It’s October and I thought I would start the month off with a bang. This flash fiction tale will be featuring the evil cursed villain, Filthas Dengotta. In this tale I will share a bit about his power and the blackness he spreads just by a single touch. Hope you enjoy this tale and helps get you into the Halloween spirit. 🙂

He looked out over the hall. It was centuries since he last seen the sunshine through stainless glass windows. Sometimes I wonder if those times ever existed beyond this hell that Bitch cursed me too! Filthas glared at the images dancing across the floor, bright with their beauty. Wolves, rabbits, horses, soldiers, and beautiful flowers pranced around the room bringing delight and merriment to all that viewed its wonder, except him.

“Ye enjjjoying the sccccenery, me Llllord?” asked a weak voice. Filthas turned to the scrawny boy hovering in the doorway. The lad looked sickly and worn to the bone. Doesn’t sound too bright neither. The lad hesitated then crept his way into the room. He sneered at the lad making him shake in fear.

“The happy animals, they disgust me! What do they have to be happy about? They are just food for my belly.” Filthas crossed his arms contemplating the best way to deal with this unrest. This place is too damn cheary for my taste where is the death and decay? You think the fool Marthred would know this place would infuriate me. Apparently, the imbecile doesn’t know my background too well. I will have to remedy that next time I see him. The sound of the lad’s whimpered response drew him back to the moment at hand “oh…”

“What’s the matter, boy! You like the little animals?” The disgust rang true through his words as he turned his red eyes on the lad. His fiery eyes full of hate watched the lad look longingly at the pictures emulating off the floor, “Yessss.”

A few moments passed in silence as emotions fought for control of his mind. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to destroy the beautiful dwarven glass windows or paint the floor with the lad’s blood. “What’s your name, boy?”

The lad looked up. Filthas watched the color fade from the boys face as he locked eyes with the fires of hell that were his eyes. “Well, you deaf or just plain stupid!” Fear prompted the lad to speak, “Scccottttieee.”

Chuckling Filthas let his skeletal smile scrape across his face. “Well, Scottie how about we have a game of sport? Go catch me a rabbit and I’ll show you a trick of mine.”

Scottie hesitated looking at him with questions written across his face. Filthas found himself intrigued by the young lad. Scottie must have known he couldn’t get out of doing what Filthas asked. “Umm yessss, me Llllord I’ll go fetccch ye a rabbittt.”

Filthas watched in amusement as the fifteen-year-old lad ran out of the room. If only he knew what he was getting himself into. Filthas continued to look around the room. This place needs darkness and blood I believe. He was musing about how he could make this lovely environment more dark and home feeling. The clatter of feet on the floor drew his attention to the door as Scottie came running through.

“I gotttt ye tttthe ra ra rabitttt like ye assssk me Llllord” Between the stammer and the heavy breathing Filthas scolded from the headache the idiot caused. The lad would be better without his tongue wouldn’t cause so much strife with that idiot speech. He pushed past the discomfort the boy’s words caused. “Good. I was wondering if you had the brains enough to catch one.”

Scottie cringed at the insult. Apparently, the little town idiot has a brain to register an insult at least. Filthas pulled off his glove and admired his hand. He always hated looking at himself in the daylight. When the sun hit him he showed his true form, the form of death. Filthas could see the chunks of skin falling off the bone leaving nothing but a bare skeleton behind. “Hand me the rabbit boy,” he ordered.

Scottie looked at his hand and gulped. “Masssster Martttthred sssssaid notttt tttto ttttoucccch ye hannnnd me Lllllord.”

“Oh, did he now,” Filthas growled. “Did the Lord of Idiots tell you not to hand me anything either!” His voice echoed off the stone walls and the innocent bunny thrashed in fear within the small bag Scottie was holding. Scottie shook his head. “Well boy, hand me the damn rabbit!”

Scottie whimpered as he handed Filthas the rabbit. It’s like he knows what will happen without ever witnessing it firsthand. “Tell me Scottie, did Marthred tell you why to fear my touch?” Filthas tilted his head holding the rabbit in his gloved hand watching the fear fill its eyes. These stupid animals know when death is upon them. He watched the boy squirm till his amusement shriveled up like a dead corpse. “Nooo…”

“Adorable little creatures rabbits are,” he mused. “So, sad that they are so fragile.” Filthas took his skeleton hand and gently poked the rabbit on the nose. Just a touch is all it takes for this curse to claim anything within my grasp. Moments passed within a small breath of time till the rabbit screamed a death scream, thrashing till blackness seeped into its veins. Once a beautiful brown fluff of fur now turned into a blackened corpse with the pain of fear and death etched into its face.

“Whatttt yeeee do me Llllord!” Scottie cried.

He laughed hysterically at the boy’s distress. “My touch is death!” Filthas pulled his dagger from its sheath gracing his hip and gutted the rabbit splattering black blood and guts across the floor. His laughter filled the halls as darkness took the light from the room. Even the stupid windows knew better than to challenge his blackened hands.

When the windows that once were bright and beautiful were tainted black by his magic he relaxed. The room became dark as night even though the sun shone bright outside the blacked now decayed windows. He tossed the lifeless rabbit at Scottie’s feet. He found himself extremely amused at the boys tear filled face. “Get out of my site you’re human emotions disgust me!”

“Yessss, me Llllord” Scottie whispered.

It didn’t take long for the boy to scurry out of the room. Awww, the pain and suffering of others is beautiful, it almost makes me want to cry. He yelled after the boy, “stammer in my presence again you imbecile you will face the rabbits fate, Scottieeeee!” The mockery in his voice range through the halls and he laughed with glee.

This is a flash fiction story featuring character’s from my WIP Tarzinëa. Stay tuned for additional flash fiction tales featuring characters throughout my many WIPs here on my blog. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any don’t forget to subscribe above to receive updates sent directly to your email. 

**note: this is a work of fiction that is created by my mind I did not have an editor make correction to this piece of writing. I did use an online software to help edit it called ProWritingAid, if you see any correction please don’t hesitate to let me no I will be happy to make the changes. Thank you and enjoy :).

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