scent together––magic takes shape leaving DarkDeath fearing for his mate’s life.

Will SnowFire’s rage push her past her breaking point? Or, will DarkDeath save her from herself? See what happens in the 6th installment within the Tales of Ferrês story series and find out why this alpha female shouldn’t be messed with.

Pre-Order Coming Soon!
FREE on KU or 99¢ on Amazon.

About K.M. Jenkins

Author PicK.M. Jenkins (a.k.a Katie), is a speculative fiction author that creates world of Epic Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. She released her first short story, “​A Father’s Protection” in August of 2018, and plans to publish several more short stories before the year is out.

When K.M isn’t writing, she runs her business as a cover artist at ​KJ Magical Designs, LLC and chases her twin boys around the house. Between the three she has epic battles throughout the day and nothing ever gets boring.

Connect with K.M. Jenkins
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COVER REVEAL ~ Illuminated Darkness

Today I am featuring Dark Fantasy author Jennifer Ann Schlag and her cover reveal. Check out the awesome cover that I did for her book Illuminated Darkness. This is for her second book in her series The Divinity of Damien Calla.

Hope you all enjoy this cover reveal. It was a pleasure doing this cover for Jennifer and it was by far interesting. Trying to balance dark and light can be challenging when you are trying to create a mood.


About Jennifer Ann Schlag

JENNIFER_ANN_SCHLAG_AUTHORPICI am a dark-fantasy writer that likes to take reality and smash it into fantasy and let things fall where they may. Although I see myself as more of a visual storyteller (filmmaker/screenwriter), I am ultimately a storyteller. I started out writing short stories to entertain myself and my friends, which progressed into writing screenplays. Then, after wanting to expand on my stories and the characters, I decided to try novel writing. My parents did not share my passion of wanting to make movies and writing stories as a career, so I abandoned it for a while. But it came back to me. Some things are meant to be and they will always find a way to be together.

I have an infinite amount of love for animals, especially wolves. Every story of mine features a wolf in some way.


Sludge and the Rabbit Girl

“Damn it to hell!” He fumed storming into his office.

I can’t believe that little brat did this. Christophé was red with rage. The nerve of that brat! All he wanted to do was relax in his office and get silence for two seconds from all these screaming kids. Instead, when he opened his office door, he got a pile of sludge on his head.

“What’s wrong, my lord?” Kent said stifling a laugh. “Oh…”

Christophé turned around to look at the little weasel of a man. “Don’t you even think about laughing!” he snapped. He slammed his hands down with force on his desk glaring with a deep fiery hatred reflecting in his eyes.

“Umm…why would I do that?” Kent asked pressing the back of his hand to his mouth trying to stop the oncoming giggles. He failed miserably as the heated glare pierced him from across the room.

“Quit your snickering…get me a damn towel and some clean clothes” he snapped. Christophé threw himself into his chair with a thud. This crud better not ruin my chair or hell will be paid ten-fold.

“Yes, sir!” Kent squealed. The slim built man with his red mage robes dashed from the office as if on fire. I swear the man is like a cat running after a mouse he can never catch.

This is the last straw. If Kero thinks she is going to get away with this prank, she has another thing coming. He walked over to his stacks of books lining his walls of bookcases doing his best not to drip on the carpet. Christophé fingers twitched as he looked for the appropriate binding. Once his hand rested over his spell book with its gold binding, he took it out and flipped through the pages looking for a spell.

“Got it,” he said. “This will be perfect.” A deep chuckle sprung from his throat as he walked over to the balcony. His eyes danced across the land below his terrace, looking out over the horse stables, the small kitchen garden, till his eyes locked on the sparring fields.

He could make out two forms in the distance, bent over each other snickering. There you two are, you little menaces, he thought staring at his granddaughter and her friend Alex. This is the last straw Kero and this time you will get punished.

Christophé looked down at the beautiful handwritten words as he spoke the words of power. “Ana sele raviso elishe.” A loud crack filled the air followed by a clap as he shut the book. Silently he laughed to himself as smoke formed around the two mischievous girls.

A few seconds passed before yelling began and he knew his spell was successful. That will teach the little brat. He watched as the crowd formed around Alex as Kero’s form disappeared. Bending over, the now solo girl picked something up small and fuzzy.

“Oh, how sweet it is to be victorious,” he said turning back around to find Kent walking back into his office. Perfect timing.  

“My lord, I got you a new change of clothing.” The younger mage said as he handed over the garments and the towel to clean himself off.

“Great, now one last thing” he began as Kent arched a blonde eyebrow. “Keep Roseanne in the dark about what just happened.”

“What did you do this time?” Eyes of shock stared back at him. He knows all too well what I will do when pissed off.

“If you’re talking about the rabbit girl,” Christophé sneered. “I had nothing to do with it…” or did I?

He couldn’t help but laugh and enjoy the screaming about Kero being a rabbit. The price some are willing to pay to teach a spoiled princess a lesson. Now just have to think of a suitable punishment for that friend of hers.  

He contemplated what to do about Alex’s hand in the ordeal but the sound of screaming filled his ears. Ah…sweet music. Now if only Hailey was here to squeeze her head off. Hmm…guess there is a use for great-grandchildren.

This is a flash fiction story featuring character’s from my WIP Tarzinëa. Stay tuned for additional flash fiction tales featuring characters throughout my many WIPs here on my blog. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any don’t forget to subscribe above to receive updates sent directly to your email. 

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