#WIP Monday – Changes to the System

This month has been hectic so far and once again another Monday has come. If you didn’t notice last week I missed my Monday post. Sad to say I have been sick all week along with my boy Zeek. He is running around like nothing is wrong but Friday I broke down and went to urgent care. Found out I had an ear infection; good news they gave me awesome drugs. Still took all weekend and still feel somewhat like crap, but able to think enough to get things done.

Now I have been struggling with writing due to being sick. I got Bonds of Friendship up on pre-order today to go out in my newsletter. If you remember my goals I posted at the beginning of the month I have put a slight dent in them if you forgot here they are again. Let’s see how I’m measuring up with half the month almost gone, shall we?

My Goals for October:

  1. Publish “Bonds of Friendship” story #3 in the Tales of Ferrês series. Included with this is the following:
    1. Finish designing the book cover (Done)
    2. Finish writing the story (Still Working On)
    3. Edit it and get it up for Pre-Order once the cover is done (Half Done)
    4. Get Promo graphics made
  2. Get the rough done for The Celestial One episode one.
  3. Work on Tarzinëa’s outline and world building
  4. Write the next story in the Tales of Ferrês series – this would be #4
  5. Don’t go nuts with all the promos and events going on :). (Still is a big possibility)


Things have changed drastically over the last two weeks. I minimized my projects with my flash fiction tales. Instead of doing four a month I now am only doing two. On the first of each month I will feature one on my blog and I will feature the other on the 25th as a special VIP Reader benefit. I have discontinued this benefit on my Patreon page, sorry but I changed things up. Now if you are wondering it means that I will now send out two newsletters a month. However, the 25th will just be a story with some added items at the bottom and the 15th send out will be my ramblings.

Another big item that changed is my banners across my social media and my newsletter sites. I plan on doing an update with banners on my website soon. Overall, that is the only items that are new you didn’t know about.

Till next week I leave you with these awesome promos and insights into events still going on this month.


October Spectacular Event Banner
(Book Funnel Newsletter Promo Event featuring 120+ authors of Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror. Starts Oct. 1st and ends Oct. 31st, my story “An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention” is featured in this promo.)

(Book Cave Newsletter Promo Event featuring 30+ authors of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror & any books that have creatures that go bump in the night. Starts Oct. 5th and ends Nov. 5th, my story “A Father’s Protection” is featured in this promo.)

(Art of the Arcane Newsletter Promo Event featuring 40+ authors that have books with mythical races, monsters & worlds. This one starts Oct. 15th and ends Oct. 29th, my story “An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention” is featured in this promo.)

Macabre Banner long
(On Oct. 19th I will be featuring Stephanie Ayers here on my blog in an in-depth interview, along with several excerpts from “The 13: Tales of Macabre.” In addition there will be a special sneak peek into her WIP “Elven Games”.)

43879726_10156684446289650_6387064948421296128_oRAT CITY DESOLATE RELEASE DAY ~ TAKE-OVER EVENT!
(Signed up for this last minute and hope you will come and join in the fun. It is a 3 day event starting on Thursday Oct. 18 – Saturday Oct. 20. I will be guest hosting on Friday Oct 19th at 8pm CST.)

(Halloween FREE Book Party! Come join us over on FB to get FREE books, participate in giveaways and following along with guest author hosts. Event starts Oct. 26th and ends Oct. 28th.)


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