Fiery Seductress

In this entire castle his sanctuary lived within the racks of books piled upon the hundreds of build it cases and shelving units creating a library masterpiece. It gave him peace and plenty of space to think; the silence was always a welcome companion. The smell of old parchment from thousand year old books filled his nostrils. Christophé smiled sipping at his tea allowing his mind to drift back to a time when life was simpler. The calming aura of peace would have continued if it wasn’t for his beloved wife, Roseanne walking through the door.

She was in a beautiful green dress that made her fiery red hair look vibrant and alive. It was almost like looking into a blazing fire as she walked closer. Her hair wasn’t the part that captured his attention; it was those mysterious green eyes that enslaved him to her every desire. ​God, every time I see her it’s like the first time all over again.

“Sitting next to the fire like always I see,” she said tenderly.

“Enjoying the quiet.” He watched Rose out of the corner of his eye as the tea warmed his mouth. ​What is she up to?

She sat next to him entwining her fingers with his as her legs stretched out across his lap. Christophé could smell roses, ​hmmm… she had been working in her garden. The smell was intoxicating as it awakened parts of his once relaxed body.

“You need to stop worrying about her,” Rose said.

“Worrying about who?” he said trying to be nonchalant. Rose looked at him arching an eyebrow. He leaned closer exalting in her scent. Moments like this he wished she would just stop talking and enjoy his company. ​She always has to worry about something.

“Kerowyné is a strong girl,” she began. “She comes from a strong and powerful bloodline. There is nothing she can’t do.”

Christophé didn’t respond he stared at her watching the firelight dance among her red curls. ​If only you knew what was to come, my dear. Then you would understand why moments like these are best enjoyed.

“I do know one thing, love.”

“Oh, what’s that?” Their eyes met as his hand caressed her tender cheek. His lips brushed her earlobe as he said, “We best make every moment count.”

She turned her face towards him; they embraced one another as his hands wandered along her magnificent frame. They shared one kiss after another as he brought her to the floor and looked into those verdant green eyes. Her smile reflected at him. “Why are you being so friendly, dearest?”

He looked at her contemplating his response, “I suppose it’s those damn roses, my love.” Rose laughed in response and pulled him down on her. He didn’t resist, ​best to leave the worrying to another day.​ Passion consumed them as the night wagered on.

Morning came too soon, he woke to find himself on the library floor wrapped in Rose’s arms. ​I will hate leaving you, love. But, with a war coming Kerowyné is going to need all the help she can get with her training. Christophé snickered to himself. Poor Rikkin he doesn’t realize the handful he has on his hands.

This is a flash fiction story featuring character’s from my WIP Tarzinëa. Stay tuned for additional flash fiction tales featuring characters throughout my many WIPs here on my blog. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any don’t forget to subscribe above to receive updates sent directly to your email. 

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