#WIP Monday – A New Release, Author Event, & Just Plain Bleh

It was another week of crazy around this house. I had things going on all fronts last week between family, author events, and trying to find time to write. Did I get anything done last week towards my goals… not really!

The week started off good but with a new release I found myself distracted. I had to get my monthly newsletter out to subscribers and do another one for the AOTA event. It didn’t mesh well, ended up with 4 emails going out in a week due to my automation system, set-up for new sign-ups. I went into my newsletter automation and restructured the duration between each email sent. Think the spacing is better and will work out towards not causing this issue again, she prays hopefully :). If it comes down to it when I take part in events outside my usual newsletter schedule I will shut down the automation and kick it back on after it is all over.

The new release of An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention went good, at least for a short story. Right now my goals aren’t fully on sales yet, I’m just trying to find my audience. Since I had the new release, I didn’t finish my edits for the next flash fiction tale scheduled for the 20th to my Patreon page. Ended up rescheduling the post for tomorrow and still have to finish the editing.

If you haven’t joined my street team, Gods Among Men you should. Last week I posted some interesting excerpts from my two published short stories: A Father’s Protection and An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention, with awesome graphics. Another awesome post I did was a part of my Tuesday Legend/Myths of Tarzinëa, the topic was kyres. Did an in-depth background on how these shape-shifters were born and why. Also, included information on their abilities and overall powers. You can click here to join my street team and get awesome insights into my WIP.

As for my writing pretty much what I stated above is about what I got done so far. This is why once again I will drag over the same writing goals for next week. Pray that this time I can get things going, top priority will be to push out Karigan and Silvashi’s story to get it over to Allison for editing. If I want to keep on a monthly schedule with the short stories, I don’t have a choice in this matter. I have a rough idea of what I want for the next story in the series, so I might try to rough that out, too.

Goals for last week, the prior week and now next week:

  1. Work on Tarzinëa’s Timeline.
  2. Write another chapter for Episode One in The Celestial One season.
  3. Edit my flash fiction tales and get them scheduled up to November.
  4. Write up Karigan and Silvashi’s story for the next installment in the Tales of Ferrês series.


This week I have a few items that are new. One you already know about since it is my new release, An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention. The other top item to address is A Father’s Protection it is now a permafree story at all digital retailers except Amazon. I’m still working on Amazon to get it switched over.

The next thing that has changed is my mailing list sign-up. Before I used to offer A Father’s Protection free to new subscribers. Now you can get An Elf, a Dragon, and a God’s Intervention free now for signing up.

The last new items on the list for the week are my promo materials I created this morning for my Facebook Takeover event on author Tyffani Clark’s Facebook page. This event is why I am so late with my post for this week. Spent my entire morning and several hours of my afternoon working on posting, commenting, and snooping around. You can thank this event for my new Goodreads author page. I wasn’t planning on setting one up but now I did because I wanted to enter a giveaway. Yes, even I want to win free books :).

So, it was an off week with trying to do hundreds of things at once. I didn’t succeed in my writing goals but kept up with my commitments. Heres to a another week and hoping for the best.


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