#IWSG Writing with Life Interruptions!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month and that means I will be featuring my Insecure Writers Support Group blog post. If you haven’t heard of this group before, it is a support group for authors. It is a special place where writers can share their fears, doubts, and concerns, along with triumphs, as they journey down the path to publication. Check out the links at the bottom of this post if you have something to share, or need companionship from fellow authors to keep you writing.

This is my second post for my #IWSG monthly feature and a lot has changed since my last post. If you haven’t been following my weekly updates on my #WIP Monday posts, I’ll give a small update.

Last months post I was just getting my feet wet with writing again. Since then I have published two short stories and working on my third in my Tales of Ferrês series. I worked on Demonic Embrace my PNR serial series. And, I have been writing posts right and left for my blog.

I got more involved in the author community and joined several Facebook takeover events. I found several resources that built my newsletter from 1 follower to close to 200 in under half a month. The goal is to aim for 300 followers this month and once I hit 500, then I will look into weeding out those that aren’t active. The only reason I am doing this is because once I hit 1k subscribers I have to pay and if I will pay for my newsletter, then I would rather keep active followers on the mailing list.

My other big news is that with taking part and getting my name out there I had a few book sales. Not enough to do much with but each sale made me jump for joy. Then I receive my first review on Amazon and on a few other sites. Honestly, with reviews I don’t care if you hate my story or if you found issues, any feedback would be great and helps me learn.


How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

This question is optional and since I have already rambled on for a long period, I will keep my answer short and sweet. Major life events have been a big obstacle for me with having twins, having a design business, and writing. They have pulled me three ways and usually I have been getting things done.

However, I have a new addition to my plate of obstacles, I now am babysitting my youngest niece. She is a ball of energy and knows how to make a mess. She is a big help though with the boys and love having her around. So, even if babysitting means I have to stay up till two in the morning getting things done I will do it. Just means two hours of less sleep but who needs sleep, right? 🙂

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeINSECURE WRITER’S SUPPORT GROUP

A fantastic resource site and support group for writers and authors. Features weekly guests and tips, a monthly blogfest gathering, a Facebook group, a book club, and thousands of links – all to benefit writers! #IWSG

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Co-hosts this month are Dolorah @ Book Lover, Christopher D. Votey, Tanya Miranda, and Chemist Ken! Please stop by their blogs to show your support.


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11 thoughts on “#IWSG Writing with Life Interruptions!

  1. Nice. Yeah, I’ve got a toddler and a new walker, so my productive time pretty much consists of when they’re asleep. Which isn’t often. Because my baby doesn’t sleep. LOL. Who needs sleep indeed! Not me. I was up from 3:30 to 6 am with her last night. *sigh*


    • Yeah the nice thing about having twins is that they keep each other busy. I don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained. The only problem I have now is making sure they don’t kill each other. They are going through a phase where they have to hit each other with their toys.


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