#IWSG Writing with Life Interruptions!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month and that means I will be featuring my Insecure Writers Support Group blog post. If you haven’t heard of this group before, it is a support group for authors. It is a special place where writers can share their fears, doubts, and concerns, along with triumphs, as they journey down the path to publication. Check out the links at the bottom of this post if you have something to share, or need companionship from fellow authors to keep you writing.

The month of October was a wild ride. I had several exciting and scary things happen throughout the month. The first big change for the month was taking part in a handful of Facebook Takeover events. Did none of these events before. The first was the hardest, and the rest were easy.
Since doing my first online event I have had a spike in newsletter subscribers, increased my sales for permafree and paid ebooks. My street team has grown since the last post along with several things.
My goal for the month was to get at least 300 to 400 subs signed up. I crushed it and now pushing 650 total. I had over 400 downloads of my free and paid ebooks. In September I made over $1.50 in royalties. This month it was $3.41. The increase isn’t much money but for me seeing a tiny increase means everything. It means that people are enjoying my books and wanting more.
Besides my goals for the month and events something else happened. I wasn’t looking to get published through a publisher, it kind of happened. I was trying to find anthologies to take part in over the next few years to broaden my range when I stumbled into a chat with Vanessa Ross and several other publishers. Several individuals were asking them questions when I jumped in. Vanessa and I talked and after sending samples I am now a signed author.
I am now being published through Vanessa Ross’ publishing company, Triple Goddess Publishing. The wonderful thing is I still get creative rights and full control over everything. Bonds of Friendship is being published indie right now and everything else is through Triple Goddess. Overall, the month was wonderful, frightful and spectacular on so many levels. Now NaNo has started and I have five projects to get written.


How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

The question is optional, so I think with my long post already I will leave it to you. Tell me your response to this question. If you don’t write then tell me how books have sparked your creativity throughout your life.

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Co-hosts this month are Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Ann V. Friend, JQ Rose, and Elizabeth Seckman! Please stop by their blogs to show your support.



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    • Yeah it is pushing me to the pay option so I will be watching to see how things go with getting more notices out. Since I started sending out my release information a lot of them have been unsubscribing which isn’t a big deal. Just means I don’t have to pay just yet lol.


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