#WIP Monday – Changes to the System

The journey with my WIPs don’t seem to go the way I plan them. I keep making weekly goals and realize that it might be best to do a different set-up for how I do my goals. This is why I’m switching my weekly goals to monthly goals. Hoping this will help me get more accomplished and feel less like a failure when life gets in the way.

This change will start today Oct. 1st and I will still do weekly posts to keep you in the loop on things that are new or writing I have accomplished. Hoping this helps get things going more and shortens my posts each week. The first #WIP Monday post of each month I will update you all on promos and events happening for that month. I will have that information below for October.

My Goals for October:

  1. Publish “Bonds of Friendship” story #3 in the Tales of Ferrês series. Included with this is the following:
    1. Finish designing the book cover
    2. Finish writing the story
    3. Edit it and get it up for Pre-Order once the cover is done
    4. Get Promo graphics made
  2. Get the rough done for The Celestial One episode one.
  3. Work on Tarzinëa’s outline and world building
  4. Write the next story in the Tales of Ferrês series – this would be #4
  5. Don’t go nuts with all the promos and events going on :).


October Spectacular Event Banner
(Book Funnel Newsletter Promo Event featuring 120+ authors of Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror. Starts Oct. 1st and ends Oct. 31st, my story “An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention” is featured in this promo.)

(Book Cave Newsletter Promo Event featuring 30+ authors of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror & any books that have creatures that go bump in the night. Starts Oct. 5th and ends Nov. 5th, my story “A Father’s Protection” is featured in this promo.)


~ October 12, 2018 ~

I will be featuring Author Sherri-Lynn Marean on my blog as part of her blog tour hosted by Art of the Arcane. Stop by to check out this awesome author and her featured book, Casstiel.

(Come join this four day FB event celebrating Stephanie Ayers’ “The 13: Tales of Illusory” Birthday! There will be guest author hosts throughout the four days and chances to enter giveaways to get free stuff! I’m a guest host on Oct. 13th at 4pm to 5pm CST.)

(Art of the Arcane Newsletter Promo Event featuring 40+ authors that have books with mythical races, monsters & worlds. This one starts Oct. 15th and ends Oct. 29th, my story “An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention” is featured in this promo.)

Macabre Banner long
(On Oct. 19th I will be featuring Stephanie Ayers here on my blog in an in-depth interview, along with several excerpts from “The 13: Tales of Macabre.” In addition there will be a special sneak peek into her WIP “Elven Games”.)

(Halloween FREE Book Party! Come join us over on FB to get FREE books, participate in giveaways and following along with guest author hosts. Event starts Oct. 26th and ends Oct. 28th.)

If you can’t tell my month is going to be a busy one. I plan to keep updating my blog with the events as they grow closer. The plan is to try for events and promos for each month in the future. I do have spots in November for author spotlights here on my blog so if you are looking for some free promotion hit me up. Till next week happy writing and reading all! 🙂


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