#WIP Monday – NaNo Takeover

Its been a few weeks since my last #WIP Monday post. Sorry about this been a hectic few weeks. I have been writing, designing, and working on several projects along with participating in several online author events. This has taken a toll on my blogging time for my posts. However, things are starting to get under control.

Due to it being a new month I will provide my goals from last month and share how I measured up. Then will follow up with my new goals for November.

My Goals for October:

  1. Publish “Bonds of Friendship” story #3 in the Tales of Ferrês series. Included with this is the following:
    1. Finish designing the book cover (Done)
    2. Finish writing the story (Done)
    3. Edit it and get it up for Pre-Order once the cover is done (Done)
    4. Get Promo graphics made (Done)
  2. Get the rough done for The Celestial One episode one. (Changed back to Book Format)
  3. Work on Tarzinëa’s outline and world building (Didn’t Touch)
  4. Write the next story in the Tales of Ferrês series – this would be #4 (Finished ~ being edited)
  5. Don’t go nuts with all the promos and events going on :). (Made it through alive)

The only items on the list for October I didn’t get to was numbers 2 & 3. Bonds of Friendship is officially done. It had to be pushed back to Nov. 9th for release due to the holiday. Didn’t want to take away from family time for myself or my editor.

Story number four, The Assassin’s Prophecy is done. I finished writing it yesterday Nov. 4th. It was my first item on my list for NaNo. Now I am working on story five, Nightmare of Ferrês. I put in over 2k on this story this morning alone. This story will be done either today or tomorrow morning. Depends on if I get quiet time at all today for writing.

My writing goals for November are as followed:

  1. Write Story #4 ~ The Assassin’s Prophecy (Being Edited)
  2. Write Story #5 ~ Nightmare of Ferrês (Currently Writing)
  3. Write Story #6 ~ The Wrath of SnowFire (Not Started)
  4. Write Anthology Piece ~ Path to Redemption, Demonic Embrace Prequel ~ Word Limit: 15-20k, Deadline: January 2019.
  5. Start Writing Demonic Embrace Book 1 ~ Escape to Worcester
  6. Get Story #5 & 6’s Covers Done
  7. Make New Release graphic for Story #3 ~ Bonds of Friendship
  8. Make pre-order, teasers and new release graphics for Story #4 & 5

I could probably go on and on with a list of things I want to get done in November. However I think this will be a good start. With NaNo I am hoping to get most of these writing projects done. Then if I clear them out of the way I can work on Tarzinëa like I’ve been wanting to do.


I have a long list of knew items I can go into in this post. However, I am going to try to focus on the important items below. The top random knew items that come to mind are: the word counters in my footer widgets, my rebranding for my newsletter, and my new books coming out.

The biggest item of news is this girl has been signed up Triple Goddess Publishing. I’ll be with them for the next five years under contract and will be doing several anthologies with them, along with my own books. This transition has to do with me being quiet on my blog lately. But, hey now I am back in the game and ready to get the party started again.

Below you will find my upcoming events and promos I have my books signed up under. Check them out and have fun.


UNBOUND Take-Over Event

November 4-5, 2018

K.M. Jenkins is co-hosting Monday
November 5, at 4pm CST.

Join the fun here!


Rebekah Dodson’s
Audiobook Release Part!
November 10th & 11th, 2018

K.M. Jenkins will be co-hosting Sunday November 11th at 2pm CST.

Join the fun here!



Page Reaper Book Blog Take-Over Event!

November 15th, 2018

K.M. Jenkins will be co-hosting Friday November 15th at 8pm CST.

Join the fun here!



Science Fiction and Fantasy magnet share Dragon Hoard November Extravaganza


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